Premier League: GW20 Transfers

While we wait the outcome of the Southampton vs West Ham game, it’s already time to look forward to game week 20 that starts this Saturday. I’ve got Felipe Anderson yet to play and sit on 53 points, one over the current average with a red arrow. Tough break, if it holds, it’s three reds in the last four weeks, so I can only hope Anderson bangs. Even with 7-10 points, I don’t think it would be enough to turn that red arrow, green.

One aspect of the game I’ve preached this season has been patience, but that may have gone out the window this week, as I didn’t hold my transfer until Friday, as had been the common practice. I used both free transfers last week, after considering rolling one of them into GW20, but with nothing ITB, there were limited moves that wouldn’t of helped. I had lost £0.4, coming off a season high TV of £104.5 and any further loses were going to hinder potential moves.

While planning future moves is a wise idea, one must remain flexible in the directions they could potentially move when things don’t go as planned. Case in point, Man City. Never thought they would drop two games in a row, conceding 5 goals over that period. This is the same City that was running with Liverpool earlier this season as the best defense in the league. Now, it’s a shade of its former self. If that’s bad, their offense has suddenly sputtered to a halt. Well, sorta. Over the last five games, they have scored eight goals, but just three in the last two games. This with KDB and Aguero back on the pitch. I expected a statement game from Pep against Leicester City. That didn’t happen.

I had two City assets remaining yesterday in Ederson and Leroy Sane. A goalkeeper transfer is a luxury and something I can’t afford right now. Many fantasy managers are moving off the City keeper for Fabianski, Lloris, Alisson and Kepa, as 29k have moved on. I opted to move Sane along with 90k other fantasy managers. Justified? Based on the last four games, Sane is second (34) in penalty touches with 9 attempts on goal, 6 form inside the box but has come up with just 2 assists in that period. No doubt City will get their shit sorted out and return to posting good returns.

The decision to move Sane was based on the five attacking returns Paul Pogba (£7.9) had before this morning’s price rise. United have some good fixtures with a visit from Bournemouth this weekend, who’ve conceded 11 goals in their last four games, second worse, just ahead of Everton. And you wonder why I won’t go in on Lucas Digne, the Toffees can’t keep clean sheets. Yes, know I know how many goals he scored against Burnley too. With a free flowing United offense, Pogba has finally looked the part of his £15 million salary. He’s nearly on pace to best his total from his Juve days in Serie A for goals and assists if United continue to play as they have in the first two games under OGS.

Coloring my team red as I’ve lost 93k over the last four weeks, I don’t feel addition by subtraction is the way to go. With Aubameyang and Kane returning last two few weeks, a majority of my budget is tied up, as I continue to eye creative ways to fund a move to Hazard. “Downgrading” Sane to Pogba has put £2.0 in the coffers but still leaves me well short of the necessary funds to get the Blues talisman into my starting XI.  However, my midfield is the strongest it’s been since game week 1.

Points off Hazard will continue to hurt me, as he’s owned by 52.3% of managers across the top 1000 and 40.9% across FPL. That said, IF Aubameyang continues to return, he could potentially make up this shortfall, as only 32.5% of the top 1000 own him. Add Harry Kane to the mix and just 10.1% across all of FPL own this duo, while that number climbs to 15.6% in the top 1000.

The addition of Richarlion last week and Pogba this week give my team the best “balance” it’s had all season long. Not sure if that will result in more points and more green arrows, but I can only hope. Looking ahead, my transfers are going to hinge on the play of Aubameyang and Kane. It’s possible one of these players will bankroll future moves. Arsenal have a tougher run, but some good games; FUL/whu/CAR/hud/SOU. It’s the in between games against liv/CHE/mci that cause some doubt in holding the Gunners forward.

In all honesty, not sure what direction to take moving forward. Green arrows, but that what every manager wants. Hopefully GW20 gives me a better feel as to the direction I will take next week.

As for my transfer options from GW19, I am three for three headed into the So’ton West Ham fixtures. Vincente Guaita made 4 saves, picked up two bonus points and a clean sheet. Dejan Lovren netted his first goal and kept a clean sheet with three bonus for 15 points. My punt of the week, Dominic Calvert-Lewin returned an assist for 5 points and his three return in as many weeks. It’s up to Stuart Anderson to make it a clean sweep this weekend. As for game week 20, here are my transfer suggestions.


Ben Foster (£4.5/TSB 4.3%)

Foster’s mistake led to a goal last weekend, but the Hornets go on a great run starting with a visit from Newcastle. It was a tough 1-0 loss, a game in which the Golden Boys outplayed the Magpies, but forgot where the net was. Foster made just one save that day, as Newcastle netted on a free kick. Calling the CS for the Hornets now.


Callum Chambers (£4.2/TSB 0.9%)

It’s not often I tap a Fulham defender, as defense and Fulham don’t go hand in hand, as they’ve conceded 43 goals on the season. They lost the reverse fixture to Huddersfield, 1-0 but based on their play against Wolves, I think the Tinkerman picks up a win against a Terriers team that is missing Aaron Mooy. At the least, a 0-0 draw.


Gerard Deulofeu (£5.4/TSB 1.2%)

I head back to Watford, not because I am a supporter, but they have good fixtures and Deulofeu looks so damn good! Continuing to play OOP as a forward, he’s got a nose for goal with 2 goals in the last 3 games. Was tough going against Chelsea with a no call foul in the box, but I like the Spaniard as a 4th or 5th midfielder. Still the Hornets best looking attacking asset.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£5.3/TSB 1.1%)

Going back in on DCL, as he posted his third attacking return as many weeks. Limited to 66 minutes, as Richarlison got some time. This could bode well for DCL, as I tap him to start, away to Brighton this weekend, who’ve conceded 27 on the season, 6 in the last 4 games.

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