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Episode 30 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast being recorded Monday March 18, 2019 – BGW Disaster

Hello and welcome to episode 30 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast. My name is Stephen, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

Let’s get right into it and look back on Watford’s FA Cup game.

Don’t want to waste much time on this game, as it didn’t directly impact the Hornets in the league table, however their 2-1 victory on Saturday helped to confirm the DGW32, BGW33, DGW35 fixtures.
Their 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace at Vicarage Road on Saturday, confirmed them a place in the semi-finals, where they will face Nuno’s Wolves.
Thankfully this game too, will be played at Vicarage Road on April 6 or 7. The Hornets defeated Wolves, 2-0 at Molineux back in GW9 and will face them at home in GW36.

Defender, Adrian Mariappa, after the victory said, “Everyone was obviously very happy to get through to Wembley. But the boys’ feet are firmly on the ground. There’s a lot of football still to be played this season, so we’re buzzing, but there was no throwing champagne around and stuff like that.”

Heurelho Gomes, who conceded his first goal in the FA Cup played what likely is his last game for Watford at Vicarage Road, as the Brazilian is set for life after football. The question for Javi Gracia becomes, who does he start in goal for the semifinal game? Maraippa heaped huge praise on Gomes, “He’s hugely popular in the dressing room and everyone’s got a tremendous amount of respect for him.

He’s loved by everyone from the club to the fans right through. I’m hoping it’s not his last game here.”

“We’re always confident in him no matter what game he’s playing in. I don’t think anyone has ever doubted his ability or him as a professional, he is an exemplary professional.”

While Old Gunner has turned around, what arguably was already a good Manchester United team and Nuno Espirito Santo has his Wolves in 7th, after promotion from the Championship last season, I still toss support for manager of the year support behind Gracia.

Gracia said, “I’m very happy because in the beginning the club trust me and now in this moment all the people trust us, they will be happy with this result, with this season and this is the most important thing for me.

This is a very different Watford team then last season, under Marco Silva, who was “snake bitten” not making the grade with the players for supporters.
One characteristic of this Watford team has been their resilience. Unlike last season, we’ve seen this team maintain composure and a positive attitude on the pitch to come from behind. This tone was set early in the year when they came 1-0 to defeat Spurs, 2-1.

Their play on the pitch has been very consistent this season. Sure, they’ve had their stinkers, the 4-0 loss to Bournemouth comes to mind, as well as playing down to the level of competition, like the 1-1 at Newcastle or 0-0 at Brighton in GW25.

Even in game, where they got blown out, the GW13 loss, 3-0 to Liverpool. The Hornets put in an excellent shift for 60 minutes! They held City scoreless for 45 minutes, before Paul Tierney fucked us and his incorrect call turned the tide of the game.

More importantly, what does the semifinal game mean for Watford assets in FPL?

Unless you are on a wild card this week, there isn’t any reason to bring in Watford assets. When Premier League action returns in 2 weeks, the Golden Boys travel to Old Trafford to take on Old Gunner and the Red Devils.
GW33 is a bye and right now, GW34 double is not confirmed. So, buying in on Watford isn’t recommended.

I would look at Gerard Deulofeu, with Troy Deeney, he’s one of the most in form Hornets with 4 goals and 2 assists in the last 4 games. At 5.6, he’s can fit in that 4th midfielder roll. Playing OOP as a forward makes him more valuable than that of Harvey Barnes (5.5) or David Brooks (5.1) in my opinion.

The one factor in favor of Barnes or Brooks, the fixtures, starting with GW32.
Defensively, I am still not all that confident. Ben Foster on 110 points on the season costing 4.6 seems to be an excellent buy. He’s the 6th best GK based on points but Watford have kept just 7 CS on the season, as he’s 3 saves short of the century mark.

If you are looking for a budget defender, I would say proceed with caution when it comes to Kiko Femenia, priced at 4.2. He’s just back off of injury, got 65 minutes last week, but Daryl Janmaat, 4.9 has been favored at right back.
If you are dead set that Watford is where you want to go for a budget defender, then center back, Adrian Mariappa, 4.2 is where you look.

He didn’t play in GW30 against City but feel Gracia was saving some of his players for the quarterfinal game last week.

Troy Deeney, the captain of our squad is a realistic option at 5.9. In a season where we see the budget forwards hitting, he too, has been excellent recently. 3 goals, 4 assists in the last 4 games. The decision comes do you bring him in over the likes of Rondon (5.9) or Ashley Barnes (5.7).

