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Episode 19 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast being recorded Wednesday December 12, 2018, Airing of Grievances.

INTRODUCTION – Episode 19 Airing of Grievances

  1. Hello and welcome to episode 19 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast. My name is Stephen, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.
  2. The decision was made for me based on the scheduling of the games that I wasn’t going to be able to slide any podcasts in last week. Work, family and other responsibilities did not allow for any opportunity to share my opinions when it comes to GW14 through GW16. Three game weeks that some would argue are forgettable, while others flourish. For others, it was a mixed set of games.
  3. Watford Review
    1. Leicester 2 Watford 0
      1. It was another game that didn’t go as planned, a 12’ PK from Jamie Vardy put the Golden Boys behind and they were never able to recover. 11 minutes later, it was a great pass from Marc Albrighton to James Maddison on the PK spot with two excellent touches and a volley past Foster for 2-0, which was the final score.
    2. Watford 1 Man City 2
      1. Didn’t have high expectations in this match but wanted to keep it respectable. However, as an FPL manager I wanted to see a clean sheet from City, so I was a but frustrated they conceded so late to Abdoulaye Doucoure. But Watford, on the back foot much of the game, did attack City and fired 7 shots on target. That in itself was a positive! Leroy Sane and Riyad Mahrez hit 11 minutes apart on each side of the half. Mahrez finish with a goal and assist.
      2. Ben Foster was a monster in goal making 5 saves on the day but limiting the damage as to what the score COULD have been. My MOTM, which has been said time and time again. He doesn’t have the strongest stats when compared to other GKs in the league, but he’s been outstanding in goal for Watford this season.
  • Everton 2 Watford 2
    1. Was able to catch parts of the game, saw the early Richarlison goal, that’s 2 in 2 games. However, that goal should have been disallowed, as Walcott is clearly offside. Not even close, 3-4 feet at least with the lineman on the mark with the Watford defense. So a disallowed goal early left to stand and the Hornets got done by the officiating again. There were some good early chances for Watford that went begging from Pereyra and Deeney, but like previous games, Watford looked threatening going forward, much like they did against City.
    2. In the second half, Watford continued to play well, outplaying Silva’s side, so it was a bit of justice when Pereyra’s shot hit the far post and rebound out, hit Coleman and went in for a goal.
    3. Just 2 minutes later, Doucoure rose above Everton with a big header sent in by Pereyra. To give Watford the lead.
    4. Another twist in the 66, as Mina went down a bit easy as Kabasele was defending him on the throw in. Kabasele did move into Mina, but at 6-5, 207 it was a bit of a weak foul. That put Gylfi Sigurdsson at the spot
    5. But it would be Ben Foster to the rescue, as Sigurdsson sent it down the middle of the goal with power. A great kick save from Foster and Watford continued to lead, 2-1
    6. Sadly it would be the officials deciding the outcome of the game, putting 6 added minutes on the clock. Now there was some time wasting, but sorry not 6 minutes worth.
    7. It would be a 96 minute dead ball from Digne that curled into the top right corner, as Foster hesitated. Now Doucoure jumps straight up and not turning away from the ball, Digne’s ball never gets through the wall.
    8. Unfortunately, Watford take just a point at Goodison Park, but like previous games dominated and outplayed their opponent. Could this been the point we need to get back on track? We will see as they host Cardiff this coming week.


  1. Beer of the Week – Gameweek 17
    1. Mike Hess Grazias (Vienna Cream Ale)
      1. This week it’s back to San Diego and Mike Hess Brewing, my favorite brewery! It’s been a challenge to find Hess recently, but it appears the local big box has it in stock again. MHB did open up a tasting room in Walnut Creek, which is on my way home from work.
      2. MHB – Walnut Creek review on Beer Advocate
  • From the MHB website, “Grazias is a mash-up of the second largest city in Austria, Graz and our second favorite word in the Spanish language, gracias. Grazias is a twist on the old-world classic Vienna style, malty and perfectly balanced with German “noble” hops. It has a creamy, smooth texture; a deep amber color from the malt; and flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and light toast, which play off the German hops for a sublime result.
