Premier League: GW9 Transfers

It’s Wednesday, by this point in the week I know what my upcoming plan will be for the weekend. However, the last few weeks have been tricky. I rolled my transfer for GW8 in order to have two FTs out of the the international break to provide myself a bit more flexibility to maneuver, if needed. While I have three players flagged, reports are two of them could potentially start, which leaves me with one that requires attention. At this point of the week, it’s too early to make that decision, but I can share plans on my intentions.

Mo Salah continues to be moved out in droves by FPL managers, as another 338k managers have decided to look elsewhere for midfield points. I continue to stand by the Egyptian, even after he was removed during international duty, due to a what appeared to be a hamstring. Klopp has mentioned Salah will start, as Liverpool has been decimated during the break with injures to Sadio Mane, Naby Keita and the aforementioned, Salah. This knowing James Milner is also sidelined for a month due to a hammy.


With Salah remaining in my plans I turn my attention to Ryan Fraser, who I consider a mistake when I transferred him in. Like Theo Walcott before him, he was a knee jerk reaction to another injury and based on his statistics didn’t warrant a spot in my starting XI. However, the herd mentality got to me and sadly Fraser is now on my squad, flagged with a knock. While I suspect Fraser will start, he has just two games remaining in my starting XI, as the Cherries hit a nasty run of fixtures and I feel there are better options elsewhere.

That leaves a transfer for Milner, who had been a regular starter on my squad, sort of the unsung hero in that Liverpool midfielder, as he was on PKs as well. His injury could give Salah the opportunity from the spot or Firmino, we will have to wait and see. His injury is 4 weeks minimum and I have been looking at a few options over the next 3-4 weeks that could improve my midfield, which has only scored 100 points on the season (compare to my defense at 180 points).

While I wouldn’t mind picking up Georginio Wijnaldum (£5.5), I would end up £0.2 short in the coming weeks (not taking prices changes into account) to bring in Glenn Murray (£6.6). Instead, it would Will Hughes (£5.5). Until the GW8, Hughes was getting 80-90 minutes, but was off on the 54′ against Bournemouth. Concerning? Possibly, especially with the return of Gerard Deulofeu (£5.4). The safe play, Burnley’s Aaron Lennon (£5.0). He’s assured of 90 minutes and has posted the same attack returns as Hughes.

The second FT is a toss up, while I would like to bring Benjamin Mendy (£6.2) back in, knowing its a lateral move, which saves me £0.3 and gives me better chances at attacking returns. Mendy was a beast down the left side before his injury but as long as City continue to roll up the clean sheets, it might not matter. It’s the attacking returns that have me concerned. Walker’s goal was stunning, but hasn’t produced an assist, compared to how Mendy started the season.

These two moves are working to set up the addition of adding two premium midfielders in the coming weeks; Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne. It will cost me Aguero, that’s a move I am still haven’t decided upon.


Neil Etheridge (£4.8/1.5%) While Cardiff continue to struggle, I do like Etheridge this week, as they face the Cottagers, who haven’t looked all that impressive recently with just 2 goals in their last 4 games. It’s games like this that Cardiff must make use of that home field advantage. He could face a few shots and has already posted 30 saves on the season.


Jonny (£4.5/2.6%) Wolves are the “flavor of the month” as they have been playing very well and travel to Watford. The Hornets haven’t been good the last few weeks and while I want to see my club win, I think Wolves are in better form and could see them keep it tight and clean at Vicarage this weekend.


Georginio Wijnaldum (£5.5/1.3%) Gigi has highly involved in the Reds build up and some some pop. I suspect he will continue to start with injuries to Mane and Milner. Good match up against one of the league’s worst in Huddersfield.


Luciano Vietto (£5.5/0.8%) While not the biggest named forward for the Cottagers, at his price, he’s posted some good returns over 8 games. He’s on 4 assists on the season, down the left side and partners well with Mitrovic in the middle.

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    1. Yaniv, that 5th midfielder spot is dependent on how much I have to spend. I just look at how much Liverpool score as opposed to Brighton. I am still looking at Knockaert, but not sure I want to double up on Seagulls if I bring in Murray next week. Good luck in GW9!

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