Premier League: GW14 Retrospect

GW14 finishes up today with Hull City visiting Boro with no players involved, it’s time to look over the week that was. My squad finished the week with 61 points, my best point total since GW10 (78 points) but only the second time in 8 weeks I have been above that 60 point average I was hoping for. I held onto my FT until Friday afternoon, when I finally played it, moving Coutinho, due to injury in favor of the in form Sigurdsson. Not the wisest of moves and I knew that before making the transfer as the match up against Spurs was going to be a challenge. He didn’t let me down, scoring 2 points. Yet another transfer that didn’t pay off. To compound the pain I took a -4 point hit to also bring in Cedric for S’hampton, who got thumped 3-0 by Crystal Palace, this on the back of consecutive clean sheets.


Forward continue to play very well as I have finally settled on Costa, Austin and Kane. This week Kane grabbed the arm band and rewarded me with 26 total points on the back of a brace. Costa continue “en fugeo” bagging a goal and assist for 12 points. Both players picked up 3 BPS to strengthen their position as in form going into GW15. Austin wasn’t as fortunate this week, with returns in the last 3, Palace shutout Austin and the Saints in a game I thought would be one sided for them. Defoe continues to sparkle, now with 83 points for the season, a player once owned, dropped GW10 in favor of Austin. This decision after 3 weeks of no returns but has really been in form since. At 7.7m I can’t afford him right now, even with the 0.8m ITB.

Without consistent returns, I shipped Aguero out for GW10, favoring De Bruyne as my Man City coverage. With assists in GW11 and GW12 KDB looked to be regaining his form, but missed the start in GW13 and didn’t return versus Chelsea in City’s 3-1 loss to Chelsea this week. Me and 165k other owners made an early decision to pick up Sanchez after his hat trick performance against Stoke. In order to bring him in I dropped KDB him for the second time. Not sure what to make of City, but if Sanchez continues in form, I see no reason to chase midfield coverage from City, especially adding Toure and Gundogan to the mix, which could represent rest for KDB and Silva.

Hazard was my top midfielder this week with 9 points, grabbing a goal and CS along with 2 BPS. Chelsea has some outstanding fixtures through the end of December, which could result in big returns for Hazard and Costa. Still looking to triple up on Chelsea, but feel I missed out on Alsonso before his recent price increases. Elsewhere the in form Sigurdsson failed in his bid to keep his returns going for a fifth straight match. Spurs shut him down and shut Swansea out. I knew this before I picked him up, but honestly wasn’t excited about the prospects of picking up Walcott (returned 3 points in GW14). There was some consideration for Firmino, but again I went against that “gut feel” I had before I picked up Coutinho. I don’t feel a Liverpool midfielder is necessary. Looking through the end of the year, Swansea has some great fixtures as well, starting with Sunderland next week. No reason that Sigurdsson returns to form.

My fourth midfielder was a toss up, Allen or Capoue. Recently, it’s been Capoue in better form, but Watford has been struggling to create goals. I started Capoue for 2 points, but might be looking elsewhere for change. Phillips of WBA has been outstanding for the Baggies recently, at 5.4m, he is a great addition as a 4th or 5th midfielder. Only drawback, their upcoming fixtures feature Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal and Southampton through the end of 2016.

Defensively, I continue to struggle. This single point is the difference between returns of 8 points versus that of 18 or 24 points. Like weeks prior, this was another week in which late, single goals cost me points. WBA gave up a 60 minute goal to Watford, while an 89th minute PK robbed Valencia from 6 points and Man U, the victory. But it’s been that sort of season, many mangers have struggled defensively. Chelsea is one of the few teams that have been returning clean sheets on a regular basis. With team value on the rise, I am considering investing more in the rear guard.

Valencia has been on the transfer list nearly all season, but I can’t bring myself to2016_league_gw14 pull the trigger on his departure. He only has 3 returns of 6 or greater, no assists and no goals. At 5.4m he has become a liability, especially with Man U not playing well. With 0.8m ITB, it might be time to invest in a Chelsea defender. Azpilicueta, Cahill and Alonso are all 6.2m but the cheaper route would be Courtois at 5.6m. Cedric was brought in with a -4 point hit for GW14, figuring I would record a CS vs Crystal Palace. That moved cost me, as S’hampton gave up 3 goals, Cedric returning just 1 point. Moving forward, Cedric looks like a solid play until early February, the only match drawing concern against Spurs in GW18.

McAuley has 3 goals on the season, but it could be his teammate Brunt to draw more looks. Playing as a midfielder (much like Kante last year), he is poised to bring good returns, as he returns from a knee injury. Yet, as mentioned WBA doesn’t have a favorable schedule into January, but 4.9m might be a good budget buy with offensive potential. Holebas WAS a starter, but with Watford giving up goals he has been relegated to the bench along with van Aanholt, who is a spot starter. The Watford defender has -1 point in his last 4 games, while van Aanholt returned 10 points in GW12 has been quiet the last 2 weeks.

I already used my FT for GW15 bringing in Sanchez for KDB, in order to capture the price increase. My team value increased from 102.5m to 103.1 overnight! A nice little bump that shows me with 0.8 in the back to improve my squad. Global ranking saw an improvement of nearly 80k up to 762k. Still looking for that one big week, which has only come in my dreams. Team is still averaging 49 points a week, which is well off my goal.

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