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PITCH & PINT – EPISODE 11: Checks Dig It Big


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Episode 11 of Pitch & Pint Podcast, being recorded on Tuesday October 2, 2018. Chicks dig it big!

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Hello and welcome to episode 11of Pitch & Pint. My name is Stephen, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter. Like last week, I break from a formal outline and give you my random on what we saw in game week 7 and what we must look forward to. Player strategy will be discussed, mainly surrounding my starting XI, but could pertain to yours depending on how you are setting up going forward. I’ve got a great pint of beer to crack open today and review, as well as some beer related news.

Let’s jump right into the fantasy action with some random thoughts on this game week.


Gameweek 7 was a week of “would coulda shoulda.” Earlier this month.,I wrote an article titled The Great Kane Robbery, which I looked at the feasibility of transferring out Mo Salah for a 2-week period to bring in Harry Kane, away to Huddersfield and home to Cardiff in GW7 and GW8. It was a move that required me to roll a transfer ahead of GW7, to make it happen without taking a points hit.

When we look into the psychology of why managers make the decisions we make, Nick and Tom at WGTA come to mind, with their opinions and insight into the mind of a fantasy manager.

This was one of those weeks, in which the mind told one story, while the numbers backed another. Then there was that “gut feel.” It’s one of those feelings we get throughout the year, sometimes followed, other times not, resulting in vows to “never let that happen again!”

This was one of those weeks. Ahead of GW6 I had 2 FT to use. With the Kane article in mind, my focus shifted to the current game week, with Mendy and Pedro both injured and not what was upcoming.

Ahead of GW7, talk on Twitter increased regarding the move for Kane, giving him the armband for the 2-week period, but then doubt started to creep in, “What if Salah hits?” “What if Kane doesn’t produce?” FOMO came to the forefront or the “fear of missing out.”In the end, the pressing issues of injuries required my attention and both transfers were used for GW6, introducing Ryan Fraser and Kyle Walker. As the week progressed leading up to GW7, I thought long and hard on how to use my 1 FT. There were many template and bandwagon names tossed around, including James Maddison, Richarlison and Johan Berg Gudmundsson.

While there was just a fleeting thought left, the only way to follow through with the Kane move would be to take a -4 point hit, drop Salah for a budget priced midfielder and Wilfried Zaha ahead of the with Bournemouth game. Friday evening, I finally decided to add Lucas Moura to my squad, replacing Mkhitaryan. The thought behind this move, he’s a Spurs player, who’s been getting forward and providing attacking returns. He, like Kane would get to play away to Huddersfield, home to Cardiff and away to West Ham.

More later on Kane and plans ahead of GW8. As for the rest of the week, let’s stay up front with forwards, led by Kane at 12.4 million, as he hit for a brace. However, just 3 goal attempts on the day, 2 big chances taken and scored. Aguero continues to post big numbers, 11 penalty touches, 7 goal attempts, all inside the box, just just a single goal.

Another player I’ve had since the start of the season that looks to be getting “bigger, stronger, faster” is Marko Arnatovic. 10 penalty touches against Man United, but just 2 attempts on goal, returning his 4th goal on the season. At 6.8, home to Spurs in GW9, I don’t see his price moving over the international break, but could be one to own, as West Ham go on a great run of fixtures through the new year, with Man City the only top 6 side they fast to finish 2018.

Much like Harry Kane last season, Sergio Aguero has the league’s best underlying statistics; 60 penalty touches, 38 attempts on goal, 28 shots inside the box and second to Alexsandar Mitrovic with 11 shots on target, Mitro has 12. Aguero is now tied with Kane and Mitrovic on 5 goals for the season.

Over the next 5 games week, a case could be made for Aguero or Kane, even Mitrovic, who blanked this weekend. Teams with the best FDR from GW8 through GW12 are Brighton, Watford, Leicester, Newcastle and Chelsea. If you want, you can include Spurs as the 6th best attacking team.

Not sure there is much at Newcastle to tempt me. Ahead of the season all the talk was centered around Kenedy, but with just 10 points on the season, the Chelsea loanee hasn’t impressed. Up front, it’s Joselu and Perez, neither look to be a real option when considering budget options.

