Premier League: GW25 Starting XI

We are full steam ahead into Gameweek 25, which kicks off in just about 2 hours. It’s been an active period with the January transfer window, slowly closing and cup game ongoing, which set up future DGW and BGWs. My plan has slowly started to unravel the past few weeks, with some rough patches, but feel we are regaining control in order to post some green arrows.

I had been talking Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan since they transfer rumors became reality. While many see it as a risky play, I have jumped in with both feet, after switching teams. My squad was featured template players and I had been in a rut for 8 weeks, making up no ground in the overall ranking.

Sanchez (3.8 TSB%) and Mkhitaryan (7.2 TSB%) give me proven players, who act as a differential. It’s yet to be seen just how FPL managers will take to these players. We have seen some movement, as Sanchez has been picked up by 79k managers, while Mkhitaryan has 87k new mangers ahead of GW25.

We look to David de Gea to have his drivers cap on as he takes the wheel of a very large bus today against Spurs, as Man United looks to post a 5th clean sheet in a row. Jose turns very defensive at home against the big teams, don’t see this changing today. I do like de Gea for a CS this week at home.

Defensively, I have my fingers crossed that Andreas Christensen plays for more than 57 minutes, as he’s lost out on 10 points the last 2 weeks coming off early due to injury. Marco Alonso looks to keep his fine form as Chelsea welcome Bournemouth to The Bridge this week. Virgil van Dijk is scheduled to start, but rumor has it, he’s being rested, however I still have him in my starting XI. First off the bench would be new kid, Alfie Mawson, home to Arsenal. Although I have an inkling Newcastle and Burnley could play to a 0-0 draw at Turf Moor, so I might change my bench positions.

Up front, I start Harry Kane against that big, red bus of Man United. If anyone will score for Spurs, chances are it will be Kane. He’s on 3 goals in the last 2 games, ahead of a challenging series of fixtures over the next 3 weeks. Partnering with Kane, Callum Wilson, on a punt, as Chelsea has recorded 6 CS in the last 7 games. Doesn’t bode well for Wilson, but like Kane against United, if anyone will net, I put my money on Wilson.

The midfield has undergone a major overhaul. It shouldn’t be that way since I just wild carded ahead of GW23. It really made the WC a moot point and honestly, wasted with the futher changes to my starting XI and 15-man squad. I wasted no time bringing in Sanchez and Mkhitaryan, as I mentioned at the start. I feel both will bring a new found enthusiasm to their new clubs and make an impact, which will have managers clamoring to bring them in.

Luca Milivojevic is my 4.7 enabler, in the 5th position that allowed me to get Sanchez. He’s posted 2 goals in the last 3 games and is on penalties. I retained the services of Mohammad Salah and Marc Albrighton. My midfield now hinges on Sanchez being successful as I transferred out Raheem Sterling, Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba.

Expectations this week are high, but can’t we say that every week? Honestly, I need returns from both Sanchez and Mkhitaryan, as I took a -8 to get both in this week and not fuck around for the next 3 gameweeks. I feel this is how I needed to do it, or I would have wavered and possibly not made both transfers.

After 9 weeks of spinning my wheels, these new additions will hopefully break me out of that rut and see a big, fat, green arrow. Now is the time to turn the season around and hit that sea of green to see rise in the overall rankings.

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