Pitch & Pint Podcast Ep 29 Show Notes

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Episode 29 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast being recorded Tuesday March 12, 2019 – South of Eleven

INTRODUCTION – Episode 29 (00:23)

Hello and welcome to episode 29 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast. My name is Stephen, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

Now, I don’t think it fair to gloat, after posting a season high 84 points last week, but I look upon GW30 as a springboard to what could be my best run through the doubles and blanks.

My total shot me up the overall ranking by 41k spots putting me in contention of the most important #FPLBeerClub mini-league, as I stare at Chef Dale topping the league. It’s all about the box of beer!

Going to be a busy show as BGW31 is here and there are many decisions to be made. That said, its impossible to cover all strategies, depending on how you are allocating your chips.

Before we do anything else, let’s look back on my club, Watford and their 3-1 loss at the Etihad Stadium.

Watford Review (01:12)

I don’t think any supporter saw seven changes to the starting XI ahead of the away trip to play Man City. We knew it was going to be a tough game, as City top the Premier League by a single point, continually looking over their shoulder at Liverpool.

The Hornets lost 2 weeks ago at Anfield 5-0, but rebounded with a nice 2-1 win over Leicester City last week. This week, while writing a preview for 90MAAT, I predicted a 2-1 loss for Watford, which is what the final score SHOULD have been.

However, referee Paul Tierney had other ideas. Just 40 seconds into the second half, Sterling was played through by an offside Sergio Aguero. The side judge flagged the offense, but Tierney overruled him and let the goal stand.

Now I am not going to blow smoke up anyone’s ass. Javi Gracia planned a very defensive lineup and through 45 minutes it paid off.

Got into a discussion with FPL Freddo when he tweeted, “Right, disappointing about Aguero but City were so dominant as I thought, on another day Aguero is scoring goals, today it was Sterling’s day, that’s the nature of the beast, it was the right call just not the right outcome.”

Now it was evident that City were dominating possess and many attacking statistics. However, the reversal of the call by Tierney killed the momentum of the game, then swing it fully in the direction of City.

It wasn’t but 3 minutes later, Sterling bagged his second goal and the game was in the books. But the fact remains, this is how Watford game planned, to sit back with 10 players behind the ball and let City come at them. It was working very well too. Freddo continues, “I’m not sure what you watched to think the goal changed the game, I saw one team trying to attack and have the ball with the other happy to sit back and keep them out, I’m not sure that qualifies as an even game.”

Yes, we watched the same game. One team planned to defend and play for the 0-0 draw, while the other knew it was a must win game. Bournemouth had the same game plan last weekend and it worked well, 1-0 to City. No reason to think this game was any different, but the fact remains.

The incorrect call by Tierney awarded an offside goal to City. But when you are Pep and in first place, it’s common place to get the calls to go in your favor.

Going in, I felt it was going to be a loss, so my expectations were met, just a shitty way to lose momentum and the game.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for Watford. Gracia set up in a 4-5-1 formation, very defensive, with Andre Gray our sole attacker, but it would be Gerard Deulofeu off the bench in the 66th who ruined the City clean sheet on an excellent assist from Troy Deeney. Great to see these two players stay in great form ahead of the FA Cup match, Saturday at Vicarage Road against Crystal Palace.

Seven changes to the starting XI to rest key players ahead of the fixture, but as we’ve seen all season, Gracia has a very deep bench and all our players put in an excellent shift against City.

The loss keeps Watford in 8th, a point behind Wolves, who drew at Stamford Bridge. Attention now turns to our biggest game of the season and a chance to advance in the FA Cup.

Before we get into the FPL opinion I must pour myself the Blank Gameweek 31 Beer of the Week.

Beer of the Week – Blank Gameweek 31

<Queue Slayer – South of Heaven>

This week it’s beer fitting for our first major blank game week. I know we had a mini blank back in GW27, but many FPL managers won’t be fielding a starting XI this week, myself included.

So, I feel it’s fitting it I crack open and review South of Eleven, which is where many of our teams will be. This is a 10.2% Imperial IPA from Hoof Hearted Brewing out of Marengo, Ohio.

When you can’t get a starting XI, you need as strong as this to get you through the game week.

