GW6 Preview: Fulham vs Watford

Watford travel down the M1 to visit Fulham at Craven Cottage this weekend in the Saturday, early game. Both teams are coming off loses in the previous game week and are looking to pick up those important three points. Watford continues to be a team in form, even suffering a 2-1 defeat at Vicarage Road to Manchester United. Fulham had strung two games together, but ran into Manchester City, losing 3-0. This weekend, might have a bit of history on the side of Watford.
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Premier League: GW6 Transfers

It’s midweek as we look ahead to Gameweek 6 and what potential transfers we should be considering. There has quite a discussion after Eden Hazard hit for three goals last weekend, while Mo Salah blanked. Current the Liverpool midfielder has been shipped out by over 194k managers, while over 363k have introduced the Belgium to their squad.  After rolling my FT in Gameweek 5, I have the opportunity to use both transfers this week, in an attempt to strengthen my squad. Yet, somehow a few of these high transferred players feel as if I am chasing points.
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Watford Review: GW5 vs Manchester United

The run for the Golden Boys culminated with a Gameweek 5 match at Vicarage Road, as they welcomed Jose Mourinho and the Red Devils to Vicarage Road. There was not hiding the fact that Manchester United had gotten the better of Watford in the last 10 Premier League games, with Watford on the losing end of nine of them. Was today to be any different? How would Javi Gracia approach the game and could Watford play with another perennial top six club?
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Premier League: GW5 Starting XI

FPL is back! The international break is over and we are poised on the edge of Gameweek 5, which begins with the match of the week, as Spurs host Liverpool. While many fantasy manager activated their wild card, I on the other hand haven’t done much tinkering at all over the last two weeks. Having already played my wild card, I was unable to roll a FT over into the break, leaving me with the weekly free. Injuries were a bit of concern, but I have held steady and made no transfers.
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GW5 Preview: Watford vs Manchester United

As a supporter I feel confident ahead of the Saturday game, as Watford welcome Manchester United to Vicarage Road. Winning it seems, is contagious and Watford have been playing some excellent football to start the season. Sure, we are just four games in, on top of of the Premier League with perennial winners, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City. It’s some rare air, but Watford did this last season as well. Sitting fourth in the league table when they played Man City, only to drop four of the next seven games, as the season started to unravel. This year, there is a different feeling among the players, led by Javi Gracia.
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Pitch & Pint Podcast: Ep. 8 Show Notes

PITCH & PINT – EPISODE 8: Back in the Saddle


(0.0)Episode 8 of Pitch & Pint Podcast, being recorded on Tuesday September 11, 2018. Back in the Saddle

(7.6) Hello and welcome to episode 8 of Pitch & Pint. My name is Stephen, your host, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter. Today we look ahead to Gameweek 5 of the Premier League, fill our pint glass with some craft beer as we come out the international break and some time away, well sort of…from all things FPL. Continue reading “Pitch & Pint Podcast: Ep. 8 Show Notes”

International Break: Wild Card?

The first four weeks of the 2018/19 Premier League are in the books and for many teams it’s been an…interesting start to the campaign. For many fantasy managers, this is a time when activation of the first wild card could take place. Don’t be fooled by the “experts” into think there is a perfect time to wild card. There isn’t. You activate the wild card when you feel it’s going to benefit your team. It’s that simple.
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