Bulking Up

It appears my transfer plan continues to evolve weekly. What appeared to be the best course of action last week, looks different this week. Players I was considering just a few games ago, are no longer in favor. It’s amazing how our allegiance to players can shift, as quickly as one game.

Case in point, Callum Wilson, hits for a hat trick, in his first game back from injury, for Bournemouth in Gameweek 12. I knee jerk a transfer, now 3 weeks, since that day, he’s responded with just 5 points, which featured a 21 minute cameo in Gameweek 15. Sometimes things aren’t always what they appear and we must remain flexible when it comes to our plans.

My current 15-man squad for the Go ‘Orns (id#27599).

As we march towards Gameweek 16 there are a few areas I need to address. First, Jamie Vardy, who hasn’t lived up to his billing, since being introduced in GW6. Over 10 weeks he’s scored just 3 goals and 1 assist, while grabbing 4 bonus points. A strong case could be made for Vardy, as Riyad Mahrez has hit stride, posting good attacking returns and Leicester City face new/sou/CRY in their next 3 fixtures.

The other player is Tom Carroll, who’s nothing more than bench fodder and has just a single return on the season. While he hasn’t featured, he was that budget midfielder that allowed me to squeeze a bit more out of that £100 budget to start the season. With no plans of him in my starting XI, he occupies the last bench spot, destined to continually pick splinters out of his bum.

As I continue my match to feature 5 premium midfielders I take the next step ahead of Gameweek 16, but the decision isn’t clear cut. Two midfielders come to the forefront, as I carries 2 FTs into the weekend. With little intention to retain Vardy, he will give way to a budget forward. Do I only consider the Everton options of Oumar Niasse or the recent success that Dominic Calvert-Lewin has had? Does Peter Crouch (£4.8) ir Hal Robson-Kanu (£4.9) carry any weight through the holiday period?

The midfield decision leaves me in a quandary, when comparing Aaron Ramsey (£7.2) or doubling up on Liverpool with Philippe Coutinho (£8.9) ahead of the Merseyside Derby. Both players appear in form, Ramsey returning 52 points in the last 7 games! Coutinho, back from injury hit for 3 assists, 1 goal last weekend and has two double digit returns in his last 3 games he’s played.

Whichever player doesn’t feature in the the starting XI this week will make their appearance in the coming weeks, possibly at the cost of a -4 point hit. While I have been very hesitant to hit this season in order to retain overall ranking, I feel the addition of Ramsey or Coutinho would justify the point hit.

Potential Gameweek 17 starting 5-man midfield in a 4-5-1.

Heading into Gameweek 17 and looking over the horizon, midfielders appear to be where the points will be coming from. Take nothing away from Morata, Kane, Lukaku and their scoring prowess, I feel my budget is better spent in the middle of the pitch.

Looking a bit longer term, the continued performance of Richarlison will remain under a microscope, as Richarlison has only featured in as many as 25 games in his career. Fatigue will be an issue moving forward. We all remember how Etienne Capoue starting last year for Watford before the “law of fantasy football averages” caught up with him. Richarlison, while fixture proof does need rest in order to maintain his level of performance.

A premium 5-man midfield in a 4-5-1. Could it work?

That said, Paul Pogba (£8.0) or Glyfi Sigurdsson (£8.0) could both be options as we approach the new year. Richarlison has been spectacular, as a Hornets supporter I hope to see him post more goals and assists, but realistically I may end up moving him in favor of a midfielder who’s proven themselves to be a 38-game a year player.

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