Premier League: GW22 Retrospect

This weekend hurt more than others and it didn’t start off with a bang and Arsenal flopped like a fish out of water getting shutout by West Ham, of all teams! Guess it could have been worse, could have been Everton. The armband failed to return point this week, as defenders flourished again, but wasn’t able to see clean sheets across all the defenders. Where have the midfielders gone? In fact all attackers? Maybe this was one of those weekends that tests your patience.

What looked like a favorable game week turned a green arrow on Saturday to a red arrow the following day, knowing Man City still had to play Monday and I had sold off those assets. As luck would have it, I finished on 50 points, just one better than the weekly average of 49 points. Finishing over the average is always a good thing, but it hurt in the overall rank, as I slipped another 29k down to 140k, as it’s five red arrows out of seven weeks.

I rolled my FT and ran out the same starting XI in a 3-4-3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was given the armband, if not him it would have been Harry Kane and the result would have been the same. No return. I received worse news when Callum Wilson was left on the bench and  didn’t play due to a hamstring. I saved a bit of face, as Crystal Palace gave up two goals, but Aaron Wan-Bissaka, becoming the FPL legend based on this season, picked up three bonus points and finished on 4 points to rescue me.

Neil Etheridge paid dividends after being diced apart by Spurs a week earlier, the Cardiff shot stopper collected 10 points on the day! Liverpool’s duo of Andrew Robertson and Virgil van Dijk each recorded a clean sheet and bonus points, as they finished on 9 points and 7 points respectively. I’ll go out and say, Luca Digne is not a replacement for Marcos Alonso. While many FPL managers made this transfer, seeing it pay off as the Toffees backed into a clean sheet, Alonso and Chelsea conceded just a single goal. That seems to be the story of my premium defense this season, between Alonso and Aymeric Laporte, “just conceded one.”

Quality players across the midfield, lead by Paul Pogba, of all players, who lucked into his eighth assist on the season, just before half time. That’s all he would get, finishing on 5 points to lead all my midfielders. Richarlison has played his last game in my starting XI. Another no return for the Brazilian and he’s gone. Too inconsistent, even at £6.9 and I feel Marco Silva continues to play him OOP, which is hindering more than helping. Just watch that conversion rate continue to fall. Felipe Anderson didn’t return, but looked the best of my midfielders. Hopefully he continues to prove his worthiness, as Marko Arnautovic is back in the starting XI. As for Ryan Fraser, without Wilson in the line up, he had a few chances, but couldn’t pick up any points against a soft Everton defense.

The only true blank up top was Wilson, who didn’t play. Making this as painless as possible Aubameyang, captained picked up nothing, as did Kane, who picked up an ankle injury that will keep him out of action until March. So big problems brewing up top, to go with ineffective midfielders and frustrating defenders. Got the making for a hell of a FPL team!

There will be MAJOR chances ahead of game week 23. In fact I’ve already made both transfers ahead of Wednesday. Probably should have held until Thursday or Friday, but I am trying to pick up a few small price rises ahead of the game week. Wednesday, I will share my transfer plan moving forward.

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