I am beginning to resent reading articles from FoxSoccer. The writers who have provided recent content are not good. Maybe some of this can be knocked off to the 2010 World Cup. I doubt it, but I was looking for some excuse to continue reading what they print.

How about we start with Jamie Trecker. He claims to be a “working journalist for 25 years” but his writing begs the question, “Does he really follow the beautiful game?” He has been covering the 32 nations competing in this year’s world Cup, but there has been a considerable amount of inaccurate “journalism” (if you can call it that) provided. Much of the country history provided could be found on Wikipedia and probably more accurate that some of the information he has attempted to convey.

When it comes to the nations and players his style of writing seems to continue done a poor path. Anyone with an opinion can be called a “working journalist.” Hell, by me writing this why don’t I call myself a journalist, but unlike Trecker I have a real job. Chances are I could have provided as good of synopsis as he has done for 29 days. I already know the homer support for the USA when it comes to the last team he will write about.

Today, it went from bad to worse with Robert Burns, “a senior editor” submitting a piece titled, “Burning our flag should incite U.S. payback.” It is an absolutely terrible article about “a mob of despondent Liverpool supporters” who burned a U.S. flag in protest because of the American owners.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett, Jr have been terrible owners for Liverpool. Want to know why L’pool had such as poor season, outside of injuries, look at the owners. Of course you see them on TV sitting in their box, looking like footie fans, but we know better. “I’m disappointed because I think we’ve done everything we can to improve the club in so many ways over the past three years from the way it had been run before,” said Tom Hicks. The only success L’pool had was in 2006 when the Americans took ownership losing in the Champions League final.

As the Liverpool motto goes, “You’ll never walk alone.” The only ones who should be walking alone are Hicks and Gillett making sure the door does not hit them in the ass on the way out.

Now that I am worked up, the article is nothing more than a poorly planned hit piece attempting to banter support for the USA prior to their first group round game with England. This is not a newsworthy story at all. Who cares what a few Liverpool supports did. Much like the mainstream media, Robert Burns has taken an isolated incident and turned it into an international disaster.

Mr. Burns who cares if another country is burning our flag. We have seen these actions by many countries over the year. Americans still don’t know shit about, what they call “soccer” while the world call it football. On Saturday that big stick you see and feel will be the US being smacked upside the head once again, by another superior nation on the pitch. Keep asinine articles like this to yourself. I am shocked Fox Soccer would allow such a thing. Guess there are always other, more reputable football sites to read.