Before we get into the FPL opinion I must pour myself the Double Gameweek 32 Beer of the Week.

BEER OF THE WEEK – Double Gameweek 32 (05:13)
In honor of Dick Dale, it’s a little Miserlou.

Last week’s beer was called South of Eleven, since that is where my starting XI was, fielding just 9 starters for BGW31.

This week, it’s all about going big to maximize your FPL return. Nothing short of a double IPA will do this week.

Now, the mini-fridge is full of some excellent DIPAs, has been for some time. West Coast. East Coast. However, this week I’ve decided to tackle DGW32, asking.

This week I double dip, so to speak, as I return to Hoof Hearted out of Marengo, Ohio and their double IPA, “Who’s Like To Hold My Clipboard?” brewed in collaboration with Burial Beer Company out of Asheville, North Carolina.

This is a 9% DIPA brewed with fruit puree, Tahitian vanilla with milk sugar added.

Described on the Hoof Hearted site as, “Equipped with the right amount of fruit to make women sterile and twice your daily dosage of milk sugar and vanilla, this decadent Frappe DIPA hoists enough heft to freeze the left half of your brain.

Hopped past the stop sign w/ El Dorado and Mosaic, this stuff is better than that monster eggnog our brother makes with lighter fluid. And we’d know. We’ve been going to this high school for 7 and a half years now…

…we’re no dummies.”

Hoof Hearted Brewing, like most successful businesses, took its name from a fart joke. “We wanted a brand name that reflected our personalities, that was fun, and didn’t sound corporate.

The name has also allowed us to connect with 80’s Heavy Metal, Dungeons & Dragons, and Clash of the Titans type imagery which is totally up our anchor. Hooven animals like goats have been associated with German Bock beers forever,” said co-founder Trevor Williams.

The can imagery is all related to the 1985 movie, Better Off Dead, starring Jon Cusack, but the beer is more aptly named for Aaron Dozier’s character, Roy Stalin, the main protagonist. He’s an arrogant bully and popular captain of the high school ski team.

Who’d Like to Hold My Clipboard pours a turbid, orangish-yellow color, boarding on ochre (oc-ah) with a 1-finger light beige head, with moderate retention and spotty lacing.

The smell right out of the can is a big vanilla. The tropical fruit is there on the nose with guava and a sweet pineapple.

Let’s see how it goes down.

Like many milkshake IPAs before, this has a velvety smooth texture across the palette. Lactose and vanilla seem to go hand in hand and this beer is no exception.

It’s slightly sweet up front with papaya, guava and pineapple with the sweetness of the lactose and and flavor of vanilla, finishing with a nice hop backbone.

If I ever had an opportunity to get more Hoof Hearted, I am there from the can art to the flavor, they have an excellent array of beer.

Let’s look back on BGW31 and see how that effects up going into GW32.

BGW31 RECAP (07:57)
BGW31 was the lowest week for total points, as FPL managers averaged just 26 points across the game.

The top 1k averaged just 31 points, which was abysmal no matter how you dissect it.

Expectations were possibly met in the 2-2 Bournemouth, Newcastle draw. However, if you were one of the 447k new managers who brought in Callum Wilson, you were sorely disappointed. Off the back of an 11-point performance the previous week, Wilson didn’t return. In fact, he really wasn’t in the game, as Josh King was the big winner for the Cherries.

The OTHER forward picked up 2 goals, 3 bonus points bonus points, finishing with 13 on the day. Going forward, I feel both are viable options up top for Bournemouth.

Both are 6.5 million and now tied with 11 goals. King has played 5 more games than Wilson, due to his injury, but their fixtures are excellent moving forward.
In fact, I would still consider Ryan Fraser, 6.2 an option. While Weeman didn’t pick up an assist, he’s still looks very good going forward. Newcastle kicked and battered the midfielder all day long, but he’s got more points coming.

As for David Brooks, 5.1 he didn’t look too impressive against the Magpies. He too had no attacking returns, but with the fixtures is till a worthwhile option, outside of the DGW players.

I won’t consider any defensive assets from Bournemouth but would consider Boruc as a back-up when I play by Bench Boost. Nathan Ake has looked the best, but the best isn’t good enough from a CS perspective.

Is Newcastle making FPL mangers believers? I’ve been praying at the Church of Rondon-aldo since GW26 and he’s been nothing short of excellent! He’s netted 3 goals and 2 assists since GW27 and is playing very well at 6.0.