>That said, I do like Brighton and Glenn Murray between GW8 and GW16. He’s on 30 points for the season and has scored 4 goals, including a brace against Fulham. The schedule is very favorable for the Seagulls and Murray is their scoring machine up front. I could see him putting together his best run of the season during this stretch of games.

His stats are unimpressive. Only 18 penalty touches, 9 attempts on goal, all inside the box. He’s capitalized on all 4 of his big chances and has 5 shots on goal.
>As a Watford supporter, I am torn between club and fantasy. While the team has started the season very well, there are no assets that are really turning my head offensively. It appeared Roberto Pererya was that player, but his attacking returns have dried up. While he’s still near the top when it comes to penalty touches and attempts, the last 2 weeks tell a different story.

What about Troy Deeney or Andre Gray you ask? Each have a goal over the last 2 weeks and with 4 goal attempts. On the season, it’s Deeney with a slight edge, but Gray has one more goal than the Watford captain. At this point they have a good run through GW12. But I don’t have much confidence in either player stepping up. I think they continue to play as a team and win as a team. Goals will continue to be spread around.

Leicester City might have lost Riyad Mahrez and his creativity to Man City, but Jamie Vardy is still a viable option up top. He’s priced at 8.9 million and has returned in his last 2 games, giving him 3 goals on the season. His numbers won’t impress due to the fact he missed two games, but he’s average about 4 penalty touches a game with 3 shots on goal. As we know, Leicester is known for their counter attack. Vardy is also in pens.

Other forward options would include Alexandre Lacazette at 9.5, he’s been the most consistent Gunner on the season with returns in his last 5 games. Arsenal have a nice 6 game run that does include Liverpool.

In the budget options, it’s no surprise to see Jimmy Nez or Raul Jimenez leading the way for all forward at 6.0 million or less. He leads this group with 39 penalty touches, 22 attempts on goal, 17 inside the box, 7 big chances and 10 shots on target. Over the next 5 weeks, Wolves do face Spurs and Arsenal in GW11 and GW12.

Danny Ings is still an option at 5.7, but So’ton don’t have the best run of fixtures. He does have 3 goals on the season but has failed to return in his last 2 games. With games against Chelsea and Man City, it might be best to hold or use his sparingly.

If Harry Kane isn’t enough to worry about there is all sorts of mischief happening in the midfield. Start with the highest priced player in the game, Mo Salah. He’s seen a bit downturn the past few weeks, losing over 700k managers and 0.1 on the back of a single return in the last 4 weeks. That said, he’s ownership has dropped to 38.9%. Away games at Chelsea and Spurs that saw no returns has many managers looking elsewhere.

They don’t have to look far and spend much less with Eden Hazard, who’s returned attacking points every week except GW6. Ownership has skyrocketed over the last 3 weeks with over a million new owners and a price rise of 0.3! He seems to the be midfielder in form many managers are chasing as of late, as his ownership now exceeds 40%

In my case, I plan on holding Salah, just don’t believe last year was a one done, a fluke season, scoring a record 303 points. His underlying statistics back the fact, the Egyptian is still highly involved, getting into the box and taking high percentage shots. When compared to last season, his numbers are better to start this season. Granted, he costs a few million more this season and add to the fact that he missed one game early last season.

A player who has gone completely under the radar has been Raheem Sterling, priced at 11.0 million and criminally under owned at just 4.3% A big reason behind that, the fact Pep loves to rotate, but Sterling has missed just one game, back in GW2 and has returned 38 points over the last 4 game weeks. He’s the second highest scoring midfielder behind Hazard but has only been brought in by 56k managers over the last 3 weeks. That speaks volumes when its what fantasy managers think when it comes to Man City and the rotation in the midfield. Don’t forget, KDB has started training, so it’s just a matter of time before we see an uptick in his ownership, as he’s drop 0.3 and sits at 9.7, could be a steal for managers when he’s fit!