One of the best things about Hoof Hearted, aside from the name, if you say it fast a few times, is the can art.

This beer it a tribute to SLAYER! Just in case you don’t fully appreciate Hoof Hearted’s clever tribute, South of Eleven is named for Slayer’s 1988 album South of Heaven and its title track.

At the time, the South of Heaven album had a hard act to follow. It was Slayer’s offering following the universally acclaimed thrash masterpiece 1986 album Reign in Blood.

South of Heaven received mixed reviews due to its slower and more melodic tempo. But now it too is considered a masterpiece. South of Eleven, in my humble opinion, is a beer masterpiece. “On and On South of Eleven!”

Let’s indulge in “herbal therapies” as we embrace the Ultra-Hessian Simcoe, Eureka & Denali hops. Light some candles, turn off the lights, look in the mirror and begin to recite, “Whirlpool, dry hop, then dry hop again. South of Eleven is actually 10.”

Let’s pop the top on this 16 oz can and pour some devil juice.

South of Eleven pours a hazy golden color with a great full, 2-finger off-white head with good retention and lacing.

The smell is juicy with ripe citrus, dank pine as well as hint of melon sweetness and a floral component. A user on Beer Advocate likened it to drinking Juicy Fruit gum.

Let’s see how it tastes…oh, nice. It’s got a good mouthfeel, smooth on the palette finishing a bit hoppy but dry. It’s a combination of pineapple, orange marmalade, mango and melon. Doesn’t drink as a beer north of 10% ABV.

Time to crank the Slayer and get into FPL opinions

<queue Slayer – South of Heaven>



Wow, this is the point of the season we have all played for. Well most of us. This is the first time in 6 seasons I’ve held all my chips for the doubles and blanks.

What does this provide? Options. A plethora of options. That said, I have a plan in place, which kicked off GW26, as I brought in Salomon Rondon.

Since that time, each transfer has been tailored for BGW31. Unfortunately, I feel I derailed myself in GW29, making a last-minute change adding Raheem Sterling and Jamie Vardy instead of Gonzalo Higuain and Eden Hazard.

Both Chelsea men returned that week, but only Hazard picked up a late goal this week. My concern before making those transfers in GW29, the fact I did not own any City assets and they had good fixtures. I left options open to grab a Chelsea player or two before BGW31.

While FPLLens couldn’t convince FPL_Tornado or myself to captain Sterling this week, his three-goal outing was a revelation this week that was key to many FPL managers having an excellent week.

Oddly enough, Salah’s one assist could be a captain failure, returning just 10 points, but any double digit return I get while captained is successful in my book. Had I captained Sterling I would have hit the century mark with 100 points.

More importantly, I made no changes to my starting XI and rolled my FT. More on my team later in the show.

The strategy I have settled on was to build to BGW31 using FTs. I have no desire to take a -4 or more to bring any additional players to round out a full starting XI.

While I’ve not seen statistics, just Twitter comments, many FPL managers will be fielding 8-9 players this week.

With a double game week set for 32, it’s my intention to activate the Free Hit Chip. We will know how unscheduled games will slot in after FA Cup action concludes.

Now there is an outside possibility that my strategy could change for 32. I will work on building a FH team with eleven double game week players but won’t confirm until later in the week.

GW33 will allow me one FT, as I will use the same starting XI players from BGW31.

GW34 is scheduled to be the week I activate my second Wild Card and build a team for DGW35.

Still haven’t confirmed when I will activate the Bench Boost and Triple Captain Chips.

Bringing in Sterling has taken my predicted 9-10 starters for BGW31 to 8 or 9, depending on how I used my 2 free this week.

So who do we key on for BGW31?

First, depending on your goals be it the OR or a mini league, I am not in support of taking hits.

The exception to that, if you can’t field more than 5-6 players, then I could see a hit or two in order to be more competitive.

I feel BGW31 will build upon treble Liverpool. How those three players slot is up in the air. I am starting double defense with Robertson and van Dijk, while starting Salah in the midfield.

With the form Sadio Mane is in, you wouldn’t be wrong to start him with Salah and one defender, TAA or Robertson being the popular options.