  1. Review: Grazias is a Vienna style ale. A traditional Vienna Lager is brewed using a three-step decoction boiling process. Munich, Pilsner, Vienna, and dextrin malts are used, as well wheat in some cases. Its color reliably falls between pale amber and medium amber—there should be a reddish hue to examples of this style. Noble hops are used subtly, with the resulting beer having a crisp quality, a toasty flavor and some residual caramel-like sweetness.
  2. Pour: Grazias pours a dark, copper amber color from an open mike can that leaves no visble head, outside a thin veil of foam around the edge of the glass.
  3. Smell: Much like the description I read on the Vienna lager, this beer smell malt sweet with a hint of caramel and toffee. There is a hint of vanilla and spice on the nose that is quite inviting.
  • Taste: is creamy smooth on the palette and full flavored, back by multiple layers of malt that pop with the caramel and toffee that was noted on the nose. IBUs are just 30, so there isn’t much bite from the hops.
  • It drinks quite nicely and gets better as it warms. Crushable and a go to favorite I keep in the mini-fridge.
  1. For those in the US, you can now order MHB from their website. Go to mikehessbrewing.com for a 6-pack that runs $9.99!


    1. I am recording on Tuesday and haven’t podded since November 28, ahead of GW15. All the talk leading up to that game week was kicking off the madness that is the festive period. Many managers were frustrated with their scores in GW14, a week that saw an average of 49 points.
    2. It didn’t get much better during the midweek that there was considerable rotation. Now, you can’t be upset if your premium player didn’t start. You were warned well in advance about rotation and how it can play havoc with your starting XI and overall score. While we thought 49 the previous week was low for the average score, GW15 was only 45!
    3. As for the week that was, GW16 many managers suffered. From Eddie Howe not mentioning an injury to Callum Wilson to Kane starting on the bench and Leroy Sane picking up just 52 minutes. During the midweek fixtures, it was Raheem Sterling benched as City rolled up just 2 goals on Watford.
    4. The bottom line, player rotate is biting every fantasy manager in the ass at some point and time over the course of December, no one is exempt. The importance of a player bench cannot be stressed enough, again this should be apparent to fantasy managers. Now, you can’t expect big scores off the bench. FPL’s darling this year had been Aaron Wan-Bissaka, but he’s been unable to post any returns in the last two weeks.
    5. Some players to potentially look at include
      1. Lucas Torreira, 5.1 has played 270 minutes, posted 2 goals over 3 games
      2. Stuart Armstrong, 5.1/Pierre Emile Hojbjerg, 4.4 have offered some good value. Armstrong has posted 3 goals over the last 4 weeks but hasn’t converted in 15 or 16. Hojbjerg has 9 shots over 3 weeks second to Milvojevic.
  • Max Meyer, 5.6 and Alex Pritchard, 4.8 have produced 12 and 13 touches in the box, each with 9 shots on goal.
  1. Now, depending on which Wolves supporter you listen to, Diogo Jota, 5.9 could be hitting stride with 2 goals in 2 goals as his confidence looks to be back.
  2. Robert Snodgrass, 5.3 has caught the eye of MANY fantasy managers, after the loss of Arnie. 26 crosses in 3 weeks, creating 11 chances and 3 assists!
  3. Victor Camarasa, 4.6 is another 270 minute man, 4 attempts on target, 16 crosses and 7 chances created.
  • Other names to consider during the fixture pile up
    1. Solly March
    2. Aaron Mooy
    3. Jean Michel Seri
    4. Aaron Gunnarsson
    5. Nathan Redmond
  1. Formations
    1. The trend seems to favor a 4-man midfield and a 3-man defense, making the 3-4-3 formation the most popular in the top 1000. The 4-4-2 rivals the 3-4-3 across all of FPL. It’s not surprising to see fantasy managers continue to pump money into their midfield. A defense of Robertson, Alexander-Arnold and Doherty is the most favored among the top 1000 managers, while Wan-Bissaka enters the starting XI across all of FPL.
    2. Ownership
      1. I continue to monitor the ownership trends, which has seen a huge sell off in Kun Aguero, while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang saw a rise in ownership over 1.1 million managers. A bump of 0.5 in price since he hit for a brace in GW14.
      2. Interesting to see Mo Salah (35.5 TSB%) no longer favored across the top 1000 or FPL. Still priced at 13.0 he’s seen a net loss over the last 3 weeks of nearly 100k, this after a hat trick against BOU last weekend.
