Premier League: DGW36 Starting XI

I don’t know what I am going to do. That is the best I have on Thursday afternoon on the West Coast, as we stare down the barrel of the final double gameweek of the FPL season. Thankfully I have two transfers in hand, but a plethora of ideas on how to round out my starting XI. Not really high on the “double doublers” this weekend, concerning some single game replacements with great expectations.

The million pound question fantasy managers want answers to, “who will start both games in DGW36?” If I knew that, I’d be collecting lottery winnings, not playing FPL. Since I don’t own that crystal ball and I like many of you base decisions off statistics, fixtures and form, sometimes even the gut I am not necessarily leaning towards the addition of two double gameweek players. Here’s why.

There’s a group of fantasy managers rolling out their Triple Captain Chip, the likelihood of Harry Kane (sod off!) of Gabriel Jesus. Guarantees they start both games? *cynical laughing* Not sold on both at all. I own both, Kane out of fear and Jesus because, well there were not many other quality forwards to add and felt it’s the “boring” selection with Kun Aguero done for the season.

I don’t intend on any of these opinions helping many fantasy managers, maybe I am putting fingers to keyboard to talk my way into a starting XI for DGW36. As it stands now, I have nine “double doublers” with the possibility of eleven if both FTs are used in that capacity. At one point, my intentions were to take a -4 or -8 to have 13 possibly DGW players, but this late in the season I am trying to break into the top 100k, short just -20 points, so all points are crucial.

Defensively, David de Gea doubles and I would like to think Man United can keep back to back clean sheets, in order to maximize points. This also has me sniffing in the direction of doubling up on the United defense, but Chris Smalling doesn’t really provide confidence for me. Antonio Valencia might be priced a bit too high. Realistically, can United keep two CS in a row? Jordon Pickford will start on the BB and hopefully record at much needed CS.

I bought in on Vincent Kompany a few weeks back when the big, Belgian returned to fitness and felt IF he could remain healthy, there could provide a repeat performance from last season with multiple goals and 5 CS. It hasn’t worked out that way yet. Illness caused him to miss the 4-1 win over West Ham and he continues to be flagged ahead of the gameweek. With bigger problems to resolve, I fear Kompany will retain his place in my bench boost squad this weekend.

Elsewhere on defense Paul Dummett and Florent Hadergjonaj will retain their starting spots. The ONLY redeeming quality is Newcastle are away to a hapless Watford team, where a 6-pointer is possible. Huddersfield is fucked…away to MCI/MNU. Not sure I expect much from Florent, but I can’t move a “double doubler” for another. That leaves the “Curious Case of Matt Lowton and Virgil can Dijk.”

Both defenders could make way for, this sounds odd, but a Crystal Palace duo, James Tomkins and Mamadou Sakho. I feel the Eagles have the best potential to keep two clean sheets to finish the season. No doubles, but playing very well, as well as scoring. Risky? Sure, but no more so than tossing the TC on Kane or betting Jesus starts both games. Why the fuck not?

The midfield has brought my squad stability. Mohamed Salah, David Silva, Heung-Min Son and Milivojevic have been excellent…well not really Son recently. Salah will not be sold and figure him for a possibly brace away to Chelsea. Milivojevic has been a greet budget option and Stoke City. Talk about hapless! So there’s a strong case to retain his sevices. Silva is the cog for Man City that make them tick in my opinion. He missed last week, but feel he starts both this week. Ashley Young makes up my midfield five. Intentions weren’t to keep him, but he picked up an assist last weekend, he also doubles in GW36.

Up front, comments for Jesus and Kane have already been made, leaving Cenk Tosun. Everton hosts So’ton, Tosun picked up a goal last week, we’ve seen a struggling defense and the Turk could come good again. So that brings me full circle? Where do I look?

Clean sheets haven’t been as plentiful as they were earlier in the year. Teams on the beach, rotation and it stands to reason there could be the potential for fewer. Attacking is where many fantasy managers are putting their transfer assets, but I don’t see any apparent weakness in the midfield or forward lines.

Paul Pogba? Do we trust this Jekyll and Hyde in our starting midfield? What about Jose, changing decisions based on the direction the wind blows. Thankfully Pep doesn’t make this list since I already have three from City. Moving Son has been a consideration, but for who? I am already three deep on City. Christian Eriksen or Dele Alli aren’t anymore enticing than Son. It appears signs could point to defense…again! Maybe I am reading the signs wrong and trying to force defenders into the mix in order to pick up two games or hedge my bet on Palace running the table the last few weeks of the season.

Beer! Right #FPLBeerClub! That is what is needed to help make this decision become a reality. At this point, there are no moves. Now hopefully there isn’t TOO MUCH beer and I forget altogether to forget my FTs and setting my starting XI.

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