Premier League: GW7 Starting XI

It’s been a long week, one in which I have held my FT, on the back of my second poor transfer of the season, buying Ryan Fraser. While one week doesn’t make a season, if there was ANY team he would score, it would have been Burnley, who had been terrible all season. As luck would have it, his addition to my team was a popular one, but failed to return any points on the road. Ahead of GW7, I am considering formation when it comes to how I approach this weekend.

On the back of a 63 point week, I look to keep sailing a sea of green ahead of GW7. It should be a good week, based on the match up starting Saturday. As I stare at £0.8 ITB, there is a concern that I could field a stronger starting XI, if I wasn’t so stingy and made a move to James Maddison or Richarlison. Two players, that I have not been high on this season but seem to be catching fire, brought in by over 424k managers! Last week it was the Fraser driving the bandwagon, not sure I am too comfortable falling for the same trick pony again.

It’s no surprise that many who have seen my current starting XI are curious as to why the hell I still own Henrikh Mkhitaryan, when he has moved on to Outer Uzpakistan (thanks FPL Iain). As it stands now, I am am set up in a 5-2-3 formation with intentions of rolling the FT to GW8.

This week I roll out a formation that I have not used through the early weeks of the FPL season. This was a formation I started with last season, on the back of a triple So’ton defense that rewarded me nicely. However, this year, I just couldn’t bring myself to get in bed with a five defender set.


While there is excellent value and options at £4.5, I have continued to ride it out with Ederson. He’s posted two clean sheets in the last two games and City should be able to keep it clean this week, home to Brighton. Their fixtures get a bit dicey in GW8, but burning an FT on a goalkeeper is not an avenue I want to walk down, but it could free up £1.0 to be used elsewhere.


It could be the potential of a 5-man defense this week, with Marcos Alonso and Andrew Robertson facing off against each other. While I considered benching one, or both of them, the attacking prowess they carry is just to great to find them on the bench in this game week. Kyle Walker continues to get the regular start, as he’s nailed for City…well, should be. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, on the back of 21 points in two away games this season is set to start, while Ryan Bennett will get his first call against So’ton. Not expecting much from Bennett or Wolves, but there is an outside chance they could slow down So’ton and keep it clean.


Playing two midfielders, even if one is Mo Salah, is a bit concerning right now. I say that because there are many mid-priced players who looks ace this weekend, yet I continue to avoid them, for fear I am chasing points. That leaves me with last week’s, herd mentality transfer, Ryan Fraser. Not excited about him, nor do I expect much, especially at his price. I feel he’s gotten very lucky to start the season and won’t keep up this sort of scoring for Bournemouth. But, now that I have him, I feel I must play him, at home against Crystal Palace, who have kept two clean sheets on the road.


Up front, it appears Marko Arnautovic is 100% and ready to start, as United visit London Stadium. If it weren’t for Aguero, I would probably captain Arnie! Speaking of Sergio Aguero, he gets the armband this weekend, home to Brighton, another team he loves to play and should finish with a bundle of attacking points. My final pick, Wilfried Zaha, even as much as this guy is complaining, I am sticking with him until his run of fixures, runs out, which is two more games after this weekend. He’s good, but I do think there are a few better options available at this time, but not wanting to take a hit, I will ride out Zaha.


It looks and feels like another 60 point week, however that point total will be contingent on the captain. If Aguero hits, it’s happy days, as I have been perfect on the season with my captain selections, a far cry from where I was last season. Salah has a good chance to return, away to Chelsea as well. The big question marks, Wan-Bissaka starting over Walcott and the decision to leave Bennett on the bench.

*UPDATE* – In a turn of events, after some discuss with the lads in #FPLBeerClub…the sober ones, I have decided to transfer Lucas Moura in, on the news that Dele Alli is unfit for duty, due to a hamstring injury. So, Mkhitaryan is moved and Moura comes in.

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