Think Different: An FPL Tale Part II

Part two of this series will discuss a key metric I found a few years back, but until now I really haven’t used it during the season. In fact, I didn’t use it last year when building my squad ahead of the first game week. Like many metrics, you can take away from these numbers what you want. It’s not the end all, be all. Like many metrics used in FPL, there are some shortcomings, but I do like what it does provide when it comes to players who got it done all season long. In fact, it might hold a bit more value when looking at a 3-5 game run a potential replacement player. Just depends on how plugged into the FPL game you want to be. However, the more time you dedicate to the game doesn’t mean you will finish any better. Continue reading “Think Different: An FPL Tale Part II”

Think Different: An FPL Tale Part I

Each year FPL managers attempt to dissect their season and draw conclusions. If like me, you find yourself continuously questioning transfers, activation of chips and strategy as the year ticked on. The 2019-2020 Premier League season caused an upheaval in the FPL game, seeing the game go cold for nearly three months. As I have said, I lost nearly all interest in the game when the Premier League said it would push forward in a mad dash to finish the season. Continue reading “Think Different: An FPL Tale Part I”

2019/20 FPL: Season Review

To be fair, I can’t do justice reviewing my FPL season, which ended on a green arrow, an OR at 207k. The season ended on March 9 when the league suspended play after GW29.  It was my hope the season would be null and void and I don’t voice that opinion because Watford was teetering on relegation in 17th position. Interest had been declining since October due to complications in my life and interest in the FPL game was at an all time low, no longer finding fun and enjoyment in what I was doing. Life took precedence with a pandemic on the horizon and our daily life in upheaval. Continue reading “2019/20 FPL: Season Review”

VAPM – Viable Transfers?

The last two years I’ve dug deeper into some key metrics to help with player decisions. This is one of many different metrics to us when when contemplating players of interest. This year, I’ve paid more attention to deficiencies in past seasons. It doesn’t come as a surprise that my midfielders are excelling when it comes to their point totals in relation to their price and minutes played. It’s a plethora of acronyms; PP90, PPM, PPMM and VAPM, as managers look for keys in the numbers to unlock their season. Continue reading “VAPM – Viable Transfers?”

Success in the Statistics

One question I continue to circle back to after posting  my best finish in FPL of 31k, how do I start the season stronger? Seems a simple question to answer at the end of the season, looking over all the top scoring players, but why were some of them not considered at the start of the season? Is there more preparation required or possibly a better way to look at new season and the prospects it holds?
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Curious Case of Marcos Alonso

If you were look for a premium defender and you were already doubled up with Liverpool, where would you look? City? Leicester? Spurs? While many fantasy managers don’t favor premium defenders, rather pushing budget into the midfield position, there are some who look to get excellent value from premium defenders who return clean sheets and chip in with attacking returns. Continue reading “Curious Case of Marcos Alonso”

Festive Period Clean Sheets

Been listening to podcasts and reading comments on Twitter as it relates to defense over the festive period. The unifying theme seems to be, not to invest big at the back, as clean sheets are down during this period of the season. At the time of writing this piece my defense, including goalkeepers is priced at £39.9 million (buying price). That is a big bulk of money that many other fantasy managers have moved into their midfield, opting to run with a premium defender or two and a collection of budget options. Continue reading “Festive Period Clean Sheets”

Can’t Own Them All

We’ve all heard the phrase muttered at some point, “you can’t own them all.” As was heard on the Always Cheating Podcast ahead of this game week, there are “the big six” that many mangers look for their starting XI. Those players include Mo Salah, Raheem Sterling, Eden Hazard, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero. These six premium players, if all added to your 15-man roster would cost £70.8.
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Really. I am better than this.

Usually I save an article like this for the end of the season, as I look back on the season, the highlights and failures over a 38 week season. However, I feel like I need to justify my position, if not to the community, to myself. While I am still green to FPL, playing in just my 5th year, fantasy sports is nothing new. I have spent 37 years playing NFL fantasy football and the goals are the same. Score the most points. Win. Have fun.
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#KANEXIT Comparison

Gameweek 13 was the final week I owned Harry Kane, as I began my #KANEXIT strategy weeks before Hall of Famer, Jay Egersdorff made his video discussing the logic and strategy behind it. Kane was scoreless in the last 3 games before hitting for a goal in a 1-1 draw with WBA. It was time to move the high priced forward and shift my budget to premium midfielders, a position that had been posting consistent returns.
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FPL Observations

Maybe we should rename this FPL season to WTF? Might be more fitting, as there is been no consistency in this young season after 11 Gameweeks. There has been a great deal of frustration for fantasy managers, just when you think you’ve made a great transfer, they get benched by Pep the following week or don’t return.  It’s been a very difficult year to read and we still have 28 weeks of games to come.
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