He’s owned by 29.8% of the top 1k managers, but only 19.6% across FPL. Even with ARS in GW32, Newcastle have great fixtures as well, however they are a non-DGW team, depending on how you allocate your chips.

I was all in on Martin Dubravka and a defender, however this last game with another 2 goals conceded, third time in 3 games, they just don’t look good enough to buy into.

I am not considering any midfield options, as Miguel Almiron is priced too high and has quite a bit to learn about the English game, coming out of the MLS recently.

Leicester is an odd one. They are like Newcastle, Bournemouth, Everton and West Ham, a team I won’t consider a defender from. They have only kept 7 CS, but rank third from the bottom in the last 6 weeks for goals conceded with 12.
I haven’t been a James Maddison fan all season and personally, I am not going to start now. He’s been way too inconsistent at 6.8, much like Richarlison has been this season.

Of course a counter argument I always here, “what do you expect for 6.8?” I expect a bit more consistency then going missing for 16 games without a goal.
I’ve give him a little credit for 3 returns in the last 4 games, but it’s been a LONG and I emphasis LONG time coming for Maddison owners.

With no DGWs, he’s low priority, but won’t I am not going to bother with. Barnes, 5.5 priced too high and another Leicester midfielder who’s got good underlying stats, but can’t convert.

The only option from Leicester worth a shout, Jamie Vardy. However, only 16 penalty touches over the last 4 games (compared to Zaha at 24, who tops the league). His 11 goal attempts have yield 4 goals, which is tops over that time frame.

My knock continues to be attempts on goals, hopefully we continue to see that number increase under Brendan Rodgers.

Burnley provides an alternative up front with Ashley Barnes (5.7) and Chris Wood (6.2), but it’s been quiet the last two games, as neither have scored. Their good run is slowly coming to an end in GW35. Don’t see much in the midfielder as well. Johan Berg Gudmundsson (5.5) and Dwight Neill (4.4) are the options. The next 3 games, WOL/bou/CAR. Neill could be a worthwhile budget option on the bench, as he picked up his second goal this season.

Huddersfield, played one of their best offensive games this season at London Stadium recording 3 goals against a poor defense in West Ham.

Karlan Grant? Who? Grant joined the Terriers this January from Crawley Town and picked up his first goal in February.

Realistically, there are no options from Huddersfield to consider. They aren’t Premier League quality and none of their assets are worth a second look for the rest of the season.

It was tough to watch, as I was pulling for the Terriers to get it done, but as poorly as they were defensively, the Hammers turned it around after going down 3-1 in the second half.

It was a half time substitution of Chicharito for Michail Antonio, as the Mexican picked up 2 goals in 6 minutes to lift the Hammers to a 4-3 victory.

Defensively, Hammers are on the avoid list. Their fixtures are turning after GW32, but they haven’t been good. Lukasz Fabianski made a compelling argument to be a starting keeper, but not when they concede 3 goals to a team that scores just 15 goals before this weekend.

The midfield has options, but many FPL managers are fed up with the inconsistency of the 7.2 Felipe Anderson. I dumped ahead of GW24 for Son, before picking up Sterling for GW29. Little value in a player who didn’t seem highly involved.

The problem is, which West Ham team shows up, the one that scores or the one that gets shut out? Anderson is off the table as an asset, but I continue to monitor Manual Lanzini, 6.4. He’s posted 2 assists in the last 3 games and might be a consideration, but like the previous mentioned team, West Ham as no doubles.

The Liverpool watch was hard, guess I’ll be thankfully I was brewing a batch of beer, paying closer attention to that then the shit show at Craven Cottage.
Much like earlier in the season, the goal the Reds conceded can be knock off because of a defensive mistake. Alisson was the culprit, as the keeper didn’t make an attempt on a weakly headed ball back, by Virgil van Dijk. The red headed stepchild, Ryan Babel picked up the easy goal.

More frustrating for FPL managers, was the lack of an attacking return for Mo Salah. At 13.3, the league most highly owned player has just one goal in his last 8 games, which has kicked off a bit of a fire sale, as he’s been on the decline for the past 5 weeks.

He’s lost 345k managers and I am sure that number will just increase after Sadio Mane picked up his 17 goal on the season. That’s 5 goals in the last 4 games and 9 out of 10. In form? Yes! However, Mane is owned by just 14.7% of the top 1k and 10.6% across FPL.

