FPL: Luck vs Skill

Earlier this season, I posted an article titled, Luck in FPL? The topic is vehemently debated with no discernible outcome. The question of skill versus luck reared it’s head again on Twitter and as discussion raged on, the conclusion was, there is no right answer. If you playing well or have played well over a few season, you could finger skill as the reason for your success. However, if you have been spinning your wheels or struggling, you could say it was a run of bad luck. Continue reading “FPL: Luck vs Skill”

FPL Strategy: Second Thought

Nothing is written in stone…yet. We are finally in BGW31, the first big blank of the week, that features just 10 Premier League teams in action this weekend. Currently, my strategy has been to build to the blank game week. Last week I rolled the FT and have two ahead of this Saturday to bring in players who will feature in both BGW31 and BGW33 (hopefully). With European action midweek and FA Cup this weekend, there are still unscheduled games that need to fill some vacant game weeks. Continue reading “FPL Strategy: Second Thought”

Josh King: Forward Differential

It’s Friday and many FPL managers have had a listen to their favorite podcasts as they look ahead to DGW25, as Man City and Everton both play twice, but will blank in two weeks time. My thoughts however, aren’t on any double game week players. First, I can’t afford Leroy Sane without moving Mo Salah. Won’t happen, as the Reds travel to London Stadium. I could do the “hokey cokey,” dropping Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in favor of Sergio Aguero for the DGW, only to bring Aubameyang back for game week 26 fixture away to Huddersfield. Continue reading “Josh King: Forward Differential”

Luck in FPL?

If you’ve played fantasy sports for any period of time, one component of the game is luck. Sometimes overlooked or not give due credit, it’s one aspect that is dynamic and can’t be controlled by players, mangers or FPL bosses. Last week, I was “lucky” because I held Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson, who combined for 18 points.  These two players had been moved on by over 791k managers over the previous three weeks. Continue reading “Luck in FPL?”

FPL Support: Thank You!

Last December I wrote a Fantasy Football Thanks article identifying  podcasts, Twitter accounts and websites that made the FPL season enjoyable. The 2017/18 Premier League season was the first in which I used Twitter (@6thGoal), in conjunction with a handful of FPL websites to assist in planning and decision making. Like millions of other fantasy managers I finished in complete obscurity, never cracking the top 100k, but never giving up, always remaining positive, even in a Watford-esque, downward spiral. Continue reading “FPL Support: Thank You!”

Midweek Madness: GW15

After a let down in game week 14, anticipation of the mid-week fixtures was running high. For my squad, I made a hasty decision on Monday evening, while podding with Casey, Garf and Gabe, as part of Academica Vertex and too a 08 point hit, my first hit of the season. To be completely honest, I really didn’t have much of a plan at the conclusion of Sunday’s fixtures. While I did have a few player concerns ahead of the mid-week fixtures, I had planned on make any potential change on Tuesday
Continue reading “Midweek Madness: GW15”

Deconstructing 8 Gameweeks

As FPL is in the second international break is here and many aren’t looking forward to a weekend without Premier League action. After last week’s dismal performance, I am glad we have a week off to reflect on the previous eight weeks and what we face out of the break, as the holiday fixtures loom on the horizon. While it’s never fun to head into a break on a red arrow that’s just what I did scoring 49 points, just one short of the 50 point weekly average.  Continue reading “Deconstructing 8 Gameweeks”

Everton Now Watford 2.0

No surprise I have been taking some critical feedback about all the negative comments and feelings towards Richarlison. While he showed flashes of brilliance last season for Watford, he felt his career could be furthered elsewhere in the Premier League. Thankfully, Everton seemed to believe that  his £40 million price tag was warranted after a very below average season under Marco Silva, who took control of the Toffees at the end of May 2018.
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International Break: Wild Card?

The first four weeks of the 2018/19 Premier League are in the books and for many teams it’s been an…interesting start to the campaign. For many fantasy managers, this is a time when activation of the first wild card could take place. Don’t be fooled by the “experts” into think there is a perfect time to wild card. There isn’t. You activate the wild card when you feel it’s going to benefit your team. It’s that simple.
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Premier League: GW2 Transfers

I’ve had a few days, along with numerous podcasts and hours scrolling (not trolling) Twitter, reviewing activity from the opening Premier League gameweek.  Finishing with 67 points overall, saw my finish 14 points above the weekly average, but well of the pace of many in the Twitter community. Ranked 834k is one of my better starts to an FPL season. There was a bit of disappointment, knowing I could have scored more, not taking into consideration those players on my bench scoring 20 points.
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Why Not Watford?

As a Watford support it was a feeling of exhilaration to see Vicarage Road filled with cheers and excitement on the back of a 2-0 defeat of Brighton & Hove Albion to kick off the 2018/19 Premier League. The Hornets were dominating for 90 minutes, as Roberto Pereyra volley in the 35’ off a Jose Holebas cross found the top left corner of the goal. Watford controlled the ball and dictated the pace as the second half started. Again, it was Holebas and Pereyra hooking up down the left flank, as Pereyra cut into the box, with a bending shot that found far post, Watford had doubled their advantage.
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