Premier League: GW23 Retrospect

Oh, what a difference Mo Salah makes! The Reds midfielder was the sole difference between a red arrow this week and the big, fat green I picked up, jumping 29k spots on the week. This was the second time I picked up big points off my two free transfers, a difference of 36 points in my favor. Was I wrong to move Salah after game week 14? Much like the logic behind dropping Harry Kane last year, I made a sound decision. I will need to break down the numbers and see where I would have been, had I kept Salah and not gone in on Kane.

While Salah was my week, on the back of two goals and three bonus points, I did pick up goals from Paul Pogba, Callum Wilson and Marcus Rashford. Unfortunately, Wilson picked up another knock and is now flagged with a knee injury. His status, like that of a few other players is being called back into question. I had hoped to hold Wilson though this tough run, as Bournemouth’s fixtures turn in game week 30.

On the week I scored 74 points, taking my overall points to 1370 as I creep back up to 59.5 PPG, just half a point off my 60 PPG goal or 10 points. This is one of the best seasons I have put together, maintaining close to this 60 PPG goal. Maybe that GW14 decision to move Salah would have made the difference. However, we need to look forward to see what can be done to continue picking up green arrows.

Defensively, Liverpool had their worst showing, conceding three goals to Crystal Palace. Of all teams, right? They did post three goals against Man City in game week 18 as well. There are the top two defenses in the league torn apart by Palace team that isn’t terrible strong offensively. Andrew Robertson picked up an assist and bonus point, while his playing partner, Virgil van Dijk picked up an assist. They combined for 9 points on the day, while Marcos Alonso continues on a bad streak of luck hitting the woodwork for the sixth time this season!

In goal, I honestly expected better from Cardiff City, a 3-0 loss to Newcastle was not in the books, a team that has struggled to score seemed to get it right last weekend. I still feel Neil Etheridge has some good games ahead of him, as Cardiff want to put as many points between themselves and the relegation zone.

Marcus Rasford. While I didn’t get in on him immediately after “Ol’ Gunnar” took over, he continues to get the job done, now four goals in four games, a model of consistency that United has been lacking since early last year and Romelu Lukaku. The question now, what do I do with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? He played well against Chelsea, but for the third time in four weeks he didn’t return. Arsenal have a a good run with CAR/mci/hud/SOU/BOU over the next five games. Chances are I will hold the premium forward, as there are some other pressure issues to take care of. Wilson being one of those problems.

The 74 points this week was my second highest score after 87 points in game week 10. I made back the points I lost last in GW22, now at 116k on the season. Hopefully I can strong together a few green arrows, as I am just seven points from the top 100k and 34 from the top 50k. Fine margins for sure.

Looking ahead, I have time and a free transfer as we wait out the FA Cup action and get a clearer picture on how the DGWs and BGWs could play out. No determination at this point what I will do with my transfer. No surprise I am considering Diogo Jota, either for Ryan Fraser or take a punt and bring him in for Anderson. Time to think on it.

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