FPL Strategy: Second Thought

Nothing is written in stone…yet. We are finally in BGW31, the first big blank of the week, that features just 10 Premier League teams in action this weekend. Currently, my strategy has been to build to the blank game week. Last week I rolled the FT and have two ahead of this Saturday to bring in players who will feature in both BGW31 and BGW33 (hopefully). With European action midweek and FA Cup this weekend, there are still unscheduled games that need to fill some vacant game weeks.Since putting together my plan ahead of game week 26, I am reconsidering how I approach the blanks and doubles. Initially I was looking at using the Free Hit Chip in GW32, followed by my FT in GW33. The second Wild Card would be activated ahead of GW34, which would allow me to using the Bench Boost or Triple Captain Chip in DGW35. FPL managers won’t know the DGW32/BGW33/DGW35 schedule until FA Cup Quarterfinals are over. While I am no expert on how the games will plan out, thankfully many FPL managers follow Ben Crellin, who follows the scheduling, providing percentages, as to what teams could play or blank.

While I’ve already planned out my free hit team for game week 32, that plan is currently on the back burner, as I explore another possibility that could allow me better chip usage going forward. For those who follow Suj and James at Planet #FPL Podcast, this strategy is known as ‘French Fries.’ The Wild Card would slide to GW32 and the Free Hit Chip would move to GW33. Discussing it with FPL_Tornado, “If there are a lot of teams with good 33 fixtures that I don’t want long term I’ll probably WC in 32 and FH 33.” He goes on to explain some of the logic, “For example, you could go from 3 Liverpool to maybe just double defense on the WC and go with zero Liverpool attackers since they don’t double in 35 (but have a great fixture) and double defense on a BB week sounds good. FH Salah in for captaincy in 33 or whatever.

At this point, even with a strategy in place, it’s a waiting game, one we won’t make decision on until the fixtures announced for the three game weeks in question. It goes without saying that your strategy could and will vary depending on many factors; chips available, FTs; players on your squad, overall rank and mini-leagues just to name a few.

A key to this period of the season, “remain flexible.” Don’t get locked into a single strategy or certain players ahead of BGW31. After the FA Cup results we can confidently continue out planning and implement a well thought out strategy to give us a chance at green arrows going forward.

Since game week 26 and the start of my strategy, the plan has remained consistent, but players have changed leading up to BGW31. Now four days from kick off, these two free transfers could have major repercussions going forward, depending on how I plan to use them. Coming off a season-high 84 points, the last thing I want is follow that up with a nasty red arrow, moving me out of the top 41k. Lots to look over and ponder.

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