Watford Rewind: GW2 vs Burnley

Watford headed north, for their first match away from Vicarage Road, visiting Turf Moor, Sean Dyche and the Clarets. This year has been tough away from home, as the Hornets have been winless in 2018. On the back of a convincing week one victory, 2-0 over visiting Brighton, things were looking as the the offense appeared to put in some good shifts, but a defense that was untested.
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GW2 Preview: Burnley vs Watford

Watford, on the back of a strong, convincing 2-0 win, to start the 2018/19 Premier League season travel north to face Sean Dyche and Burnley. The Clarets are coming off midweek Europa League action, as they were in Istanbul, where a 97′ minute, Jack Cork goal won it, 1-0. However, will an added game during midweek call into questions they defensive prowess at Turf Moor this weekend.
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Premier League: GW2 Transfers

I’ve had a few days, along with numerous podcasts and hours scrolling (not trolling) Twitter, reviewing activity from the opening Premier League gameweek.  Finishing with 67 points overall, saw my finish 14 points above the weekly average, but well of the pace of many in the Twitter community. Ranked 834k is one of my better starts to an FPL season. There was a bit of disappointment, knowing I could have scored more, not taking into consideration those players on my bench scoring 20 points.
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Watford Rewind: GW1 vs Brighton

What a great way to start the 2018/19 EPL season, on the back of Graham Taylor’s statue being unveiled earlier in the week and a Vicarage Road pitch looking pristine. Football has returned as Watford hosted Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday. On the back of successful preseason fixtures and a positive transfer window, questions still left unanswered. From the first blow of Jon Moss’s whistle, the Hornets were in control of the game. It was quite surprising to see Javi Gracia send his starting XI out in a 4-4-2, which was something we rarely saw last season.
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GW1 Preview: Watford v Brighton

Let me preface this preview article by saying, I had planned on passing this piece to James and Suj at Planet FPL, but I finished it past their deadline and was unable to get it posted. You can expect too Watford previews and review for EVERY game this season on Planet FPL. While I am not expert, hopefully I will provide a supporter’s view of what Watford is doing ahead and after every match this season.
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FPL Key Metrics

I’ll admit it, I am not a whiz with numbers, but I enjoying using them when it comes to FPL to indicate value for player potential. There are a wide range of metrics that fantasy managers use when examining data as it relates to price, points, minutes and matches. Last season, xG (expected goals) and xA (expected assists) appeared to become mainstream when looking at potential attacking returns. xG represents “the number of goals that can be expected to be scored based on where and how a shot was taken.
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Formation of Success

Formation, one aspect of fantasy football that managers must take into consideration upon team development. Is there any one right formation? Or wrong, for that matter? Ahead of GW1, it’s interesting to build a few different squads using different formations. How do we judge these formations? One metric I’ve been using has been the projected points from Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Fix. While I don’t want to get myself locked into a “set and forget” plan, the first wild card could potentially be activated ahead of GW5.
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5-Man Defense Feasibility

Lots of talk on how to approach this FPL season, as August 11 is coming towards fantasy managers, like Mo Salah blazing down the right flank. It’s interesting to see some early teams and the run of formations popping up. No real surprise that a 3-4-3 still seems to garner most of the attention. This, along with a 3-5-2 provides the most attacking potential from a midfield and forward perspective, while the four and five defender formations haven’t garnered much support.
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2017-2018 FPL – Season in Review

This year saw my approaching my 5th season participating in fantasy football. A fantasy game I have really taken to, more so than it’s US counterpart ever did, participating for some 38 years! I would like to think I learned a few new things this season, practiced a bit more patience and applied good decision making, based on the facts and information at hand. However, my overall score and rank aren’t representative of where I feel I should be. Then again, I think ALL fantasy manager can related to that, right?
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Premier League: DGW36 Starting XI

I don’t know what I am going to do. That is the best I have on Thursday afternoon on the West Coast, as we stare down the barrel of the final double gameweek of the FPL season. Thankfully I have two transfers in hand, but a plethora of ideas on how to round out my starting XI. Not really high on the “double doublers” this weekend, concerning some single game replacements with great expectations.
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Premier League: GW36 Transfers

We are on the down slope of the week, looking at Friday looming, ahead of Gameweek 36, as I haven’t really considered any more ahead of the Saturday morning kickoffs. That’s not to say I don’t have transfers in mind, as I am considering the previously planned I had ahead of BGW35. After listening to a few podcasts, my decisions to reduce additional hits might not be worth the potential (or lack of) gain in points.
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