      3. He was replaced by Leroy Sane in the top 1000, owned by 37.8% but still trailing teammate, Raheem Sterling. The combination of the two is owned by 22.1% in the top 1000, 3.0% across FPL.
      4. Felipe Anderson is one I am now considering. At one point I had my eye on Sigurdsson and Richarlison. The Brazilian still has huge ownership stats but the stats point toward Anderson as the stronger option.
        1. EVE have a nice run of fixtures start GW19
        2. WHU continue a sea of green until GW21
      5. Raul Jimenez might just be the perfect third forward. Obviously stronger when he was priced at 5.5, but over the course of the season has risen to 6.1, still excellent value as the fifth highest scoring forward ahead of players like Firmino, Murray, Lukaku and Vardy.
      6. The Callum Wilson injury, while it doesn’t appear to be long term could save you 0.5 if you move one for the other. Jimenez continues to tick along with excellent contribution to Wolves.
    3. Talking shit in Twitter
      1. I made generalization in a DM this past weekend about some in the Twitter community being very thin skinned. Over 36 years involved in fantasy sports, talking shit is part of the game. While you might not agree with it, it happens from different perspectives. Those, for example who retained Salah and were rewarded nicely with 21 points this past weekend. Of course, a lot of shit talking was to be expected. It’s been like that ALL fucking season.
      2. Conversely, if you sold him ahead of this week for say, Hazard or Sterling, you got fucked. Bottom line. A huge point swing and some decided to twist that proverbial knife a bit deeper into the wound.
  • In all honesty, I don’t care which side you support or if you talk shit positively or negatively. It doesn’t affect how I play the game or the approach I take. It doesn’t make me think less or more highly of the individual authoring the post. But to compare about some of these tweets I saw, and comments made, it was childish. It’s a damn online community, you will ALWAYS have these sorts of people.
  1. Play your game and speak your mind. If you can’t accept the comments and criticism you get, then go find a new game.


  1. Prices Increases
    1. Early in the season, a strategy to chase the price rises, getting on that early season hot player, like Hegazi a few years ago rewarded players with a substantial profit. Obviously, starting with a solid XI gives you a stronger chance to turn a profit early, but getting on and off players with some regularity early on can be beneficial.
    2. As the season progresses, it can be used a viable strategy to continue to play the price rise game. Getting in on a player before they see an influx of new managers. Think Harry Kane from last year or this year’s hot commodity, Aubameyang.
  • Between December 2 and December 9, he saw 6 price increases, now sitting at 11.5! Felipe Anderson has had 3 increases over the same period. It’s been quite amazing to be on the receiving end of these price increases, potentially making it easier to sell someone like Aubameyang.
  1. Not sure what the rest of this month will entail but there could some potential risers, especially if they continue to produce.
  2. Won’t be surprised to see Doherty rise before the weekend, Harry Kane could be another, especially if he retains his current form that has him scoring in 4 out of 6, with just a cameo last weekend. Yet, his price is a bit restrictive at 12.4 as a starting point.
  3. Never have I see someone fall from grace faster than Sergio Aguero. He’s seen a 0.3 drop over a 6 day period.
  • Arnautovic could be headed that was as well, as the injured West Ham forward has dropped 0.2 over 2 days
  • It was rather surprising to see all the negativity surrounding Marcos Alonso ahead of the City match. Now, I didn’t think Chelsea would go the business and keep it clean against City, but never did I consider selling the wingback. He’s seen nearly 113k managers look elsewhere.
  1. One player many have moved to has been David Luiz,, ahead of 16 that was a move that paid off as Luiz hit for a goal and returned 15 points against City. I do like Chelsea’s fixtures going forward.
  2. Like them so much I would consider doubling up on the Blues defensive assets with Luiz, as I already own Alonso.
    1. Two Cheaters Ale update
      1. If you followed along at home last Saturday, I had a chance to bottle the Two Cheaters Ale finally. It had been 14 days and the homebrew was sitting in my hall closet fermenting.
      2. I dry hopped the beer last week with 2 ounces of Centennial hops, a bit more than what the instructions called for.
  • I created a 3-part video series, which you can find on Twitter @6thGoal. It was great fun sharing my other hobby with the FPL community.