Using Fantasy Football Fix and looking at the top 1000 managers, Salah, Mane and Robertson are owned by 12.4%.

Salah, Robertson and van Dijk owned by 11.2% but the big one, Salah, Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are owned by 27% of the top 1000 mangers.

The treble is almost a must for FPL managers, as Liverpool travels to Craven Cottage and Fulham, a team they defeated 2-0 earlier in the season.

Earlier in the seaon, Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson were a sure thing for Bournemouth. Both fell out of favor, as their fixtures turned, followed by Wilson picking up an injury.

I’ve continued to hold my Cherry assets through that tough run but did transfer out Wilson for King ahead of GW25. Now I have a big decision to make. Do I waste an FT to make a lateral move off King and onto Wilson?

Stats show that only 3.5% manager across FPL own both Fraser and Wilson. 27.8% of managers own either or Wilson or Fraser. However just 14% of the top 1000 own Fraser and none own Wilson.

Conversely, we look at Josh King, 9.1% of the top 1000 managers current have King in their lineup, compared to 7.4% across FPL.

So, who do we start? King or Wilson? Both What about all three?

Using Fantasy Football Scout and comparing Wilson and King, showing their averages per appearance, the stats are split.

King gets the nod with 56% of the overall stats, but Wilson has 7 of the key indicators.

King is much more prevalent on the heat map in the attacking third, on both wings with some positive marks inside the 18-yard box.

King has appeared in 27 games, compared to 22 for Wilson as they are separate by 0.2 in price, as King is priced at 6.5.

If you believe in xG and xA stats, they favor Wilson, as do the goal threat statistics. Minutes per goal, per attempt and shot accuracy all favor Wilson.

Would you be wrong to stick with King? Not necessarily. Wilson does seem to play higher when the two start together and they are separated by just 2 goals 9 vs 11 for Wilson.

Stats aside, I feel Wilson passed the eye test this weekend and looked very good, almost as if he didn’t miss a step after missing 6 games.

Now you have your three Liverpool and Bournemouth forward. The next comparison becomes Ryan Fraser or David Brooks.

This seems a bit clearer cut since Brooks came off after 64 minutes. Eddie Howe said, “David was fine, he was just very fatigued. David hasn’t done a lot of training [and] has a bit of fitness work to catch up on.”

Expect Brooks to start and at 5.1 represents excellent value with 6 goals and 4 assists on the season. If you have the budget, Fraser at 6.2 is probably preferred.

This was his first return since GW21, when they drew with Watford 3-3. It’s now 6 goals and 10 assists on the season, but he looked like the Fraser we saw earlier in the year. Helluva a buy if you want to go back in on Bournemouth.

That’s now 5 or 6 starters, I don’t have faith in the Bournemouth defense. Yes, I am quite aware they kept a clean sheet this weekend, but it was Huddersfield. It was also their first CS in the last 7 weeks.

The only player I would give consideration to, Nathan Ake, but at 5.0 I think he’s too highly priced. Many are buying in on the 39 year old Artur Boruc. Again, not quite sure why.

I have considered him, but not as my starting GK, rather opting to bring him into my squad as a backup, potentially being used to pick some bench boost points when I activate that chip.

I have little faith in a defense that has conceded 54 goals on the season, that’s third worst in the league behind only Fulham Burnley and Cardiff. Optimists will look as see they have conceded just 19 goals at home, where they have posted 5 CS from 15 games, which is fourth best in the league, when at home.

Again, I still put very little into that stat.

Let’s look at Leicester City. How many managers have gotten burned from drafting in either Ben Chilwell or Ricardo Pereira?

Ahead of GW27, 175k manager bought Pereira, with another 29k buying in the following week, but he’s returned just 4 points over 4 weeks.

Chilwell wasn’t as highly regarded but was brought in by 26k managers over that 4-week period. He was just one point better than his counterpart.

That leads me to believe I am not going to consider the Foxes defensive assets but will consider their attacking options.

I have’tn been a “Maddo” fanboy all season. I feel he’s looked good at times and represents the future at Leicester, but for the short term, he is too inconsistent.