Lots of mid-priced midfielders making noise recently; Lucas Moura, James Maddison, Ryan Fraser, the Silva boys, just to name a few. I called out Richarlison last week. Now many people think I am unfairly biased against the Brazilian. I took a wait and see approach on him in GW6, as I believe there are bigger problems within Everton and Richarlison is going to struggle. I was called out on Twitter for my negative comments toward Richarlison, but he did what I expected and didn’t post an attacking return in Everton’s 3-0 victory.

He’s a talent. That I recognize, he played amazingly well last year for the Hornets for a period, but when things went south, and Watford started losing, he became a liability on the pitch. As I mentioned in my article, Everton Now Watford 2.0, it should be the responsibility of the manager to see this and make changes. Last year it was fatigue, this year it’s been the red card. While his stats were good, 8 penalty touches, 5 goal attempts and 3 shots in the box, just one of his shots were on target. That was his problem last season, a very poor conversion rate and it appears he could be headed that way again. Until I see change in the Watfo….errr…..Everton offense, I can’t support Richarlison.

James Maddison, a player I haven’t been high on, continues to be a model of consistency this season. While some of his early attacking returns were lucky, he’ posted back to back returns and 14 points against Huddersfield and Newcastle. Last week, it was just 1 goal attempt but added 9 crosses and 5 chances created. Leicester still have some good fixtures and Maddison is highly involved in the buildup play. Unless it’s off a set piece, I figured Maddison will be posting more assists than goals over the course of the year. Ownership and price continue to rise on this up and comer, so it might be time to buy into him.

As it stands now, I am reconsidering adding Kieran Trippier to my back line that already features 3 premium defenders in Marcos Alonso, Andrew Robertson and Kyle Walker. However, I am looking at doubling up with Trent Alexander-Arnold. Based on FDR, TAA gets the nod over Trippier. Both have some set piece responsibility, are within 3 points of each other on the season (39 vs 36) but the FDR over the next 5 games favors Spurs, but just slightly. Spurs host City in GW10, while Liverpool hosts City this week and are away to Arsenal in GW11. The big difference, the price. Trippier comes in at 6.2, while Alexander-Arnold is just 5.1.

Defensively, some owners are getting cold feet with a few of the early season favorites, as over 627k have finally sold Ben Mendy, this after over 537k transferred him out last week. This gives manager a nice infusion of cash to splash. Many have started looking in the direction of Wolves, 3 clean sheets in the last 4 games, with Palace, Watford and Brighton to come. Matt Doherty, just price rose to 4.5 is coming of two 12 points hauls over the last 3 weeks, but you can’t discount the play of Wily Boly at 4.6 and Jonny at 4.4, both on 33 points, one less than Doherty.

Before we continue, I need a beer. It’s time for our Gameweek 8 Beer of the Week sponsored by

Belching Beaver Brewery and their Beavers Milk Stout Nitro


Belching Beaver Brewery came from a desire to make great beer and have a Dam good time doing it. When they started the company, they wanted to do two things: First, have a brand that offered quality craft beer but was whimsical and fun to inspire good times.

From the Winking Milkman to El Castor de Mariachi you can see each Beaver has its own individual style and personality. Second, they wanted to make beer for everyone and all palates. They have easy-drinking Blondes, Triple IPAs, Milk Stouts, Imperials Stouts as well as sours and barrel-aged beers. You name it, Belching Beaver has it.

The Beavers notes on their Milk Stout Nitro: It all started with Milk Stout, their first craft beer at Belching Beaver Brewery. Excited to now bring it to you in a Nitro package version to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Dark in color but not in flavor, it’s an easy drinking style with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee. The beautiful cascade effect sets the tone for this creamy, silky, smooth beer. It is also the foundation of our Peanut Butter Milk Stout.

Let’s pop the top on this 12-ounce bottle


POUR: The Milk Stout pours a bit thin, from a dark brown out of the bottle to an oil black in the pint glass. Carbonation cascades in the glass forming a beautiful looking one-finger khaki tan, creamy looking head.

SMELL: Aromas of chocolate and roasted malts up front with a dark roast coffee underneath with hints of vanilla, cacao and caramel sweetness.

TASTE: Taste is semi-sweet chocolate and roasted malts with a bitter dark roast coffee.

