Premier League: GW27 Starting XI

The decision was made early in the week, to roll my FT over to Gameweek 28. I feel confident with my starting XI this week, coming off 69 points last weekend. A bump of 211k has put me at 523k, as I hope a sea of green arrows will follow. However with BGW31, change is expected as I look beyond to the DGWs and activation of my final chips, the last throw of the dice, so to speak in order to maximize points.
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Premier League: GW24 Starting XI

In fantasy football, nothing is ever a clear cut decision. DGW22 arrives and Harry Kane turns up ill, doesn’t play but 22 minutes against Swansea. Ahead of Gameweek 24, Mohammad Salah has caught the bug and there is uncertainty swirling around his inclusion this weekend against Swansea. As a captain option, many fantasy managers are changing their captain selections, giving Harry Kane the armband. This is just one of a few dilemmas facingĀ  my starting XI ahead of the kickoff on Saturday.
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Premier League: GW22 Starting XI

I’m a day late posting my starting XI for Gameweek 22, much like missing the deadline to set my team. Needless to say, this is going to be a bollocks of a fantasy week. It was my expectation to reintroduce Harry Kane to the forward line and move Chelsea’s, Eden Hazard out. Unfortunately, the hang over of New Year’s caught me by surprise and when I logged on headed to work, games had already started. Sadly, I had no alcohol to drink and was completely sober, just missed the deadline.
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Premier League: GW21 Starting XI

There should be no reason I am looking ahead to DGW22 when we are on the even of Gameweek 21, with West Ham and Spurs watching from the sidelines, preparing for next week. Currently all the Twitter activity surrounds Harry Kane’s illness and the possibility he might not make both starts next week. That factor could play into my decision this week, as I was planning to rollover the FT in preparation to bring Kane in ahead of Gameweek 22.
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Premier League: GW20 Starting XI

Spending 12 hours at work on Christmas gave me plenty of time to evaluate my current position in FPL. It’s been a struggle the past 4 weeks, with just a single green arrow. Out of Gameweek 19, 77 points (before a -12 hit) appeared to have the makings of a green arrow. Justified or not, 65 overall points was not enough to reward my squad with an up arrow, which left me doubting my decision to move Harry Kane after Gameweek 13. His 17 point haul was a season high, now 6 double digit hauls on the season.
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Premier League: GW19 Starting XI

First off let me thank everyone who has supported the development and content I have provided on 6thGoal. It’s great to be part of a great community of like minded fantasy football managers who enjoy the beautiful game. While we don’t all share the same opinions, it’s great to provide content, sometimes from a different viewpoint. Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas!
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Premier League: GW18 Starting XI

Instead of preparing for Gameweek 18 I have spent more time attempting to plan out transfers leading up to the first DGW taking place in Gameweek 22. Taking injuries and potential transfers into consideration, along with fixtures for this week, I believe I will roll my FT to Gameweek 19 and make multiple changes. As it stands now, the only player still flagged heading into the weekend action is Stephen Ward, with Burnley’s run of poor fixtures, he will be transferred out soon.
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GW17: Knee Jerk

As I continually look over the options for my Gameweek 17 starting XI, I am left with an empty feeling, knowing my squad has some glaring deficiencies. The injury and subsequent “rest” for Alvaro Morata was unexpected, as I had him pegged as a full time starter in my 4-5-1. Rarely did I plan on playing Callum Wilson or Jamie Vardy up front in his formation. Vardy continues to struggle and his exit ticket had already been punched for Gameweek 18. However, with injuries I might have to make a unplanned transfer.
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Premier League: Gameweek 15 Starting XI

The midweek, Gameweek 14 fixtures were challenging, but things don’t appear to be any easier as we head into Gameweek 15 this weekend. The holiday festivities are in full swing and FPL managers must stay sharp to and be open to potential rotation. Midweek many fantasy managers lost out on players like Hazard, Coutinho, Azpilicueta and Salah, who actually came on and in 23 minutes posted a brace. Amazing! The Egyptian continues to perform like Aladdin with his magic lamp!
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