It’s 2 returns in the last 7 weeks or 3 in the last 12. I guess if you want to put a positive spin on it, he’s picked up 2 assists in the last 3 weeks with 2 bonus points. But at 6.7 for his returns he doesn’t impress me.

I am sure there will be many managers on him as Leicester have some favorable fixtures. Impressed with what I’ve seen with Harvey Barnes, I won’t be buying him at 5.5, feel he’s too expensive, especially when I can get an OOP Gerard Deulofeu who will most likely outscore Barnes for 0.1 more.

Youri Tielemans falls into that “best of the rest” in the Foxes midfield. Priced at 6.0, he’s returned in his last 3 with a goal and 2 assists but has played 90 minutes just once since coming over from Monaco on loan.

He looks to be the real deal and has been able to provide attacking returns, something Barnes and Maddison have had issues with. Price might be a bit restrictive, but it’s an excellent run for Leicester with no blanks and double. Just be ready to move off by GW36.

Newcastle was high in my plans until they conceded twice at home to West Ham and Everton. I was prepared to buy in on a defender and goalkeeper ahead of BGW31, but it appears they are both off my radar.

Martin Dubravka off the back of CS in GW28 with 6 points has recorded just 1 points the last 2 weeks with 3 saves. At 5.0, he’s always been a bit high priced for my liking, but I still like the Newcastle fixtures going forward.

I also had plans to introduce Florian Lejeune to my defense, one of the few remaining starters, as Lascelles is flagged, Clark is injured and Schar is suspended. Lejeune seems to be the safest pick, as he’s started the last 9 games and is a kind 4.4 million. But to make it worthwhile, we need to see some CS coming.

I did bring in Rondon ahead of GW26, risky move but it’s paid off big with two double digit returns, as he is playing very well.

All eyes had been on Miguel Almiron since coming to the Premier League, but found it a bit difficult to get on the board, as he finally picked up his first attacking return, as assist last game week.

At 6.0 I feel he too, is a bit overpriced considering the prices of the other Newcastle midfielder with Matt Ritchie topping the bunch at 5.8. Ritchie is also on PK duty, so the 6.0 price doesn’t make much sense.

I feel he’s got a lot to learn about the game in England. He’s fast, I’ll give him that, but hasn’t made the best decisions going forward.

Issac Hayden at 4.4 as been the more popular options, partially due to price. But had posted returns in 5 out of 6 weeks before blanking at home in the last 2 fixtures.

Add to that the fact Ki Sung-yueng and Jonjo Shelvey are healthy, but Sean Longstaff has been lost through May due to a knee injury.

Don’t see a lot of potential in Newcastle midfielders right now, leading me to believe Rondon is where I look if chasing points.

Chances are I will save any Magpies for BGW33 or when I wild card in GW34.

Let’s take a quick beer break and get into a little bit of beer news.

BEER NEWS (17:49)

Before I discuss some home brewing, let me take a moment to promote two beer podcasts I support.

The first is “The 4 Brewers,” out of Inland Empire Southern California. Much like the other podcast I will be talking about these are four brewers, you would love to hang out and drink beer with. In fact, that’s just what they do on the show.

Led by homebrewer John Holzer along with Jason Harris and paired recently with Tim and Kyle of Untappd, they navigate the world of beer in LA area.

Typically, it’s a set of 4-6 beers reviewed and discussed, as well as mystery beers and listener beers brought in. For those wanting to watch, you can find the stream on You Tube as well.

John and Jason were paired with Matt Becker, who would host the show and Greg Nagel, who’s brewing out of North Carolina, but manages the OCBeerBlog Twitter account.

Great fun, give them a listen at 4 Brewers from your favorite podcast client.

The other podcast, similar in nature to The 4 Brewers, The Beerists. This foursome hails from Austin, Texas. Last time I recall, then only thing from Texas were steers and queers and you don’t look like a bull.

Led by John Rubio, this is a two-time award-winning podcast with Grant Davis, Mike Lambert and Anastacia Kelly. Raw and uncut, but a pod full of fun when it comes to beer.

Each week the Beerists review a set of beers, sometimes sent in by listeners or whatever Rubio pulls from his beer cellar. You think I’ve got a back log of beer in the mini-fridge.