  1. The series is just about 3 minutes long and shows me talking about the smell and look of the homebrew as I transfer the liquid from the fermentation bucket to the bottling bucket.
  2. I filled up a small graduated cylinder and took a measurement using a hydrometer to measure the final gravity of the beer and discussed how to determine the ABV.
  3. The Two Cheaters Ale comes in at 6% ABV. As the smell, it’s gut a citrusy grapefruit and orange aroma with a hint of pine. The taste, now keep in mind there isn’t any carbonation, but was pleasant with a tropical base and a hit of hops, much like the Bell’s Brewery, Two Hearted Ale I based this homebrew off of.
  • I will have a grand unveiling on Friday or Saturday, when I pop a bottle open to see how it’s getting along. I am working on the artwork and label for the bottle.
  • While I would love to share this with everyone who enjoys FPL and beer, shipping outside of the US is a bit difficult, not to mention costly. However, if you are within the US and interested in a bottle, drop me a DM.
    1. So what direction do fantasy managers taking moving forward through December? While the ultimate decision lies with each manager we can interrogate fixtures and the numbers and see where they come out.
    2. Goalkeepers
      1. Alisson at 5.7 looks great, keeping 3 cleans out of 4 with 11 saves, but it’s MUN/wol/NEW/MCI in the next 4 games.
      2. Kepa is 5.5 and has 2 CS out of 4, posted a CS against City, first time City was shutout all season. Has also made 15 saves and face bha/LEI/wat/cry. Great run for Chelsea, a double up could be warranted.
  • At 4.5, Etheridge has made 18 saves in his last 4 but Rico at Fulham has posted 24 saves but conceded 9 goals. Not sure the Tinkerman has fixed Fulham yet.
  1. West Ham continue to have a great run, but Fabianski has rose to 4.6. Still the Hammers don’t keep CS on a regular basis, but Fabianski did grab one in the last 4, as his saves have also been down.
  2. Ben Foster, 4.5 might warrant a second look, he’s been Watford player of the year with 13 saves over the last 4.
  3. Right now, unless you are on a WC, I honestly wouldn’t use a transfer to bring in a new GK.
  1. Defenders
    1. I still hold true to the fact a defender needs to be based on their CS potential first, rather than their attacking ability. It’s no surpise to see Liverpool dominating with 3 CS in the last 4 games.
    2. Robertson (6.4), van Dijk (6.1) and Alexander-Arnold (5.4) are all excellent options, but as I mentioned their schedule run is tough; MUN/wol/NEW/MCI. After GW21 it’s a great run into March.
  • Chelsea defenders, especially Luiz after a goal this past weekend with 2 CS in 4 has been excellent value when compared to Alonso (7.1) or Azpilicueta (6.3). Luiz is just 5.6, so he or Kepa could be a great option with their upcoming run.
  1. Keeping an eye on Everton, such as Digne (4.9), Keane (5.1) and Mina (5.4), but won’t go in on them until after GW18. Tough fixtures away to City and home to Spurs, don’t see much at either end for Everton in these games.
  2. No surprise Doherty continues to gain high accolades, as he’s scored twice in the last 4, the game winner last weekend. Now at 5.0, he’s still excellent value, more of the attacking than defending, as Wolves have gone 8 games without a CS. But he’s bested every defender when it comes to penalty touches (16) but just 4 touches inside the box.
  3. More interesting is to see Calum Chambers with 10 penalty touches and 10 attempts, 7 inside the box for Fulham, at 4.2 and playing OOP in the midfield he could be a fifth defender option if you are willing to give up the likes of AWB or Ryan Bennett.
  • AWB is still the budget darling at 4.3, his teammate James Tompkins at 4.3 is also a consideration. Other defenders who’ve played 360 over 4 weeks with good defensive stats, Sol Bamba (4.5) or Simon Francis at BOU (4.4). Gotta mention WHU, the likes of Balbuena and Diop, but their defense is average, at best with excellent fixtures. Finally, Schindler at HUD. All have strong defensive stats over the last 4 and could be worth a shout as a 5th defender with guaranteed minutes.
