GW31 Strategy

Prior to the weekend FA Cup matches, I have 5 confirmed starters for BGW31. While not “advisable” I moved Marcos Alonso out and introducing budget defender, Ahmed Hegazi, leaving me with a FT for GW28. Playing the percentages, I believe WBA will feature in BGW31 but more importantly this move provides me more budget for bringing in 3 new attacking players.
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BGW31 and Beyond

Coming off my best week (69 points) since Gameweek 20, there is little planning to do until the FA Cup 5th Round Replays next week. Using data compiled by Ben Crellin, fantasy managers are provided statistical analysis and probability of what teams will be without a fixture in Gameweek 31/35. As of this writing, there are just two confirmed matches; LIV vs WAT and STO vs EVE. The remaining teams and fixtures are yet to be determined. So what is a fantasy manager to do?
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A bit less than 24 hours ago, as of this writing I made the decision to activate my second wild card for this FPL season. While considered “early” I did hold it 2 weeks longer this year, than I did last year. Won’t do much good as we await the teams for the BGWs and DGWs, but was looking a bit shorter terms and teams that could help secure differential points and possibly provide a bump in the overall rankings.
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Wild Card Activated!

It’s hump day as we stare down towards the weekend and GW23. I have listened to a few podcasts but haven’t come to any decisions. Last Thursday I was thinking of activating my second wild card (read Ways of the Wild Card) after seeing a few on Twitter take the plunge. By Tuesday, I was convinced my 2 FTs were enough to make necessary changes to improve my squad thus holding the WC until a later date or should I?
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Ways of the Wild Card

Sitting here at work, I await the start of Spurs vs West Ham. Hold out hope that West Ham is up for the match at Wembley. As we saw earlier in the years, Spurs struggled against some lower ranked opponents (BUR/SWA/BOU/BHA) and put in a poor, out of form performance. We have also seen West Ham step up their defensive prowess and post clean sheets against Chelsea and Arsenal. So which teams will show up today? My hope is West Ham brings a stout defense to Wembley and Arthur Masuaka is able to come away from the game with a few points.
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The Kane Game

Any player boasting a 39.9 TSB% would usually be considered essential, but that isn’t necesarily the case this season when it comes to Harry Kane. A few weeks back the #KANEXIT movement was afoot, thanks in part to Jay Egersdorff and his video, which saw him move Kane and disperse the savings through out his squad. It was a logic I agreed with and felt I was out in front as the “right thing” to do since Kane wasn’t providing consistent returns, nor was he playing up to his 12.9 price tag. More recently it was the strong #KANEREMAINS voices with their, “told you so” opinions regarding holding the Spurs mane. All fantasy managers, Kane owners or not knew there would come a time in which he go off, which is exactly what he did in his 3-goal performance against Bournemouth. Should he now be considered essential?
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The Gift of Giving

At some point in the past 4 seasons I have been stuck by a false sense that I have finally figured FPL out. The goal of the game is simple, the team with the most points wins. Pick those players who will provide you with that opportunity. As we all know, there is a harsh reality surrounding the game and a single game week out derail your run or send your squad plummeting down the overall ranking. Yet ever week, every season we return to game we love to do it again.
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4 Week Mini-Season

In what can only be referred to as “knee Jerk” I followed Jay Egersdorff down the proverbial rabbit hole last Friday night, ahead of the early Saturday kick off. After spending time leading up to Gameweek 18 putting forth a plan to bolster the midfield, including a¬†formation¬†shift from 5-3-2 to a 4-5-1 . So far the transition has been anything but smooth, however things are looking up after this weekend.

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Bulking Up

It appears my transfer plan continues to evolve weekly. What appeared to be the best course of action last week, looks different this week. Players I was considering just a few games ago, are no longer in favor. It’s amazing how our allegiance to players can shift, as quickly as one game.
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