You can listen to the Beerists podcast each week from your favorite podcast client.

Now onto a bit of home brewing news. Last week, I picked up a new piece of home brewing equipment to improve the overall flavor of my beer.

Since getting back into the hobby I’ve put together 4 brew sessions, the latest being brewed last November for Brandon and Josh at Always Cheating called Two Cheaters Ale, a clone of Bell’s Brewery and their Two Hearted Ale.

To date, that was my best home brew, but with a new mash lauter tun, I look to improve the flavor of the wort.

A mash what you ask? It’s called a mash lauter tun, now picture an orange, 10-galled cylindrical cooler with a stainless-steel quarter turn, where the spout should be and a 2 inch thermometer in the middle of the cooler.

mash tun, also combined with a lauter tun, is a vessel in which you infuse your grains; usually a large cooler (or kettle) equipped with a false bottom and a valve with a spigot that allows you to draw off the sweet wort.

The false bottom is a metal mesh that allows liquid, while limiting pieces of grain to drain through the spigot.

To this point I’ve been brewing with a combination of LME or liquid malt extract and DME or dry malt extract. When boiled this created the sweet wort that when fermented turns into beer. Let’s not forget the hops.

Using my last recipe for the Two Hearted clone, I used 8 lbs of LME and half a pound of DME to create my wort. The only problem with extract brewing is you have very little control over the flavor profile of the wort.

If I were to make this same recipe I used for my Two Cheaters ale I would use 10 lbs of 2-row pale and 2 lbs of Vienna malt. That’s 12 pounds of grain compared to the 8.5 of malt extract. I would also end up with a different flavor profile because of the grains I would be using.

To extract the sugar from the grains, you mix them into the mash tun filled with water that is heated to 156 to 168 °F.

Since the grains are at room temperature, this will bring this temperature down to around 148 to 158 °F, which is where the saccharification rest should occur. This is when the sugars are extracted from the grains.

Depending on the recipe, this rest period will last about sixty to ninety minutes. At this point, it’s time to sparge into your brew kettle.

Sparging, also called lautering and is a step at the end of the mashing process where hot water is run through the grain bed to extract a sweet liquid called wort. Once we have our 5-6 gallons of wort, it’s boiled and fermented to produce beer.

There are two ways to sparge, called continuous or fly, no not FPL_Fly. This is the method most commonly used in commercial brewing.

The properly performed continuous sparge is generally recognized as the most efficient sparge method in use today, that is a continuous sparge extracts the most (fermentable sugars) from the mash.

A continuous sparge works by continuously introducing water (very low, or NO sugar concentration) at the top of the mash. This water then percolates down thru the mash bed increasing in sugar concentration as it goes.

The other option for home brewers, no sparge and batch sparge.

The no sparge is the simplest and least common of the sparging techniques. After mashing you simply drain the grain bed. Then add water to the wort in your boil kettle to your boil volume.

One of the big disadvantages to this method, your brewing efficiency is decreased, as you are not extracting all the potential fermentable sugars from the grains.

Finally, we have the batch sparge. This is basically performing a No-Sparge twice recovering half of the kettle volume with each pass.

Start by letting the lauter tun settle for a few minutes (10-15) then drain the cloudy wort slowly returning to the top of the lauter tun.

When it runs clear start collecting wort slowly for a couple of minutes then open it up.

For the second batch add half the desired kettle volume of 7 gal or 3.5 gal since the grain has absorbed all the liquid that it can, and the grain bed is drained, then follow the same procedure.

Again, unlike continuous sparging, flow has no impact on efficiency, only on how fast you finish.

With this added step in my brew day, it will increase my brewing by 90-2 hours as I learn this to accomplish this step properly. It isn’t difficult and will only work to enhance the flavor and quality of my home brew.

Next up on the brew schedule is another clone beer out of North Coast Brewing based on their Old Rasputin, a Russian Imperial Stout.

Being brewed for the guys in the FPL Beer Club and for FPL_Fly who came up with the name, Nuno’s Bearded Stout.

This kit comes with 12 pounds of base malt and 5 specialty malts and 3 different hops. Expectations are for the ABV to come in approximately 8.9% with an IBU of 65.

