Premier League: GW15 Retrospect

What a week! We still have one game week to go as I feel like I am in the back of a pink Cadillac with Thelma and Louise heading towards the edge of the Grand Canyon. While I am not Irish (maybe it’s because I listen to the Fantasy King Podcast), it seems luck could not have struck at a better time. I came out of game week 14 last weekend on 54 points (avg. 49 points) and a small red down about 5k to 97k in the OR. This week had the appearance of train wreck in the making with rotation hitting many fantasy managers hard.
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Midweek Madness: GW15

After a let down in game week 14, anticipation of the mid-week fixtures was running high. For my squad, I made a hasty decision on Monday evening, while podding with Casey, Garf and Gabe, as part of Academica Vertex and too a 08 point hit, my first hit of the season. To be completely honest, I really didn’t have much of a plan at the conclusion of Sunday’s fixtures. While I did have a few player concerns ahead of the mid-week fixtures, I had planned on make any potential change on Tuesday
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Premier League: GW15 Starting XI

We are about 24 hours away from game week 15 kickoff as the festive period is in full swing, as we look forward to the next game week on Saturday. Last week tossed a wrench into the machine to upset many fantasy mangers, myself included. Thankfully Virgil van Dijk picked up 12 points with the most unique assist that gave Liverpool a 1-0 win with virtually the last kick of the game. Ahead of the game week I am down to 97k after 54 points, but feeling confident as I took my first hits of the season. I do feel a bit dirty after hitting the transfer button, but do think my team has been strengthened.
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Premier League: GW15 Transfers

Patience. I’ve practiced this trait over 14 game weeks and it’s put me in a strong position (97k) in the overall rank heading in to the festive period. This is the best ranking I have seen in 5 years of FPL, this early in the season. Decisions have been logical and thought out, not chasing points or price rises. Fixtures have been weighed against form each week and up to this week, no hits had been taken. That changed.
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Premier League: GW14 Retrospect

I knew I was in trouble on Saturday as I Kun Aguero had picked up a knock and missed out on City’s 3-1 victory. He was also my captain. Thankfully, I didn’t vice captain Mo Salah, but Marcos Alonso, giving me a chance to have a decent return on Sunday. Bench positions were important this week as well, based solely on fixture difficulty, I had Will Hughes first, Callum Wilson, second. We know how that worked out in game week 14.
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Watford Rewind: GW14 v Leicester City

How many chances does it take the Watford Hornets to score a goal? Over the last 4 weeks the Golden Boys have taken 41 shots, just eight have been on target. At the KP Stadium, Watford didn’t put a shot on target. Against Liverpool and Newcastle, we had but one shot on target. One goal and a single point over that run and supporters know, December is here. It’s like taking a page out Marco Silva’s squad last season, one that I faulted him, not the players. This season is different under Javi Gracia but recently, results are looking like that of last season
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Premier league: Friday Knee Jerk GW14

Last night Casey (FPL_Tornado), Gabe (FPLLens) and I recorded Episode 21: Save My Wild Card, live on Google Hangouts for the Academica Vertex. Casey was on his wild card and we were looking to give advice and opinions ahead of game week 14. I thought I was done and ready for the Premier League action, until I got received a DM message that put a dumbfounded look on my face, as if I had never played FPL before. I was lost, like a ship without a rudder in a sea of green, not sure what to do. When that’s that case, holding and rolling the FT is usually the best option.
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Premier League: GW14 Starting XI

I’m exhausted. It seems to have been that sort of week, maybe work actually has to be factored into the equation, but with Premier League action starting Friday, as Cardiff host Wolves, it’s always challenging on a short week. Lots of discussion this week across the board when it comes to those highly touted Man City midfielder. As of now, I am not buying into ANY of them. I feel Sterling is a knee jerk reaction for Hazard failing last week. This ahead of a choice Fulham fixture.
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Premier League: GW14 Transfers

It seems to more difficult each week to put together a transfer plan midweek. Here we are again, on Wednesday, as I look over the upcoming fixtures and my 15-man squad, not know what move to make. Typical that means, don’t do anything, which is actually a consideration this week. Any potential move this week would make weight for a possible midfielder next week. I continue to mull over a few options on direction over this hectic festive period.
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