VAPM Update: GW8

We head into the second international break and it seems the only consistent thing I’ve had to rally behind this season has been the non-stop captaincy of Mo Salah, recording 134 points (16.8 avg.) over eight game weeks. Even with that limited success, I feel my season slipping away, as I continue to struggle to put green arrows on the board. This week was just the second on the season and only the third time I’ve scored over 60 points. We’ve got some more data to review and put into key metrics. For me, I continue to push VAPM or value added per million. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW8”

2020/21 FPL GW8 Starting XI

Considering I was in the process of reviewing my team, coming off just 49 points and my sixth red arrow of the season it seems fitting I didn’t do a damn thing to my team ahead of GW8.  While it was my intention to go into the break with a FT, it appears I will have that chance now, as the game is locked and my team is unchanged from last week.  In all honesty, there wasn’t going to be any changes. I had thoughts of jumping back in on James Rodriguez, but talking to our resident Everton supporter and co-host of the FPL Roundtable, Casey, I decided to hold off bringing him in and holding Wilf Zaha for another week. Continue reading “2020/21 FPL GW8 Starting XI”

Think Different: GW8 5Man Defense Starting XI

I must say I was quite surprised at the 65 points this team scored last week, but could have been so much more if I didn’t select a “soccer player” from America who pulled up lame and will cost me another wasted transfer this week to get rid of him. That’s the game we play, those are the risks we take, but can’t get any worse luck than a pregame knock. This week, I’ve got confidence going into the fixtures with this 5-man defensive team, more so than my other team, even though both are on the same total points, 379. Something about seeing green arrows are giving me that false sense of security that I am actually doing well, when in reality that isn’t the case when compared to my other team. Continue reading “Think Different: GW8 5Man Defense Starting XI”

2020/21 Premier League: GW7 Tale of Two Teams

Thought it would make for an interesting comparison, as this is the first year I am taking to distinctively different approaches to the FPL game. The first team, is the one that is not eight seasons old with 31k as the best finish. It’s the team I put all the time and effort into. The other started during the 2018/19 season when I decided to participate in WGTA zombie league. Last year, I used it in a “red on defense” and “blue on attack,” in regards to Liverpool and Man City. This season, the team has evolved into a 5-man defense that I intended on playing all season long, barring a defender not included in their starting XI. Continue reading “2020/21 Premier League: GW7 Tale of Two Teams”

VAPM Update: GW7

The value added per million or VAPM has been updated to include GW7 with prices current as of November 3. Not surprisingly, defenders dominate the top of the chart, as Max Kilman picked up his fourth start, as Wolves claimed their third clean sheet in four weeks. Could the league finally be settling down after seven week of action? It appears that way, as Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma and Ben Chilwell are just behind Kilman, The Chelsea center back helped his cause with a goal and clean sheet, scoring 14 points. Chilwell quiet on the day did help the Blues to their third clean sheet in the last four as well. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW7”

Think Different: GW7 5Man Defense Starting XI

Thinking different last week didn’t really help my overall performance. It was a late roll of the dice, because Sheffield United defense is so bad this year, I decided to activate the triple captain chip. We know how that worked out. A whopping six points. Thanks Mo. However, one week doesn’t make a season and honestly it’s no worse than playing one of two games in a double game week and picking up an assist. So while it was a massive fail, I tried to make it look not so bad. This week, after my first red arrow, I do think this team will rebound. Continue reading “Think Different: GW7 5Man Defense Starting XI”

2020/21 FPL GW7 Starting XI

This week has been a blur, for the most part I’ve not followed a damn thing as it relates to FPL. That’s not always a bad thing, especially coming off my worst ever score of 22 points on the back of a -8 point hit because of injuries, suspensions and ineffectiveness. Lesson learned, but continuing to participate in this game, I have no doubt it could potentially happen again. This week, I missed the transfer article, so I’ll include my team changes and thought behind my starting XI, as GW7 kicks off today as Crystal Palace visits Molineux. Continue reading “2020/21 FPL GW7 Starting XI”

VAPM Update: GW6

Guess I can take solace in knowing that the key metric, VAPM numbers have been updated for GW6. Most notably this week has been in the increase in defenders above the baseline VAPM of 0.35. By the conclusion of the game week, 74 players are above the threshold and based solely on this metric are targets for transfers and wild cards. VAPM numbers are slowly decreasing overall, which is the expectation, as players put in more minutes and don’t have the returns to keep their VAPM over the median. As a reminder, this key metric uses 180 minutes and 4 points as the minimum qualifications to make this list. Players in bold are highlighted by position are currently at or above 0.35 VAPM. The GW6 list includes: 25 defenders, 26 midfielders, 13 forwards and  10 goalkeepers. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW6”

Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW6 Retrospect

One of the positive aspects of FPL is being able to have multiple teams. Can you tell I never plan on actually winning the game? Okay, so it’s “my son’s team” that I manage, just to make sure I am playing fair and by the rules. While my 6thGoal failed miserably, I did take consolation in having a second team. Unfortunately, when it rains, its a fucking typhoon! While I pride this team on the 5-man defense, it was the first week that saw Sergio Reguilon not putting my team into a 4-4-2. I knew at some point this would happen, but didn’t think it would come from Reguilon, especially after his performance the week before against West Ham. Continue reading “Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW6 Retrospect”

2020/21 Premier League: GW6 Retrospect

I vowed I would not look at at ANY fantasy related items this week because I knew my score was going to be bad. However, thanks to Paddy (@TheFantasyKing2), I was lucky enough to have the biggest fall and fewest points in his mini league. Thankfully it wasn’t Monday and this news was much better received on Tuesday morning. To be completely honest, after that poor officiating in the Liverpool game, rewarding Sheffield United a penalty  kick, I watched no more Premier League the rest of the weekend. That combined with a 15-hour volunteer project on Sunday and it pushed FPL to the back of my mind. Continue reading “2020/21 Premier League: GW6 Retrospect”

2020/21 FPL GW6 Starting XI

This week I’ve used my free transfers and two additional, sitting on a -8 points to start the game week. Not how I really wanted to start out or was that end last week. Both hits were done and dusted before the conclusion of the Merseyside Derby. Knee jerk? Oh yeah! No other way to describe it, but Virgil van Dijk, who was “pickforded” is lost for months, while Richarlison was awarded a red card for dangerous play and will miss the next three games. Both players needed to be sorted out ahead of GW6 and I wasted no time resolving the problems. That was before the rumored injury to James Rodriguez, which may have been to deflect the negative attention from his teammate. Maybe this week they have taught Pickford how to slide tackle better. Continue reading “2020/21 FPL GW6 Starting XI”

Think Different: GW6 5Man Defense Starting XI

Oddly comforting is how I describe this 5-man defensive adventure I have set out on this season. As I’ve mentioned all week on the Pitch & Pint Podcast, as well in numerous articles on 6thGoal, this team is playing well. Honestly, can you ask anymore from a week to week than green arrows? Four of them! Count them, four with very little thought or effort, one would think this game was easy. Okay, I won’t go that far. While OR is the indicator FPL managers base their team success on, one could argue this team isn’t successful because of their 1.5M rank. Honestly, that’s one week of good football and remember we’ve been without Kevin De Bruyne, who missed GW5 and who’s two prior games were both no returns. This team isn’t that far off from where my expectations lie. Continue reading “Think Different: GW6 5Man Defense Starting XI”