The kit is described as incredibly roasty, bready flavors and aromas of chocolate and coffee.

There is a good chance I will provide some video of the brew day, much like I did when I brewed Two Cheaters Ale.

Let me also put this out there, I am looking for a graphic designer who might be able to help me set up logo, as I brew under the name, Contributing Factor Brewing.

If you are interested or know of a designer, they can contact me on Twitter @6thGoal or email me at stoumi@comcast.net.

Now, let’s get back to the FPL opinions.

FPL Opinions (continued) (24:39)

So, I’ve spoke of teams and players, thus far I have hit upon Liverpool, Bournemouth, Leicester City and Newcastle.

What do we about Chelsea assets? It took a 90’+2, individual effort from Eden Hazard to see Chelsea knot it up at 1-1 very late into the game.

Do we ignore the fact Hazard hasn’t been at his best recently? The last two weeks it’s been 6- and 10-point returns but prior to that a stretch that included just one 12-point return over 5 games.

Depending on where you bought in on Sterling and your strategy, if you own him, Hazard could be a direct replacement.

Chelsea visit Everton, who’ve conceded 21 goals at home this season, posting 5 of their 8 CS at Goodison Park.

Over the last 6 weeks, they’ve leaked 8 goals keeping 2 clean sheets. Viable? Yes, Chelsea, as poorly as they are playing could bring their A game this weekend, making Hazard and Higuain viable options.

The Argentine now has 3 goals in his last 6 games, while not overly impressive, he continues to be on target posting 30 penalty touches and topping the league with 25 goal attempts in the last 6 weeks.

Defenesively, Chelsea has been a mess, just 1 clean sheet over their last 7 games. Marcus Alonso, once consider the premium option at this position, now out of favor, as Emerson has taking over starting duties.

Now, I won’t consider Emerson at 5.2 but would look in the direction of David Luiz, at 5.9 on some free kick duties with 2 goals and 2 assists on the season. Antonio Rudiger is the other 5.9 option, but if Luiz doesn’t suite your fancy and you have the budget, then Cesar Azpilicueta is where to go with 5 assists to his name.

I won’t consider Kepa, as either GK or manager for the blank game week. In fact, I don’t think I will favor any other defensive options this week beyond Liverpool.

What do we make of West Ham? Losers of the last 3 games, at home to Cardiff and Newcastle and away to Man City. They haven’t scored during that period either.

Many FPL managers are beside themselves as Felipe Anderson owners. Over the last 2 weeks 131k managers have come off him and would expect that trend to possibly halt this week, as the Hammers host Huddersfield.

If there is any time for this squad to get back on track, this is the game. However, I have a very difficult time selecting any for my starting team. Defensively, they have been awful. Lukasz Fabianski at 4.8 would be a maybe, picking up 11 points over the last 3 weeks with a clean sheet and 12 saves.

Beyond that, there isn’t much to like about West Ham, home games to Huddersfield and Everton before they look at some top of the table fixtures.

I do like Aaron Cresswell, but at 5.0 that’s too much for a defender, many managers are grabbing Declan Rice, 4.6, who’s gained over 40k new managers. Issa Diop at 4.4 is the budget options if you feel the need to build defensively starting with the Hammers.

The midfield, aside from Anderson, I would look at Manuel Lanzini at 6.4. Again, I look at the price and he’s quite expensive given he’s played 90 minutes just once since returning from injury 4 games ago. Against Newcastle, he did pick up his first assist.

Everything points to West Ham getting multiple goals this weekend and Lanzini makes this offense better. Up front it’s Chicharito at 6.1, the perennial poacher has 5 goals on the season, but Arnie is back and fit…again! He’s going to cost 6.8 but over the last 6 weeks it’s been 0, 22, 26, 0, 20 and 45 minutes and just one assist.

He and Lanzini were point magnets last year, maybe that magic returns facing the Terriers this weekend.

As for the remaining teams; Burnley, Everton, Fulham and Huuddersfield I am not considering any players from those teams. Not even Richarlison.

At this point if you have Everton or Burnley players, I hold and roll with them through this blank game week, but none of those team or assets really excite me ahead of the blank. Sorry Dave @from_burnley.



