Premier League: DGW34 Retrospect

This could be the shortest review I’ve done this season and can be summed up in a single word. Shit! That’s how my team performed this weekend…in fact they didn’t. It did make me reconsider strategy for next season, as I don’t want to sit here and play Captain Hindsight saying, “I had <enter player> in a previous draft.” At that point FPL managers, just go tell me to fuck myself! Finished the week on 45 points, which is my third lowest point total of this season. No surprise it was a 2k red arrow, but still around 15k.

All in all, it could have been much worse, so I’ll take my lumps and move forward. When it comes to strategy, I think I am going to set a plan up, ahead of the doubles and blanks, as I did this season. The only change being, if my team is sailing a sea of green, not sure I am going to bust up the team to get double game week players in.

Let me go Captain Hindsight for just a few words. We discuss this on Twitter regularly, when you don’t have a transfer target, you roll the FT to the following week. Does that logic not apply to a team that has improved from 142k to 11k over the course of seven weeks? In reality that wild card was WASTED! DGW34 was a shit show and many FPL managers are not better off after the game then before.

Is more time always better? As an FPL manager, we want as much time and information we can get. Many will hold their FT until Friday, listen to pressers, then make a a decision. Holding that WC could have, would have been beneficial this season. DGW34 would have us hold off any Watford assets, possibly looked longer and harder at Spurs and maybe missed a few less then acceptable fixtures. Just something I have been thinking about after seeing how last week played out.

It was the Liverpool lads pulling their weight again this week, led by Virgil van Dijk with 12 points. Thank God he got that assist for Mo Salah’s goal! Andrew Robertson picked up a clean sheet.  Heung-min Son and Chirstian Ericksen were my only other players to return points, as they combined for 14 points. I was excited to see my defender punt on Maya Yoshida (£4.1) pay off with an assist.

Looking at the above team, I’ve got some problems to sort out. Troy Deeney’s alleged infraction resulted in a red card that sees him out until May 4. Gerard Deulofeu is still nursing an ankle injury and honestly, I don’t think we will see him this weekend. No reason to hurry him back, when Watford are still looking at the FA Cup final. I’ve got two Brighton players to make a decision on. Initially, I had planned on running with them the rest of the season, mainly as bench fodder, but is DGW35 THAT important of a fixture? Do they need to be transferred?

At this point of the season, I don’t want to take an unnecessary hits. I’ve prided myself on the fact I’ve made just two hits for a -8 this season, both of those coming back in GW15, when I bought in Sane, Aubameyang and Kane for Salah, Arnautovic and Aguero, resulting in difference of +29! This was one of those hits that paid off, resulting in 67 points and a green arrow. That said, it actually didn’t work in the longer run, as Salah went on to terrorize the Premier League with six double digits hauls in eight games.

FPL talking heads have spoke about taking a hit during double game weeks, so that -8 would require my incoming players to get two points per appearance and I am no worse off then if I kept those players I transferred out. It just takes a return, even a small one for this strategy to make a difference.

In the upcoming article, I will talk more in depth about the potential plan to cover DG35. Cheers!

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