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When you think of football, you think of your mates, a pub and a few pints, watching matches and supporting your club. This, my 5th year, has been the first, I have engaged Twitter as my main source of FPL advice, but I didn’t start the season that way. It was also the first year I subscribed to a few fantasy services, along with listening to a handful of podcasts. Oddly enough, I find myself drawn to Twitter, like a moth to flame, for current FPL information.

It’s not my place to draw conclusions on where the best FPL information comes from, I’ll leave that up to each individual manager, successful or not. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, however the interaction on Twitter with “regulars” keeps me engaged to the latest happenings in the FPL world.

While relatively “new” to using Twitter (@6thGoal), having an account since 2010, Tweets, Following, Follower, Likes” continue to grow, a sign of the strength of the FPL community. While fantasy managers and pundits continually provide advice, through text, graphics and podcasts, there has been a group that has taken up existence in parallel to #FPL.

Enter #FPLBeerClub, the hastag started by @ChefDaleH of Hull, England near the beginning of January that received a rousing response from many fantasy managers.

The #FPLBeerClub is not exclusive, open to anyone and all. Those involved in the weekly threads all share one thing in common, aside from football. Beer. From generic to batch to home and craft, if you can pour it from a can or bottle we will indulge in it.

For me, the best part has been seeing what is brewed outside of the United States. I tab myself as a craft beer enthusiast, continually learning and experiencing the golden nectar we all favor. It’s not uncommon for #FPLBeerClub members to promote their food along side their favored beer.

An #FPLBeerClub Tweet starts on Friday with members tagged in the opening post(s). This post runs through the weekend with many FPL managers posting their beer “hauls, “providing information and short reviews on what has been drank.

Beer hauls are a cornerstone to the #FPLBeerClub. Members showing off their recent purchases, what they favor to drink over the weekend or just how well stocked their refrigerator is (#fridgeporn)

For us it’s all about what you are drinking now. To support the #FPLBeerClub, the Untappd app has become a cornerstone for some, sharing images and reviews of what they are drinking.

To join in the celebrating the “Nectar of the Gods” just #FPLBeerClub when you decide to partake in the beverages of your choice. If you want to be involved in the weekend fun, just make sure you receive the official welcome from @IAP_FPL.

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