Premier League: DGW37 Retrospect

Going to keep this short and sweet as I look back on the final double gameweek of season. Fantasy managers knew there would be rotation and based on the previous DGWs, there was some concern over how this gameweek would play out.

This week was absolute shit! No other way to explain what happened. Finished the week on just 49 points, after putting together a run of 7 out of 8 green arrows leading up to DGW37. All the work and effort to climb the OR was undone because of a single gameweek, as I lost 75k spots sliding to 219k when it was all said and done. Who performed? No one did.

I have no words to describe the horror my starting XI, including activation of the Bench Boost chip, went through. Poor performances all around, high expectations and piss poor results.  In order to post my best overall point total (2170) I need to finish GW38 on 73 points. I don’t think that will happen and will be lucky to even squeak inside the top 200k. Another poor season.

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