  1. Midfielders
    1. What combination of premium midfielders is the best? I moved Salah 2 weeks ago in a -8 that paid dividends, so I didn’t as bad as some who moved him ahead of last week’s game. It wasn’t really a surprise to see the Egyptian finally hit for a hat trick, it was just a matter of when it was going to happen. At 13.0 and a net transfer out of 90k out over 3 weeks, he’s no longer a highly owned midfielder in the top 1000, replaced by Felipe Anderson.
    2. Anderson now 44.3% owned by the top 1000 could be considered a must have with Arnie out of the picture and the Hammers running out Lucas, Chicharito and Carroll up top. He’s now 7.3, netted twice over the last 4.
  • His teammate, Robert Snodgrass might always be a consideration at 5.3 he’s put in 26 crosses, creating 11 chances and posting 3 assists. Second to Eriksen and Hazard. Might be a strong fourth or fifth.
  1. Son is an interesting one, might be a wait and watch to see what happens at Barcelona this week, but 8.5 with 3 goals in 4 games, Son is catching many fantasy managers eye.
  2. So is his teammate, Dele Alli, 89 with 2 goals in 4 games. Spurs have great fixtures over the next 4 and if you can’t fit Kane into your starting XI, these guys are the next best if you fall into the “coverage” line of thinking.
  3. Diogo Jota, now 5.9 was all the talk ahead of the season by Wolves fans. But he failed to return until 2 weeks ago, as he’s posted 2 goals in 2 weeks. Is he back? Will he go on a run of goals for the Wolves? Fixtures aren’t great with LIV/tot/mci sandwiched between BOU/ful/CRY.
  • Lucas Torreira at 5.1 has been another interesting one on the rise, with 2 goals in his last 2, 123k managers have brought him in this week. Good fixtures against sou/BUR/bha in their next 3 followed by Liverpool away and Fulham at home.
  1. Forwards
    1. With Aguero losing out last week due to injury, he dropped out the most highly owned, replaced by Raul Jimenez in the top 1000, but Mitrovic across all of FPL.
    2. Aubameyang was a bandwagon if I have ever seen one, rising 6 times over from Dec 2 thru Dec 7, up to 11.5! He hasn’t returned in the last 2 games but can’t see coming off him. Third in penalty touches with 29 and first with 14 goal attempts with 3 goals, 2 assists
  • Jimenez is matching him at 6.1 over the last 4 games in penalty touches and goal attempts but just a single goal.
  1. Depending on the Callum Wilson injury, which was kept hush hush during the pressers last week, Josh King might be worth a look at 6.3.
  2. It also appears Marcus Rashford is getting a run out for United, at 6.8 he’s posted 4 assists and a goal in 4 games. However, I would wait until after this week as United travel to Anfield. Then it’s car/HUD/BOU/new
  3. Mitrovic as 6.7, might be another option to go back in on as Fulham have WHU/new/WOL/hud. At that price I think there are better cheaper options, but the big Serb is still getting the penalty touches and attempts on goal.
  • Don’t understand the move to Chicharito, 3 goals in 4 games, but this guy is nothing more than a poacher. At 6.4 I am not sure I would consider him as he doesn’t do enough to warrant the starts. Rather go with Jimenez in this case or up to Mitrovic.
    1. Review
      1. As for my squad it’s been 2 red arrows in the last 3 weeks. I cracked the top 100k after GW13. After 67 points in GW15 I was as high as 81k but only 45 points this last weekend and I dropped 50k to 130k. It will be another weekend I need to rebound to get back into the top 100k.
      2. Just 9 points off the top 100k and 31 off the top 50k, these are totals that could be achieved in a single week but rotation has been hitting managers. I don’t suspect this week will be much better. However, seeing who was rested last weekend with midweek Champions League this week could cause further lineup disruption this weekend.
  • After 16 weeks I have 953 points, which is 59.5 PPW, which is just half a point off where I want to be, on an average of 60 PPW. This week though, kicked my ass. So while the two red arrows suck, I can deal with the fact I am on target as we approach GW17. It’s my worst run since GW2-4, the last time I had 2 reds in 3 gameweeks.
  1. We see how quickly points can swing from a green to a red and vice versa. Still very confident in my starting XI, even though Leroy Sane is my ONLY premium midfielder and I am running without Mo Salah.