Time for some team news as GW30 was my best result through 30 game weeks, as I finished the week with 84 points, a season-high.

Coming out of Saturday, it appeared I would have a legitimate shot at the century mark, but after Liverpool conceded, I knew it would be very difficult unless Salah, my captain hit for multiple goals.

As we know, that didn’t happen and there was some question over how many assists he should have been awarded. In the end it was one assist for 10 points. Not impressive, but still consider it a successful captain.

It was surprising to see Neil Etheridge and Cardiff blank West Ham, as he picked up 7 points to lead all my defenders. Most likely his last game for my squad.

The Liverpool duo or Robertson and van Dijk finished with un unimpressive total of 2 points, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka got the start over Sead Kolasinac, picking up a single point as well.

There was never any intention on starting Kolasinac against United, but the Bosnian picked up 5 points and a clean sheet. At this point I am considering holding the Gunner through the 31 blank.

Paul Pogba, what a fucking twat! If everything is going his way, he is one of the best in the world, so says myopic United fan. However, if things aren’t going his way, his attitude is toilet!

It wasn’t IF he would pick up a yellow card on Sunday, but a matter of when. He was that bad and honestly compared him to Richarlison during the game, as he wasn’t involved at all. If he was, it was making a poor decision. He hit for 1 point, which could be the final nail in his coffin for my team.

Sterling was legit, unfairly being awarded a goal he shouldn’t have picked up. So, it was bittersweet as a Watford fan. Watching my team’s momemtum turn thanks to Paul Tienrey overruling the side judge.

Sterling finished with 21 points and for many was the basis of their success and green arrow this weekend. Ryan Fraser scored and picked up an assist on Wilson’s goal and 3 bonus points for 13 on the day. Salah, as previously mentioned finish on 10 wearing the armband.

Aside from King’s no return it was one helluva Vardy Party, going for 16 points, while Rondon was instrumental in the Newcastle comeback finishing with 11 points.

Currently I am on 1794 points with an OR of 41k. I am just 6 points off my 60 PPG average, averaging 59.8 PPG. By far my more consistent showing over the last 6 seasons.


My strategy going will be to use both FTs I have to finish putting my BGW31 team together.

Depending on what I do with Josh King will dictate how many starting players I will have. Currently I have 7 players starting this coming week.

Robertson and van Dijk on defense, Fraser and Salah in the midfield with Vardy, Rondon and King up front.

That starting figure could go as high as 9, but most likely will be a starting 8 for the blank game week.


One FT will be to move Pogba out and bring in Hazard. The other move either Sterling out for another midfield, as I have made no money since bringing him in or replace King with Wilson.

Moving Sterling means I would need to hold King, who is probably the second option up front to Wilson in the Bournemouth attack.

As of this recording, Wilson has been brought in by 140k new managers, Fraser by over 106k.

If I don’t move Sterling and hold King, then Luiz becomes the second transfer for the week. How much I want to bank on defense outside of Liverpool is up in the air. Not too high on Chelsea defensive options, which means moving King out for Wilson is more likely of happening.


The most important decision ahead of the blank, who do we captain?

Salah? Mane? Hazard? Vardy? All must warrant some consideration this weekend. None of the playing at home, Bournemouth assets are at home, but not sure I would take a punt on Wilson or Fraser hosting Newcastle.

I will most likely follow the herd on this decision. Whatever polls show, I will most likely follow, which means FOMO will most likely dictate Salah picking up the armband for BGW31.

Conclusion [queue outro music]

That’s it for episode 29, thanks for listening. Big game week ahead of FPL managers as five teams blank this week. We also need to pay attention to the FA Cup action to see how the yet unscheduled games shake out. That’s a shout out to watch Ben Crellin on Twitter.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.

You can follow me on Twitter @6thGoal providing FPL opinions, as well as craft beer content, posted using the hashtag 30SecondBeerReview.

For all my weekly FPL content head over to 6thgoal.com, as I always have something to say.

Good luck this weekend, looking to build an excellent start to the business end of the FPL season, may your arrows be green!

Thanks for listening to the Pitch & Pint Podcast – FPL from inside the Six.

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