So are we wrong to continue to own Salah? I don’t think so. He’s off, there’s no doubt about it. His stats are starting to suffer and over the last 10 games, Mane has the advantage. That said Mane did go missing for 12 games this season hitting just once in that period for a brace.

This Liverpool team is good, there’s no denying that. They don’t have any DGWs either, which could potentially make Mane and Salah irrelevant in our planning.

For me, I am not planning Salah when I wild card, most likely GW34. None of the other midfielders are worth a shout, so let’s turn to defense.

I’ve been double Pool defense since GW12 when I brought VVD in. I haven’t looked back on that decision, one of my best on the season. It’s been better than going the lower priced and more popular selection of Trent Alexander-Arnold.

VVD comes at a heavy price, 6.6, but has been EXCELLENT on the season, well worth the price.

Robertson is owned by 69.1% and TAA at 45.2% by the top 1k. Van Dijk just 21.9%.

Interesting to note that van Dijk is more popular across all FPL when compared to TAA (35.5% vs 29.0%) The knock against TAA, his starts. He’s returned a goal and 6 assist this season.

I don’t think you can go with any of the defenders or Alisson (6.0) if you go that way.

Up front, Roberto Firmino has quietly put together a good year, scoring 11 goals with 7 assists and I’m quite sure he isn’t done. He’s on par to record another 180 point season, as a forward this season, without the CS points he got last year.

At 9.2, he might be a bit price restrictive, as many other budget options are in form and will feature in DGW games. He plays as a differential owned by 13.5% across FPL and 5.8% in the top 1k.

Everton and Chelsea, I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this upset coming. Thoughts of brining Richarlison in this last week? None, absolutely none. But I will give credit where it is due, the Brazilian has netted twice in the last 2 games.

I am however more inclined to look at Glyfi Sigurdsson as a differential if I go that route. He’s on PKs and quietly picked up his 12 goal of the season but limited with just 3 assists on the season. His 7.3 price tag is a bit high when compared to those in a similar price bracket.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin was a player I consider four or five game weeks ago but was talked out of because of the uncertainty around his playing time. He continues to play very well as the lone forward with 2 goals and an assists in the last 4 games. Really don’t see much for him, fixtures are turning, and Everton have no doubles.

Defensively, I am not a support of any of their defensive options. Planet #FPL correspondent, Spirit Blues will say only 4 teams have kept more CS than Everton.

I say they are not an option, as Pickford is, well was too pricey at 5.0 to start the season, off a great World Cup. The defensive players have really centered about the attacking antics of Lucas Digne (5.2).

That said, I haven’t bought into ANY defensive assets from Everton all season, for the sole fact that Marco Silva is their manager and the man doesn’t play defense.

What to do with Chelsea? Are they on the beach? Is Sarri done? Chelsea, at this point need to concentrate on Europa League, since a top four finish is probably out of the question, as they trail Man United by a point.

Not sure Eden Hazard will make the cut. He’s under performed the last 11 weeks and I am not sure he is worth owning.

The only problem in this equation, their likely double in GW32 would be away to Cardiff and home to Brighton.

These fixtures could be too hard to ignore, given the quality Chelsea has compared to the defense they are going against.

BEER NEWS – Nuno’s Bearded Stout (18:46)
Time to step away from FPL and talk a bit of beer and brewing.

Coming off a very successful fourth batch of home brew called Two Cheaters Ale, brewed for Josh and Brandon at Always Cheating, I had the opportunity to start my fifth batch this past Sunday.

Originally this was going to be called PvA’s Doin’ Bits Stout but talking to the guys in #FPLBeerClub and thanks in part to FPL_Fly, the name was changed.

In part due to their success this season, it’s only right we give Wolverhampton a beer of their own. That said, this is my first stout I am brewing, which will be called Nuno’s Bearded Stout. Again, thanks to Fly for the name. Already have a great visual for the label.

This was to be a coffee and chocolate stout with an ABV in the range of 8.7 to 9.2% depending on the efficiency of the mash. More on that later.

This was also the first time I went all grain, as opposed to an extract brew. That means instead of using a liquid malt, that is similar to a thick syrup to create the wort, I extracted my own wort using grains.

It’s really the next step in home brewing if you don’t start with an all grain set up. Two weeks ago, I picked up what is called a mash lauter tun. I discussed that during last week’s show.

Lauter Tun is a vessel for separating the wort from the solids of the mash. It works much like a large sieve.

