GW31+ Retrospect: 72 Red!

It sounds like some sort of NFL play call, however that was my final score for GW31+, which resulted in a red arrow. It’s always a tough pill to swallow when your starting XI finished 10 points above the weekly average (62) and it results in a red arrow. Not the first time it, nor will it be the last. I mentioned previously, I am not followed the ownership numbers of the top 1000 managers, that group finished on 69 points, which is partly responsible for the red arrow this game week. The KDB goal and points from players like Salah and Alexander-Arnold really hurt since I did not include any of those teams when I activated my Free Hit chip for the game week. Continue reading “GW31+ Retrospect: 72 Red!”

Chips Please

This time last year, I entered the later part of the FPL season with all but my Triple Captain Chip. This year, I’ve done one better and have held that TC to go around with allotted second Wild Card, Bench Boost and Free Hit chips. FPL managers continue to watch and wait to see where the blank games will fit into the congested Premier League schedule. This is when the insight and percentages of Ben Crellin come into play. As I wrote earlier in the week in Addicted vs Don’t Care, “I couldn’t continue pumping countless hours into FPL.” While that still remains a fact as of this writing, I have taken some time, to piece together my opinion on chip strategy. Continue reading “Chips Please”

Free Hit Activated – DGW32

Planning for the “business end” of the FPL season began when Ben Crellin posted the potential double and blank game weeks. The unscheduled games were confirm on Tuesday by the Premier League. This allowed me to finalize when I would use the Free Hit Chip (FH) and activate the second Wild Card (WC). Initial plans had me using the FH for BGW31 and WC in GW34. After listening to Planet #FPL and their chip strategy, as well as discussing chip options with Casey during Episode 26 of The Pitch & Pint Podcast, I changed my strategy for better chip usage. Continue reading “Free Hit Activated – DGW32”

Chip Strategy: Part 1

I spent last Wednesday and Thursday, home from work and thought I would have plenty of time to continue tweaking my FPL strategy that started this week introducing Salomon Rondon in place of Marcus Rashford. It’s a risky moving, but based on the FDR, it was one I was willing to make. However, I spent more time playing Far Cry 5 than actually working on my chip strategy. Much like the plan I was working on, I feel I had worked myself into a dead end, leaving myself nowhere to go. And sadly, it’s not even BGW31. Continue reading “Chip Strategy: Part 1”

GW3 Wild Card: Activated

Maybe it’s was my failure ahead of the start of the season, in terms of player selection, strategy and formation, looking approximately 8 weeks ahead, but planning for just 4 weeks. Like many other FPL managers, I went through many different drafts, chopping and changing players, shifting budget from defense to attack, settling on a big midfield, while going without a premium forward. Risky? Yes, very much so, but felt there was more value to be had in the middle of the pitch than up top, while interspersing a few premiums in my defense.
Continue reading “GW3 Wild Card: Activated”

FPL Key Metrics

I’ll admit it, I am not a whiz with numbers, but I enjoying using them when it comes to FPL to indicate value for player potential. There are a wide range of metrics that fantasy managers use when examining data as it relates to price, points, minutes and matches. Last season, xG (expected goals) and xA (expected assists) appeared to become mainstream when looking at potential attacking returns. xG represents “the number of goals that can be expected to be scored based on where and how a shot was taken.
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FPL 2018/19: Initial Thoughts

In what was a surprise move, FPL was launched today after a leaked price list made the rounds on Twitter on Thursday morning in the US. As I was in the middle of converting the PDF found at Who Got The Assist, I happen to refresh my Twitter feed and saw FPL_Fly posting his ID number. Needless to say, I quickly pulled Premier League, registered for the upcoming season, auto drafted a squad and was given number, 446. While the ID is irrelevant, it seems to hold some bragging rights among some managers, where lower is better. Here I always thought, bigger was better. At any rate, about 80000 managers welcomed the league with open arms and Twitter was filled with managers getting back into the FPL swing of things.
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Premier League: GW38 Transfer & Starting XI

It’s the final week of the season and after a dismal performance in DGW37, it can’t come soon enough. It’s been a long and turbulent season, which has see highs and lows. However, it’s the lows that always seen to linger during the season. Harry Kane can fuck off! He’s been virtually useless on my starting XI all season long. Thankfully Mohamed Salah was a refreshing face that picked up much of Kane’s ineffectiveness.
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Premier League: GW36 Transfers

Maybe it’s the duration of the season, as we approach the last few games. It’s been a grueling year for many fantasy managers, myself included. It’s been a season of highs and lows and thankfully I am peaking at what appears to be the right time as we roll into DGW36. On the back of two green arrows (7 out of 8), I am making that final push in an attempt to make up -20 points and finish in the top 100k. It’s possible, but achieving it will require a strong DGW to make it happen.
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Premier League: DGW34 Transfers

Uncertainty and speculation ahead of DGW34 have caused me to abandon my initial DGW34 strategy after unexpected injuries to Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mohammad Salah. The return of Harry Kane to fitness does not but add to the confusion. lLet’s not forget about Man United’s “flat track bully” ahead of favorable match ups for the double gameweek. It’s challenging moving ahead without the use of a Wild Card or Free Hit chip.
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