Can’t Own Them All

We’ve all heard the phrase muttered at some point, “you can’t own them all.” As was heard on the Always Cheating Podcast ahead of this game week, there are “the big six” that many mangers look for their starting XI. Those players include Mo Salah, Raheem Sterling, Eden Hazard, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero. These six premium players, if all added to your 15-man roster would cost £70.8.

During Episode 24 – The Human Fund on Academica Vertex, Casey, Gabe and Stephen explored various big six combinations. After Salah’s hat trick away to Bournemouth, he now leads the FPL with 111 points, besting Sterling by three points and Hazard by 8 points. Based on statistics crunched from Fantasy Football Fix, here’s a chart that shows the 20 permutations of “the big six” and how they have scored through 16 game weeks.

With a combined 320 points, Salah, Sterling and Hazard are the top scoring trio. At £37.2, Salah, Kane and Sterling are the most costly, scoring 303 points, which is fifth best based on total fantasy points. I continue to play closer attention to ownership, especially across the top 1000 mangers. At 14.1% ownership, Kane, Sterling and Aubameyang are the most highly owned across the top 1000 managers and all the FPL (7.7%).

These are just statistics, you can break them down many different ways. ‘NED’ is not enough data, which tells me that player(s) isn’t owned or so low owned the TSB% cannot be generated. Most notably, Aguero, who’s fallen from grace, now owned by 25.9% of active squads across FPL. Just thought it was an interesting comparison, maybe fantasy managers can draw some conclusions from this data.

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