ESPN: Not Good Coverage

Damn their pregame is just as bad as their post game. Thankfully Julie Foudy and Eric Wynalda are no longer with us as in studio guests. Although Alexi Lalas is not much better. But it’s the host for those shows who don’t know a damn thing about the sport, yet their try to sound like they know the game and have studied it, when that is not the case. They are promoted with scripts that try to make then sound knowledgeable. While I am not a real big fan of the Fox Soccer Channel, at least they provide a bit better insight, unfortunately games are not shown on FSC. Setanta Sports, now part of FSC would have been excellent, but again ESPN has the rights to the 2010 World Cup and we must go with their below average coverage. With that said, at least ESPN did hire some on air talent in Martin Tyler, Ian Darke, Derek Rae and Adrian Healey.

As for the matches themselves, the RSA v Mexico match was a bit more entertaining that the last 35 minutes of the Uruguay v France match I saw. France just looked terrible and maybe Mexico, who showed flashes of brilliance will advance, possibly with Uruguay who played the last 10 minutes or so down a man. RSA, much like France were terrible. A nice goal in the second half gave Bafana Bafana some life, as did the crowd in the stadium, but I think they will come back down to earth in the next match.

Mexico looked much better and controlled the flow of play for a majority of the time, but they could not finish and in my opinion got caught too high on defense at times, once which led to the South African goal. All teams still have a shot at advancing. After seeing France (and I”ll watch the rest of the game today) it looks as if Mexico and Uruguay could both advance.