Welcome #FPLBeerClub

When you think of football, you think of your mates, a pub and a few pints, watching matches and supporting your club. This, my 5th year, has been the first, I have engaged Twitter as my main source of FPL advice, but I didn’t start the season that way. It was also the first year I subscribed to a few fantasy services, along with listening to a handful of podcasts. Oddly enough, I find myself drawn to Twitter, like a moth to flame, for current FPL information.
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The 6th Thought: Mourinho Gets It

“What do I think about football in  America? It takes more than an important player to make a competition  equally important. They need people who are not thinking of coming here  to take money and then leaving, but people who want to work in this  country to insert themselves into American football.”

Jose Mourinho of Inter when asked about Beckham’s move to the MLS. Full story here.