OVERALL: I found this beer enjoyable enough, easy drinking at 5.3% ABV and just 30 IBUs, it does come across as a bit thin and watery. Creamy and smooth on the palette, it seems a bit light for a stout. Still, enjoyable.

Now with our hopped water poured, let’s continue.

Twitter has been hot recently with much discussion focusing around some big named, high priced players; Eden Hazard, who continues to post some very consistent numbers. The reemergence of Harry Kane as a viable forward option with or in lieu of Sergio Aguero seems to be on the mind of many fantasy managers. However, rotation and reduced minutes will be part of the package when you own Aguero. Can’t forget Mo Salah, still doing what Mo does. Sorta.

Raheem Sterling seems to be hitting stride again, very low owned, but returning more consistently than Salah for 2.0 million less could be another option depending on your Man City ownership. I’ve given Sterling a sniff, but at 11.0 million, I don’t see a reason to bring him in over Hazard. Again, there is the Pep factor with the risk of rotation always looming. The knock on him last season, he couldn’t finish, but seems to be an excellent differential at just 4.5% owned.
That said, could Oleksandr Zenchenko, priced at 4.8 million be a legitimate option at left back? His numbers were good on the weekend for City, replacing Ben Mendy, who is either injured or in the doghouse with Pep. It’s pretty hush hush from what I gather, but it appears Pep isn’t happy with the Frenchman. On the day it was 3 penalty touches with 3 goal attempts, 1 inside the box and 1 on target. Fabian Delph is injured, so Zanchenko is playing OOP at left back.

Switching gears away from City, as I mentioned, I am now considering adding a fourth premium option to my defense. With Marcos Alonso, Andrew Robertson, Kyle Walker, who I brought in for Mendy 2 weeks ago already on the books, I am looking at Kieran Trippier. He seems to be on the upswing, as he’s returned some attacking points and Spurs appear to have shaken off their early season rust and appear to be a team in form. Christian Eriksen is still injured and Trippier appears to be on dead balls, which only increases his value. Still, I have some concern over their goalkeeper situation, which could lessen the chances to pick up those valuable 6 points from a clean sheet with Paulo Gazzaniga between the pipes.

The midfield has been a struggle all season for me, making the decision to anchor this group with Mo Salah has limited my options when looking to replace a non-performing player, which is one reason why I have continued to ride things out with Theo Walcott since bringing him in ahead of GW4, after Richarlison picked up a red card in GW3. While he had not returned any attacking points since GW3, he usually plays 90 minutes either with or without his troll costume.
I carried Henrikh Mkhitaryan a few weeks too long. Why? I don’t know, as he had picked up a knock and had not featured in but 22 minutes of action over the previous 3 weeks. He seems to be out of favor with Unai Emery, as the new manager has opted to use Pierre Emerik Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette together. Can’t fault him for that when Arsenal is in the midst of a 5-game winning streak, off the back of a late 2-0 win against Watford.

The budget midfielders are an interesting group. I made a rash, ill-advised move to bring in Ryan Fraser 2 weeks ago, with high expectations and after GW6 was frustrated that I owned him after he blanked. Looking ahead, I can’t see moving him out, as Bournemouth have a good run of fixtures and at 5.9 million, I can’t see moving him to another option, who will have similar chances to return. Based on the numbers and metric I use, he still appears to be excellent value.

It’s the curious case of James Milner, the forgetting Liverpool midfielder. On the league’s second highest scoring team, Milner continues to carry some value ahead of Liverpool’s great run of fixtures into late December. Much of his value is at the Reds penalty taker when on the pitch but has also been known to hit for the odd goal and create a few attacking returns. At 5.5, he’s affordable and an enabler, but does tie up that third Liverpool slot.

Last week, I played the waiting game with my transfer, continuing looking over my squad and the upcoming fixtures, in an attempt to find direction for the upcoming game weeks. There was some rational to roll the FT, as I could have fielded a worthwhile starting XI that would have included Walcott starting against a poorFulham defense.

Now with those random thoughts out of the way, let’s get into some beer related news.

(18:05) BEER NEWS

While Josh and Brandon of Hail Always Cheating jet their way over the pond to Heathrow, for a full weekend of English football, I will be brewing up the first of a three beers in my FPL home brew series.

