Premier League: GW14 Retrospect

I knew I was in trouble on Saturday as I Kun Aguero had picked up a knock and missed out on City’s 3-1 victory. He was also my captain. Thankfully, I didn’t vice captain Mo Salah, but Marcos Alonso, giving me a chance to have a decent return on Sunday. Bench positions were important this week as well, based solely on fixture difficulty, I had Will Hughes first, Callum Wilson, second. We know how that worked out in game week 14.

This week resulted in 54 points, a lucky 54 if I do say so myself. Built on defense, it’s almost a MUST my defense score 30-48 points a week if I am to post a green arrow. While it’s risky, you can’t deny the fact that Liverpool has conceded just 5 goals on the season and City just 6 goals. Two of which were PKs, off Ederson mistakes. While the final score was 5 better than the average of 49 points, it was a small red arrow down to 97k, which I am willing to accept because it could have been much worse.

While I don’t want to call it a “fluke” goal, Callum Wilson netted a looping ball past Ederson and the City defense that erased that 12 points I bank on each week. Still, I have no doubt that double City defense is still the way I want to roll. The quality is still there and no doubt City will post 18 CS on the season. Ederson and Laporte ended with a total of 4 points.

While City failed, Marcos Alonso was captained, posted a clean sheet and finished with 12 points. Virgil van Dijk on the back of a most unique assist that bounced off the top of the crossbar twice before being headed for a goal, picked up his first attacking return on the season, in the final seconds of the Merseyside Derby. On the back of five defenders, Andrew Robertson and Aaron Wan-Bissaka also picked up clean sheets. So even with City failing, I finished with 40 points from my defense! Another spectacular showing!.

Unfortunately, it’s feast to famine, as my midfield continues to struggle. Not too surprising, as it’s Mo Salah and everybody else. Ahead of this game week, I made an odd transfer, on the back of a good recommendation bringing in Pascal Groß to my starting XI. Back from injury, he looked good last week and away to a struggling Huddersfield was a good fixture. While he didn’t return, he has two more weeks in my squad before it’s decision time again.

Salah didn’t bag any attacking points, second time in four weeks, as he was substituted on 74 minutes. Johan Berg Gudmundsson, was good for just two points as well, as Burnley were shut out. Probably not the best transfer idea, as this was the first time he received a start since I have owned him and three of the next four games; LIV/tot/ars. Will Hughes came in off the bench for Aguero not starting and didn’t return.

While the City match up didn’t look inviting, I decided to bench both Bournemouth assets, Wilson and Ryan Fraser. Hughes was set as my first substitute because of the Leicester match up, but as I mentioned earlier, it was Wilson posting six points, which would have been enough to see a small green if I had got my bench correct.

As it was without Aguero, Marko Arnautovic was my lone forward, who had a stormer of a game, but picked up just a single assist, his first return in four games. Not impressive, but it was something, based on his lackluster performances during that time. Decisions need to be made, as I am struggling with Arnie and Aguero.

On the season, I sit at 849 points, good for 97k, which I am still very pleased with, as its the highest rank I have held at this point of the season. However, players need to bang this week in order to make up for the very average showing in game week 14. Rotation is alive and well, I am sure and change could be on the way.

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