  2. Still I have some 38.5 million tied up in defense, with a double Pool and City defense and now considering doubling up on Chelsea as well. Risky? Yup, but I do like how Chelsea is looking defensively in their next 6 with the possibility of 4-5 CS during that run.
  3. City looks strong too, while they conceded a goal against Watford and didn’t score against Chelsea, they are still head and shoulders above all other teams. Yes, even Liverpool. It’s a lucrative run of 8 fixtures, in which they only face Liverpool in GW21. Last time these two teams met, it ended 0-0.
  • So, options going forward for my team. I’ve got 2 FT ahead of GW17. As of Tuesday, Wilson is still flagged with a hamstring. If he can’t go, that could potentially force my hand. BOU are away to Wolves and home to Brighton before away trips to Spurs and United. As we have seen Wilson can score against anyone, so I am inclined to hold him.
  • Pascal Gross was a punt that failed miserably. Just 5 points over 3 weeks, not what I expected when I bought him. I am going to part. The same goes to Gudmundsson who has underwhelmed just 10 points since GW12.
  1. Now if the decision is made to bring in Luiz, for my third defensive double up, it leaves me 5.2 ITB for a third midfielder. Doesn’t leave many consistent options.
  2. One player I already talked about, as he’s been brought in by 127k this week, Lucas Torreira of Arsenal, on the back of 2 goals in 2 games.
  3. Hojbjerg, Seri, Camarasa are all options as well. I mean the argument could be made just to go Kante, where you guaranteed 2 points becomes potentially 3 with the CS Chelsea could post.
  • If I decided NOT to move to a double Chelsea defense and move Gross and Gudmundsson I have 12.6 ITB to add a quality second midfielder. That means I look to Hojbjerg at 4.4 as my fifth midfielder leaving me 8.2 to spend.
  • Options at that price, Richarlison, Sigurdsson, Felipe Anderson, James Maddison, but if Vardy isn’t playing, I don’t see that offense scoring.
  • Richarlison or Sigurdsson are on the top of the list, but their fixtures are terrible for the next 2 games; away to City, home to Spurs. Anderson has looks strong with Fulham away and Watford at home.
  1. I could even bridge the 2 weeks with Luiz, as I double up on Chelsea defense and then move to an Everton asset in GW19.
  1. Transfer
    1. So the 2 FTs for GW17 hinge on the status of Wilson ahead of GW17 and Bournemouth visiting the Molineaux. As it stands, I can’t see rolling a FT and only shipping one. It will Friday before I make my transfer decision
  2. Captain
    1. Harry Kane will don the armband this weekend as Spurs host Burnley. They have conceded 190 total shots on away from Turf Moor, 111 inside the box and with 57 on target, both stats second worst only to Fulham. Expectations at least a brace! Maybe more.
    2. It’s been 14 out of 16 this season on captain choices and that is reflected in my overall rank ahead of GW17. Unlike last season, they year has been a complete turnaround when you hit on your captain regularly.
  3. Mailbag
    1. Didn’t know where to drop this, so the mailbag is also a community grab bag this week. For those who might have missed it, head over @TheFantasyKing2 and check out Paddy’s graphic, The Week in FPL, edition 2. The headlines are fantastic leading with Salah Fucks Non Owners. Class stuff from Paddy. Hopefully this is a regular part of our FPL weeks.
  4. Conclusion [queue outro music]
    1. That’s it for episode 19, thanks for listening. Gameweek 17 begins FPL Cup. Now with grievances aired, it’s time for the feats of strength and hope to hell your premium players start.
    2. Looking to get back on this week after a few poor weeks but I really can’t fault the players in my starting XI. Rest is rest and managers must deal with player rotation. Who suffers? Fantasy managers.
    3. All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.
    4. With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.
    5. If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.
    6. You can follow me on Twitter @6thGoal providing FPL opinions, as well as craft beer content, posted using the hashtag 30SecondBeerReview.
    7. Look for the Watford Preview and report card at PlanetFPL.com
    8. I will also provide the Watford vs Cardiff write up on 90MAAT.com
    9. For all my weekly FPL content head over to 6thgoal.com, as I always have something to say.
    10. Good luck this weekend
  5. Thanks for listening.

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