This will be my fourth homebrew I have attempted brewing under the name, Contributing Factor Brewing, which is really nothing more than a domain name I purchased after the completing of my first homebrew.

The first three beers brewed under the ConFact name were geared towards my employer, where I have worked for almost 13 years as a train controller or dispatcher, making sure our trains safely moving over some 100 miles (160 kilometers) of rail.

The name Contributing Factor comes as a result of any incident we have that causes a disruption in service. It can something as simple as the police holding a train for a patron fare evading or as something as complex as a train that has derailed or hit an individual in the trackway.

After these larger incidents are over, mangers meet, reports are written, new rules apply and “lessons are learned.” Many times, people in my position are cited as a “contributing factor” hence the name of the fictitious name I brew under.

The first thee beers represent my company and some of the things we deal with daily. The first beer was a simple pale ale called Engineering Hold. Named for our new test train that seemingly was always broken and put on an “engineering hold” by our maintenance division. It

The second beer in the series was called Switch 61 Cranked and Clamp, double dry hopped, single hopped IPA. This brew was an experiment kit, which I hopped with all Mosaic. The name of the beer was based on one switch in our system that separated our mainline rails from our 3-mile test track. This was dedicated to those who work on testing our cars and working on the test track. This switch is always confirmed cranked and clamped before we start our daily test track operations.

Finally, Lessons Learned. This was a 6.6% all Citra IPA. It was a clone of a beer brewed 3 Floyds out of Munster, Indiana called Zombie Dust. One of the best tasting IPAs I’ve had.

The name of this beer goes hand in hand with being a “contributing factor.” Whenever we have an incident at work, there is a paper released after the incident has been investigated. This paper is called lessons learned.

Now back to brew at hand. This weekend I will start Two-Cheaters Ale, based off Bell’s Brewery and their Two-Hearted Ale, an all Centennial hopped American IPA. This beer was named best in the US for the second straight year by Zymurgy Magazine, the official magazine of the American Homebrewers Association. This beer is being brewed in honor of Always Cheating, based on their combined tastes when it comes to beer.

The second in the FPL series will be PvA’s Doin’ Bit Stout. Still working out the details and inclusions into this dark and creamy stout. Finally, the Triple Captain IIIPA.

Lots of brewing on the horizon! Excited to share my passion of homebrew with the FPL community.

Time to look back on my GW6 results.


Monday left me disappointed not to hit the 60-point mark for the third consecutive week, as I finished on 58 points, no thanks to a late yellow card from Ryan Fraser. Wilfried Zaha lucked out on an assist and bonus point finishing on six points, but it was just not enough to hit my goal.

That said, I did finish above the weekly average of 51 points, with 58 points. On the season I have scored 416 overall points, recording my third green arrow in a row, which now makes 4 out of 5 on the season. Overall rank has me up to 420k.

Been pleased that I have been hovering around the 60 points per week average, now just 4 points off that total. I haven’t seen that big point haul to date. I missed the Aguero and Hazard hat trick, but I continue to keep the faith in Salah, he’ll come good and start scoring freely.

Slow and steady win the race, so the saying goes, and I continue to preach patience, not making hasty decisions early in the week.

I continue to keep faith in Ederson but have serious looked at some of the budget options such as Patricio. Bernd Leno at 4.8 is a very interesting option. It could be the German’s shot at keeping the gloves for Arsenal with Cech out injured.

Defensively at one point during the week I placed Robertson and Alonso on the bench in favor of Theo Walcott and James Milner. However, by Friday I talked myself out of it, as the fear of missing out overcame me and the lure to bring to attacking backs was too great. Both players ended on 2 points a piece.

Kyle Walker picked up another CS, that’s 2 in 2 weeks since moving him in for Mendy. Ryan Bennett also started, as Wolves picked up their 3rd clean sheet in 4 weeks.

The midfield play continues to be horrific. It was another week of no returns, not even Salah this week as six points between Salah, Moura and Fraser was all I could muster. Had a brief thought of starting Walcott but didn’t want to risk the premium defenders missing out on an attacking return. Walcott scored 6 points.