It normally has a slotted, perforated floor, also called a false bottom, which holds the spent milled grains, while allowing the wort to filter through the grain bed and collect in the space beneath; the wort then runs to the brew kettle.

This adds about 90 minutes to 2 hours in a brew day it is more than 3 hours long. Being my first time using a mash tun, I spent the better part of 5.5 hours brewing on Sunday.

As with any brew day, it started by cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment. Meanwhile, I heated 5 gallons of water to be used in my mash.

A mash is what brewers call all the grains that end up in the lauter tun.
Once all the vessels and equipment were sanitized, I read and calculated the water needed to mash and sparge.

I talked about sparging last week as well, but this means adding addition water to the mash to create the sugar water we call wort.

After pouring all the grains, in my case part of the grains, in the lauter tun I added nearly 5 gallons of water.

I should have stopped at this point as something didn’t seem right. I went back and recalculated the water and it.

For 17.25 pounds (7.8kg) I was supposed to use 4.74 gallons (17.9 liters) of water for the initial mash.

It wasn’t until hours after I finished brewing I realized my mistake, while reading a few home brew sites and watching You Tube videos.

I didn’t add all my specialty grains. I calculated 17.25 of total grains, but only included 14 pounds (6.35 kg). Now as a first time brewing all grain, this might be seen as a common mistake, because I’ve been used to adding my specialty grains before brining the wort to a boil.

They would usually steep for 30 minutes, before being pulled out of the brew kettle before it hits 170 degrees F or (76 C).

I felt like such a first-time home brewer. Not getting too far ahead of myself. I knew there was a problem when the original gravity didn’t come in at the expected level but was 0.14 off.

Gravity, in the context of fermenting alcoholic beverages, refers to the specific gravity, or relative density compared to water, of the wort at various stages in the fermentation.

Original gravity is the reading that I take after the wort has been boiled and chilled to near fermentation temperature before adding the yeast.

For Nuno’s Bearded Stout was supposed to come in at 1.074 to 1.090 on the OG. I recorded a 1.060 OG. This means there is a loss of sugar from the mashing, which will equate to a lower ABV.

Aside from this early mistake, the brew day was excellent! I put together a series of seven short videos and posted them on Twitter under @6thGoal. It was just to give those in the FPL Beer Club and across FPL some idea on what it takes to brew your own beer.

Much of home brewing is learn by doing or by asking. My local home brew shop is full of knowledge, as are a few forums I follow on a regular basis.

Now that I know my mistake, rest assured it won’t happen again. How will this batch turn out? I had a taste after I took the original gravity measurement and it tasted good. There was a slight coffee bitterness with a hint of chocolate, all from the variety of specialty grains I used.

The beer is now in the fermentation vessel with an airlock, sitting in a pan of water to keep it around 68 F (20 C). It will be in the closet for approximately 2 weeks before it’s bottled.

I’ll talk about it again in the future as I bottle it.

Now, let’s look back on my BGW31.

BGW31 RESULTS (23:30)
At the conclusion on Saturday I was very pleased with the result. I sat on 27 points with an initial green arrow, thanks in part to Salomon Rondon and Josh King.

With a strong score, it appeared to be roses on Sunday with Liverpool playing Fulham. Unfortunately, as it goes, luck wasn’t with Liverpool. In fact, it was some bad luck with the poorly headed ball that was misplayed by Alisson.

One goal the difference between a minimum of 12 points and 4, which is where Robertson and van Dijk finished. It would have been given me a slightly bigger green than I finished with, but if there was ANY one team we expect the CS from it’s Pool, especially against this poor Fulham side.

To compound the problems, I captained Salah, as did 81.5% of the top 1k managers. We were let down again, but what made it worse for me, I activated my TC chip on him.

All I have to say, he outscored Leroy Sane. Risky? Yes, based on his goals over the last 8 games, it was a poor decision. Based on his statistics, it was worth a shot.

Sunday resulted in nothing by shit, outside of the 6 from Salah, no one returned points. When it was all said and done, I finished the week with 39 points.

That was good, compared to the average of 26 points across FPL. It was a small, 2k green arrow, seconds in two weeks and fourth out of five to see me at a season-high 39k!

Listening to The Art of the Dive, I heard Marco and Jake talking about consistency over the course of 31 weeks compared to those big weeks.
For me, it’s been consistency all season long. GW30 was my best result on the season, 84 points.

I’ve had only 2 weeks, where my points were less than the average. GW8 I missed the average by 1 point and in GW17 by 3 points.

