Premier League: GW26 Retorspect

It’s been far too long since I felt like writing this article as I FINALLY finish with a green arrow in a week that was very poor overall. The average points for the week was just 43, as Sergio Aguero failed in his captain bid, while Harry Kane got two bites of the apple and converted real late on, what I thought was a poor penalty call, to slot home a late goal. It was all about Mohammad Salah, as the Egyptian continues a torrid pace, helping me to 69 points overall.
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Premier League: DGW22 Retrospect

What a strange end to an otherwise frustrating holiday period. The best thing I can say is, thank God it’s over. I am sure many fantasy managers echo those sentiments. It was A LOT of football in a short period that produced mixed results. Gameweek 16 started the festive period, where I was 296k, by the end of Gameweek 22 I dropped to 409k. Considering injuries, gameweeks of 35 and 36 points and no Kane, it didn’t turn out too terribly bad.
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Premier League: GW21 Retrospect

If the festive period is any indication of my skills and decision making, then I am in for a long run to the end of the season. With so much talk, from me about using Mohammad Salah as my default captain for the remainder of the season, I made a last minute change, for fear Eden Hazard might actually show up and produce an attacking return. As it was, Hazard didn’t feature, but I was worried after some talk on Twitter Salah might not play, so I vice-captained, Marcos Alonso.
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Premier League: GW20 Retrospect

Let me start by saying, the decision to move Harry Kane after Gameweek 13 has been mistake. Won’t call it a total disaster, but it was difficult to miss out on 6 goals over the last 2 gameweeks. As I pointed out yesterday in my #KANEXIT Comparison, I have lost approximately 78 points from this strategy between GW14-19. Those missed points are the difference between 434k, where I am currently at and 50k, where I could have been.
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Premier League: GW19 Retrospect

Jay Egersdorff I am not. While his opinions and strategies were of sound logic leading up to Gameweek 18 and 19, I felt my planning had put me on the level. Somewhere between the high of 3-3, Arsenal and Liverpool match and the letdown of the 2-2 Man United, Leicester draw my plan fell apart. Part of the failure can be attributed to the -12 point hit, or investment, as it spins my hits in a more positive light. The success or failure of such as spending can’t be justified in a single week. While I was pleased with scoring 77 points on the weekend, it was a sea of red, which was not anticipated.
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Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Much of my attention has been focused on adding the final touches to my premium 5-man midfield. While I could have provided a retrospect yesterday, I felt it necessary to hold off until all points were finalized and leagues were updated. Gameweek 18 brought the return of a green arrow following back to back red arrows and a drop of 308k. A return of 62 overall points this week, not including a -4 point hit that didn’t pay off saw a small green arrow of 6k, now sitting on 955 overall points and an overall rank at 479k.
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