Up front it was a great week for the forwards. Sergio Aguero got the armband, scored and finished on 16 points. This was my 7th return in a row for the captain’s armband, something I failed to see early last year with any consistency.

Marko Arnautovic started, after a week off injured and returned a goal and bonus point for 7 on the day in their 3-1 win over United. Yesterday, Zaha got the business done, with an assist finishing on 6 points.

Very pleased with the consistency my team is showing. But moving forward there are lots of questions and which direction will be the best to go.

Up next what do managers do from this point on?


I’ve been working out my spreadsheet for the upcoming 4 weeks, excluding GW8.I’ve got 1 free for the week, but multiple transfers I want to make. Players I have been considering include Kane, Hazard, Sterling, Jimenez, Trippier and Knockaert.

What combination will be the best with the premiums? Aguero, Salah and Hazard? Kane, Hazard, Sterling? Kane, Hazard, Salah? Aguero, Kane, Hazard?

The answer, no one for sure. You will need to roll the dice with one of the combinations and hope they return. I continue to look at Kane for 2 weeks, but I don’t have enough in the bank to fund a Kane move on a free transfer.

This means I must bring in a hit for GW8 to get Kane, which would leave me a 5th midfielder priced at or below 5.7, which would be Anthony Knockaert. It’s a strong strategy, as Brighton have great fixtures through December. Kane would then make way in 2 weeks.

There are already plans to move Zaha, when the Palace fixtures go tits up in 2 weeks. Depending on the Aguero move, Zaha could easily turn into Mitrovic, Murray or Jimenez. Going with a budget forward would allow me to bring in Hazard to the midfield.

Salah is still the road block and working around his 12.9 million price. Liverpool have a great run of fixtures after Man City this weekend, so a move away isn’t want I was considering. If I don’t move on Hazard, this I look in the direction of City’s wide man, Raheem Sterling based on his low ownership and the fact he’s the second highest scoring midfielder through 7 weeks.

Looking at it, I don’t plan on moving Hazard in until GW10. Knockaert and Kane could be on the books for a -4 this weekend, with intentioned of rolling the FT in GW9 to set myself up for multiple moves and Hazard the following week.

I do think the template is falling apart with so many premium players available, they are creating a few different options for fantasy managers to consider.

An interesting statistic, Kane only has been bought by 47k managers this week, as his ownership is just 28.6%. The previous 2 weeks, Kane was sold by over 190k managers. While there is much discussion centering around Kane, we don’t see the numbers reflected yet. By way of comparison, Hazard has been brought in by over 1 million managers the last 3 weeks, including 158k new managers ahead of GW8.

Time to run down the upcoming fixtures for GW8. Last week I picked 6 games correctly



BHA | WHU: Action starts a day early, as the Hammers visit the Amex and Brighton. Tough at home, I think West Ham will be too much to handle. Arnautovic, Yarmalenko and Felipe Anderson are playing well, expect to see a 2-3 goals from the Hammers. Still haven’t been impressed defensively, and figure Brighton will have enough to make this a contest through Murray and Knockaert. Hammers pick up another win.


BUR | HUD: Burnley should earn another 3 points this week as Huddersfield come to town. While Burnley didn’t look all that good against Cardiff, at home I feel they will pitch a clean sheet, as the Terriers continue to have issues at the attacking end of the pitch. Gudmundsson is back and returned big, I look for the points to go through him. Look for Lennon to be active down the right side. Burnley, easy win, 2-0.

CRY | WOL: Palace at home will need Zaha to step up his game to give his team some goals. Without that happening, the Eagles could be in for a long day, as Wolves continue to play well coming off their third 2-goal game of the season. Palace pretty stout on defense, but I don’t think it will be enough. The game will be tight but give Wolves a one goal edge.

LEI | EVE: This game is up for grabs. Leicester off the back of 2 wins in a row will look to make it 3, as their talisman, Jamie Vardy has goals in his last two games. Just not sure which defensive unit will show up for the Foxes, the one that conceded 4 to Bournemouth or the one that had a clean sheet against Newcastle? Everton have struggled with Richarlison back but came up with 3 goals against Fulham last week, none of which were scored by the Brazilian. Don’t really give the edge to Everton and could see Leicster nicking this in a 3-2 affair.

