Premier League: GW27 Retrospect

Gameweek 27 finished up with Marcos Alonso owners livid, as the Chelsea man was dropped from the starting XI, not even included on the bench. For many who didn’t drop the defender last week, this event was the proverbial, nail in the coffin as FPL heads into a 2-week break with UCL, UEL and FA Cup games upcoming.

For me, it was another weekend in which a mistake was made, but luck on my side I ended up much better than I could of asked for. For the second week in a row, I attempted to captain Alexis Sanchez and damned if I didn’t make the mistake again, without knowing it and captain Mohammad Salah. AZ from FFS sums it, “I just… I don’t understand how you can keep accidentally doing this… I check my team about 100 times a week and still worry that I’ve made a mistake.

I have replayed the event continuously the past few weeks, the only logical answer I can come up with is that I selected vice-captain as opposed to captain (even if they are different colors) or as AZ eluded to, I just didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. Regardless, it won’t happen again, but Salah, captained two weeks in a row as opposed to Sanchez worked to my advantage to say the least.

On the week I finished with just 74, which a majority of the time would represent a green arrow. Luck being what it is, I must have used mine up on Salah the past 2 weeks, but I ended up with a red arrow, dropping 20k to 545k in the OR. Again, I continue to spin my wheels gaining nothing. That makes 5 red arrows in the last 6 weeks. Taking a positive from this week was the fact I rolled over my FT for Gameweek 28.

Defensively, it was a mixed result as the rock steady, David de Gea conceded just one goal to Newcastle to lose the CS and was a save short of one point. On a punt I brought in Nathan Ake, as the Cherries have a run of good fixtures, to be used in a rotation. He started and Bournemouth was spanked by Huddersfield, 4-1. May have to rethink his inclusion, but he does carry an attacking threat. Alfie Mawson and Swansea held on and defeated Burnley 1-0, recording their first CS in 3 games, form 7 points.

As for Alonso, he was in my starting XI, but was automatically substituted off in favor of Oumar Niasse, which worked well, as I gained 12 points. The future of Alonso is already written, as I made a very early transfer last night, dropping him in favor of  Ahmed Hegazi, who rose in price to £4.7 overnight. While price was not the deciding factor I had been planning on adding Hegazi, in order to free up my budget to bring in Roberto Firmino. Chelsea facing mnu/mci/CRY/bu/TOT in the next 5 with a BGW coming up, I took the opportunity to make the change now and re-evaluate over the break in action.

It remained a 4-man midfield this week, as Marc Albrighton gave way to Luca Milivojevic, which paid off, as Mili hit for another goal (8 points), now with 7 on the season and 3 goals in the last 4 games. However, Palace has TOT/MNU/che/hud/LIV in the next 5 games, absolutely horrid run of fixtures but being on pens, he might sneak his way in to the starting XI. Salah got strapped with the armband, as eluded to, this was the best thing to happen this week, as he returned a goal, assist and 2 bonus points finishing with 26 points for the day. I will continue to promte, #AlwaysCaptainSalah hashtag moving forward, as he continues to pour in points.

The downside of of the midfield this week came in the form of Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Did I make the right or wrong move? I can back up my decision with statistical data that says, these two differential players would provide good attacking returns. In Mkhitaryan’s case, 3 assists in his first start against Everton. Doesn’t get better than that. However, Sanchez has been another story. We know his potential, that last 3 years; 264, 167 and 207 points. Proven midfielder with 53 goals and 24 assists over those 3 years, including the top FPL scorer last season (264 points).

Drafting him in for Spurs was risky, but as a huge differential, he showed flashes of brilliance but in the end the a 2-0 loss, as he didn’t provide any attacking returns. The following week in a 2-0 win over Huddersfield, he was instrumental in his play, dominated over the pitch, some great chances, but his spot kick was saved but salvaged a goal on the rebound after the save. Just 5 points, but appeared to have the dominating performance we saw last year. This last week, a 1-0 loss to Newcastle and Sanchez was left frustrated and scoreless for the second time in 3 weeks. At £11.7, a fantasy manager can’t continue having success if a player of this caliber isn’t firing and returning attacking points.

After 3 games, Sanchez has should flashes, but moving forward there are stronger, more consistent performers and I am planning moving forward, closing the door on the “Sanchez Experiment.” I am using the Quality v Quantity for the BGW: a cautionary tale, from the guys at Who Got the Assist, when planning for the BGWs. Take heed and a few moments to read the “tale of woe” and how it could impact your transfer decisions moving forward.

Up front I lucked into 12 points from Oumar Niasse, as he came of the bench in place of Alonso, who was not included in Monday’s action. He outscored Harry Kane (6 points) and Callum Wilson (2 points). As I have mentioned in the past, Kane is essential at his position, much like Salah is in the midfield. Niasse has made good, as it appears Big Sam has tagged him as the “starter” instead of Cenk Tosun, until Everton is “safe” from relegation. As for Wilson, his days appear to be numbered ahead of BGW31. It’s yet to be seen if I bring him in for GW28, as I am attempting to minimize any further hits. Moving Sanchez is the priority, which would delay the transfer of Roberto Firmino for another week.

Three good results (over 60 points), but two of them resulting in red arrows and I have been unable to gain any ground in the OR. At this point, it appears the top 10k is probably out of the question, pending the use of my Triple Captain and Bench Boost Chip. Both chips will be activated for the DGWs. I am just 42 points from the top 250k, which potentially could be made up in a single week, but more realistically over 2 weeks. The top 10k has me 152 points off the pace but just one strong week could turn the tide on a relatively poor season.

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