Premier League: DGW32 Retrospect

Thinking back, I can’t remember another double game week that ended as strong as this season. In the article, Premier League: DGW32 Starting XI, I said, “I am not buying into the discussion of “swords vs shields,” this isn’t fucking Dungeons & Dragons. So work whatever angle you want, but fill your team with players you will feel will score points.” I highlighted the goal of the week, “would be great to hit 120 points, but more importantly I want a score that is 40-50 over the average score to see a stronger green arrow.” My assessment was spot on, as I finished the double with 120 points, 47 points over the average of 73! Talk about a hell of a week, this was that week.

The double game week didn’t come up smelling roses for many managers across Twitter. It seemed all FPL managers faced similar problems, for example handing Sergio Aguero the captain (or TC), only to see him remove himself from the first game after a goal and assist on 57 minutes, then miss the second game. The struggles continue for Paul Pogba, another no return double dip, finishing on four points.

But this article is focused on my run that continues. It’s now five green arrows from the last six games, which has seen my an improvement of 86k spots as I now sit at 17,307 on the season. By far my best run and position in six seasons playing FPL. Decisions have been made, but more importantly, I’ve been lucky. While the Triple Captain chip failed, the Free Hit (played for DGW32) has been a success and hopefully this trend continues as I prepare to activate my Wild Card, followed by the Bench Boost.

DGW32 is the first time this season I’ve broke 100 points. It’s been interesting to hear so many FPL managers have great weeks, posting multiple 100 point weeks, but follow it up with a down week and red arrow. While I’ve had my fair share of red arrows on the campaign, my goal has remained unchanged. Average 60 points/week over 38 weeks of the Premier League season. With the 120 points this week, my season total stands at 1,953, a weekly average of 61.03! Breaking that 60 number down means each player needs to average 5.45/gameweek.

This season, I built my starting XI on defense. At one point my defensive unit was valued at £38.5! This week wasn’t much different, as I started three premiums; Ederson, Cesar Azpilicueta and David Luiz. An earlier draft I created had double Crystal Palace in place with Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Patrick van Aanholt, but felt more confident in the match ups that Chelsea had. AWB didn’t make the cut, but van Aanholt did, with James Tomkins as my first sub. This defense scored 52 points over the two game weeks behind Azpilicueta and van Aanholt picking up a goal and clean sheet. Ederson would have been an excellent call as a captain, as City posted back to back clean sheets.

While many FPL managers backed Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba and Sterling in their midfielder, I also opted for Luca Milivojevic, who was a bit of a punt, as he returned his 10th goal on the season finishing with 11 points. Eden  Hazard had a big game with a goal and assist, picking up all three bonus points for 15 over two games.  Pogba has run his course, I am done with him. The myopic United fans can continue to promote him as world class, but he hasn’t played as such on the pitch. Sterling got hit by the Pep roulette and my fifth midfielder in my 3-5-2, Gerard Deulofeu, disappointed picking up three points.

While I followed the flock, starting Sergio Aguero, giving him the armband for 20 points, I also added Raul Jimenez for the first and possibly only time this season.  Jimenez picked up two assists against United in their 2-0 win and finished the week on 12 points. Very productive across the forward line.

Overall, it’s been elation since the end of the games on Wednesday, coming off the Free Hit, I now gear up and look towards BGW33, which could be another interesting week, much like BGW31 was. At 17k, I need to continue to play as I have all season long, patient and smart. There won’t be any hits taken this upcoming week, as I need to add a new goalkeeper to my starting XI.

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