There have been several weeks, where I scored slightly above or well above the average, only to be done by the score of the top 1k and an expected green arrow turned up red. We’ve all had that and it’s frustrating.

On the season I am averaging 59.1 PPG, only 0.9 PPG off my goal for the year. DGW32 could be the week in which I finally break duck and finish with an average over 60 PPG.

Look at captain points this season, I consider a fail as any time a player wearing the armband not hit 10 points. Based off that, I’ve missed on the captain including my TC chip just 8 times on the season, a far cry from last year, when Harry Kane did me dirty. ALL SEASON LONG!

Another point to my success, I’ve taken just 8 points in hits this season. GW15 I used two additional hits, as I moved off Salah and brought in Sane, Aubameyang and Kane. It was successful, so much so that I wrote an article about it at 6thgoal.com

Looking ahead to DGW32, my plan is to activate the Free Hit chip, but as of this recording I am going to wait until games are confirmed. With any luck we could see that confirmation by Wednesday. I just want to keep options open, if I decided to not use the FH or go with the WC or possibly, no chip at all.

In the next episode I will discuss my strategy based on how the fixtures of the unscheduled games fall.

Over the last month or so, I’ve put together my strategy, starting GW26, progressing through BGW33. Beyond that, I have not planned anything, as we all wait for the remaining fixtures to be confirmed.

DGW32 has been something discussed at length on Academica Vertex with Casey, Gabe and Garf. You can find last week’s episode by typing ACADEMICA VERTEX in You Tube.

Casey and Gabe give some excellent information as it relates to using the WC over the FH. Give it watch.

Looking ahead, I plan on building around treble Man City. Most likely it will feature Ederson, a midfielder and Aguero.

As of this show, I am planning treble Man United as well, with Rashford, Pogba and Lindelof.

Initial plans have Luiz and Hazard in my starting XI

Much like Chelsea, I will double up on Wolves for the first time all season, I will own Doherty and Jimenez.

Back up keep won’t change, I plan on holding Jam Hamer, which leaves budget defenders AWB and Yan Valery. That leaves one midfield position and 5.3 ITB. Since this midfielder will start on the bench, I could select Brooks, Moutinho, Redmond or McArthur. Won’t matter as they won’t start.

With questions over the availability of players starting both games, I am considering 5-man defense that would include a few single game starters for DGW32.

As I said, that is something I will l consider at length once unscheduled games are confirmed as DGWs.

It’s time to open the Pitch & Pint Mailbag.

One question sent in this week from Gareth Marshall, FPL_Brit, co-host of What the FPL. He writes, “The big question; who to pick for DGW32?!”

The million-pound question mate. Being in no hurry to set my starting XI, if I were to activate my FH or WC I would do nothing but dabble for the next 12 days.

I don’t want to do that. So until the unconfirmed games are scheduled, I am taking a short break. I also have an AFL fantasy team to confirm by Wednesday, that takes precedence.

I will say, after seeing how dismal BGW31 was, I am not all that high on DGW32. We saw many players hit, who weren’t highly owned. What if a manager had gone in on the likes of Chicharito and Sigurdsson or Richarlison last.

Defensive performances were terrible, sorry Everton I still can’t give Marco Silva credit for shutting out Chelsea. Still feel it was a lack of effort on the Blues part and not a stout Toffees defense. That said, Everton has scoreboard and picked up 6 points for the clean sheet.

The best DGW32 might be one in which we don’t jam our starting XI full of just double game week players. I’ve done a few RMTs and fuck, they all look the same!

James Ward Prowse isn’t a diamond in the rough for GW32, everyone is going to own the kid IF So’ton have a double.

Of course, treble City will make up the spine of our starting XI and many could potentially TC Aguero if they draw Fulham away and Cardiff at home in DGW32.

So who to pick, I echo the party line, they best starting XI you can field. While I’ve planned all DGW players, I am exploring other options, to keep the green arrows coming and the climb up the OR constant.

Thanks for the question Gareth. You can catch What the FPL podcast weekly with Yaron and Gaz. Head over to @WhatTheFPL on Twitter.

Conclusion [queue outro music]
That’s it for episode 30, a mini milestone, thanks for listening.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.

You can follow me on Twitter @6thGoal providing FPL opinions, as well as craft beer content, posted using the hashtag 30SecondBeerReview.

For all my weekly FPL content head over to 6thgoal.com, as I always have something to say.

Good luck this weekend, may your arrows be green!

Thanks for listening to the Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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