TOT | CAR: Harry Kane. Big? Possibly. Going to be a one-sided affair at Wembley, 4-0 at least.

WAT | BOU: Watford still seem to be the darlings of the Premier League. They continue to play very well but have come up just some bit short the last 3 weeks, taking one 1 point. At the Vic this week, they could turn things around with Jerkyl/Hyde Bournemouth team. Very attack oriented with 12 goals on the season but have conceded just as many. Going to continue to support the Golden Boys, 2-1 win

MUN | NEW: United’s 3-1 loss has the entire organization calling everything into question, from management to ownership to captainship. No one appears to be safe at United right now. How anyone can own Red Devil players is beyond me. I want nothing to do with Luke Shaw, which seems to be the hot commodity. Something must give this week, but it’s also a week that United to get back on point with a convincing win. They welcome Newcastle, winless in 5 games to Old Trafford. I do think with all the turmoil, United will do enough and cruise to a convincing win.


FUL | ARS: The Gunners visit Craven Cottage on the back of a 5-game winning streak and feel they will out play the Cottagers at home. On the back of a late 2-0 win last week, Arsenal have a change at the back, as Bernd Leno takes over. Could be a great week for all Arsenal assets, as Fulham has the worst defense in the league. Gunners 3-0.

SOU | CHE: St Mary’s takes centerstage when Chelsea visit the Saints. Much like the Spurs game, I don’t see Chelsea having any problems taking care of business. Could be a good captain opportunity for Hazard. Hoping that Giroud gets another shot up top to return for the Blues as he looks a much better option leading the attack than Morata. Defensive assets a plus, as they play for their CS.

LIV | MCI: Finally, the game of the week, as Liverpool host Man City, as both teams come off Champions League action midweek. Liverpool got a late goal last week against Chelsea to finish 1-1. This game could have big ramifications, as many feel Liverpool are the only team this season who can challenge City for the title. Both teams are 6-0-1 with a combined 36 goals on the season and tied with the best defenses in the league, conceding just 3 goals each. Don’t think it will be a high scoring game and could go the way of Chelsea Liverpool last week, ending in a 1-1 draw.

Time to look at the GW8 4-Pack of the Week, where I give you one player at each position that is low owned, affordable and could return

(30:07)GW8 4-PACK

GK: Bernd Leno (4.8/1.3%) Now is the time for Leno after the Cech injury, has a prime match up at Craven Cottage, which should be a clean sheet, as long as the Gunners can limit Mitrovic.

DEF: Christian Kabasele (4.5/0.6%) I like Watford at home this weekend to keep it tight, as Bournemouth has just 30 shots target through 7 weeks. Kabasele has been the stalwart in the middle all season and does get forward on set piece.

MID: Anthony Knockaert (5.5/1.1%) With Pascal Gross still sidelined, much of the attack is running through Knockaert with returns in the 3 of the last 4 games and a good fixture. I like him for a goal and assist this weekend.

FWD: Glenn Murray (6.5/2.1%) Feel there will be goals and Murray is my pick to get a pair against West Ham this week at home. Murray continue to be a consistent performer, but doesn’t have great attacking statistics, but you can’t argue with 4 goals on the season.

Final segment, my captain and transfer for GW7

CAPTAIN: This week the captain’s armband is up for grabs. Can’t trust Aguero on the road or Salah againat Man City. Don’t own Hazard, so I could take a punt on Marko Arnautovic, away got Brighton.. However, with a transfer still to make, the captain could he placed on Harry Kane IF the decision is made to take a hit and bring him in for 2 weeks.

TRANSFER GW7: If I don’t bring in Kane, I don’t think I will make a transfer, rolling it through the international break to give me 2 FT ahead of GW9. Not sure my team needs much help, but am curious to explore the idea of Sterling and Hazard in my starting XI.


That’s it for episode 11, thanks for listening. Hope you had a good GW6 that brought up many points and a green arrow, as we prepare for GW7

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Gameweek 11 is coming, be prepared or be left behind.

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