Chip Strategy: Part 1

I spent last Wednesday and Thursday, home from work and thought I would have plenty of time to continue tweaking my FPL strategy that started this week introducing Salomon Rondon in place of Marcus Rashford. It’s a risky moving, but based on the FDR, it was one I was willing to make. However, I spent more time playing Far Cry 5 than actually working on my chip strategy. Much like the plan I was working on, I feel I had worked myself into a dead end, leaving myself nowhere to go. And sadly, it’s not even BGW31.

After recording Episode 26: Doubles and Blanks with Casey, @FPL_Tornado on Twitter, I thought I had some new ideas with the information discussed. On Thursday, I listened to Episode 18 of What The FPL and much like the title of the episode, “Fuck it, Dude! Let’s go bowling,” I was tired and wanted to get through this point of season, usually a time FPL managers look forward to. Having all my chips and wild card, the FPL world, is my oyster.

Seeing the updated games that had been confirmed gave me further confidence, but yet my plans changed. Again. Sensing a trend here? Just been unable to settle on a strategy going forward. Now, as I start to piece my plan together, the confidence is growing. This plan is tailored to my squad, not yours, not any in the top 1000. I do feel FPL managers can learn by looking at other strategies or spreadsheets being used. It’s not a one size fits all answer when it comes to this time of the season.

Let’s break it down, starting with BGW27. This week kicked off the start of my chip strategy. Not really a curly, cheesy, chunky or sweet potato chips kind of guy, I am a straight forward French fry guy, if I relate it to Suj and James from Planet #FPL Podcast and Episode 46, where they broke down the chip strategy. Blokes weren’t even kind enough to include gravy! My strategy as discussed on their podcast is:

  • BGW31 – use FTs to get 8 starters
  • DGW32 – Wild Card
  • BGW33 – Free Hit
  • GW34 – 2 FTs
  • DGW35 – Bench Boost
  • Triple Captain Chip – TBC

Game Week 27

For game week 27, downgraded Rashford to Rondon, combined with the £1.6, leaves me £3.4 ITB for game week 28. The starting XI as set for the early kickoffs on Friday .

Man United have some good fixtures, but Rashford had Liverpool and now he’s injured ahead of Arsenal. Unitued also plays Crystal Palace and Southampton. Rondon posted 12 points against Huddersfield this last week. and feel the inclusion of Miguel Almiron in the starting XI could be an enabler for Rondon and Newcastle.

Game Week 28

While I am hoping the round score doesn’t dictate a change in the plan, FPL managers need to remain flexible. Plans rarely seem to come to fruition and attempting to put a viable plan together for the next nine weeks can get tricky. For game week 28 the plan is to roll the FT. Tricky fixtures for Bournemouth, as I will plan on starting Ryan Fraser and Josh King away to Arsenal. Heung-min Son and Spurs are away to Chelsea.

Game Week 29

This is the week where big change is upon my squad, as I look to move out Arsenal assets, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sead Kolasinac. The original plan had me considering Chelsea assets, bringing in Gonzalo Higuain and David Luiz. However, the uncertainty of the club and their current run of form and it does leave that warm, fuzzy feeling going foward, even if it gives me premium players for BGW31.

With the £3.4 ITB, the plan is buy back Aymeric Laporte (currently flagged due to injury) and Sergio Aguero, both players I’ve had on my squad earlier during the season. Theses players will feature through BGW31 and be benched for that game week. City will be away to Bournemouth and home to Watford starting GW29. City will be an important part of the doubles and blanks going forward. They continue to post some excellent numbers and feel teams need to have 2-3 players from City. Rotation, just got to say “fuck it!” and deal with how Pep rolls. At some point, Leroy Sane has to come back into the picture.

Game Week 30

Ahead of game week 30, it’s back to one FT, while I continue to contemplate Leicester City, I just can’t make a very compelling argument to bring ANY of their players in. On paper, they look good. See James Maddison. The reality, he has one return in 9 games! Ricardo Pereira, a single return in the last five games. So are they they BEST options to consider to fill in your starting XI holes? After their stunning 4-1 loss at home to Palace, I think there are better options elsewhere.

I bought in on Newcastle, introducing Rondon and in my draft league I tripled up on their players for GW27. Depending on positions, I could see Newcastle filling that void left by Leicester, as there are options at each positions. While Ben Chilwell was on my list, he missed GW27 but I feel there is better value in ANY of the starting Newcastle defenders. Currently, I am leaning Florian Lejeune (£4.4) or Jamaal Lascelles ( £4.6). Both should enable a bit more budget to be spent in the midfielder when the doubles hit.

Blank Game Week 31

All the transfers up to this point have been specifically made for BGW31. It was never my intention to have a full starting XI. Much like last season, Mo Salah excelled in a blank game week and it led to some of the biggest scores of the season. This game week will give me eight starting players, including triple Liverpool and Newcastle, as I bring in Martin Dubravka. I continue to hold my two Bournemouth assets, Ryan Fraser and Josh King.

BGW31 will be interesting, as many FPL managers will likely captain Mo Salah, away to Fulham. This is likely the last game week I own Salah through DGW35. While Pool assets should continue to post returns, I feel there is more mileage in those double game week players. That said, if there is one team (well, two) that would likely bring returns on a consistent basis, it would be Liverpool and Man City.

Double Game Week 32

This is the game week I have identified as the best option to active my second wild card. This effectively will be building a squad for BGW32, GW34 and DGW35. It’s also one that I cannot put enablers on my bench, as I plan on using the Bench Boost chip in DGW35.

Tentative players slated to be brought in, Glenn Murray, Marcus Rasford and Sergio Aguero up top as my forwards. The midfield will be built around Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling, leaving two empty slots to be filled. Defensively, I am calling on David Luiz,  if Laporte is unavailable for City and Matt Doherty, leaving me three empty slots to fill. My goalkeepers will be Matt Ryan and Artur Boruc.


This plan will be reevaluated as we get closer to BGW31. The free transfer plan is in full swing, as I build towards game week 31. There will be more details on the plan from DGW32 in the second installment of this series. You can view my current spreadsheet below. Hopefully you will find something worthwhile in it. Again, it was built specifically for my starting XI and how I plan on using my chips going forward.



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