Premier League: DGW35 Retrospect

Can I say is was not good and just leave it at that? This is one of those difficult reports to post since it wasn’t the best performance on the season. An ill advised and rash decision saw me lose 22 points on a 16-point hit ahead of DGW35. Coupled with the activation of my second wild card for DGW34, I’ve lost a combined total of 36 points over the two weeks, compared to what I would of had, if I stayed the course with team and run of green arrows I was putting up.

That said, this decision was made weeks ago, when I was planning on a strategy moving out of GW26. This was also the first, possibly last time I hold my wild card this late in the season. Maybe that’s a bit rash, but I need to have a long think of strategy ahead of next season. I’ve played very well through 33 weeks, was patient with players and it was reflected in my weekly results, as I am now averaging 61.4/PPG! By far my best average points in the six years I’ve participated in FPL.

As for the game week, the Champions League game that saw Man City vs Spurs game put grandiose illusions in my head. The voices were telling me, “you need City coverage man! You have none, what happens with KDB and Sterling go off and you only have Laporte?” This was even discussed at length during Episode 2 of the  FPL Roundtable last Thursday. I’ve continually whispered “patience” all week, looking back on such a poor decision during the double game weeks. I’ve come to the conclusion this decision ranks up there in my SDMs of the season, but not that has hurt me as badly as moving Sergio Aguero ahead of GW15 and a massive run.

On the surface, 94 points doesn’t look bad, before you factor in the 16 point hit, which brings my weekly total to just 78 points. That’s 11 points over the weekly average of 67 points, but well off the pace of the top 1k, who scored 97 and the top 10k, socring 94 points. So it was destined to be nothing but red this week, as I go back to back, dropping 9k down to 20k in the overall rank.

The problem with DGW35, no goals and just 2 assists! As has been the case, the defense came up big, yet again. Not sure why pundits and podcasters don’t stress defense more then we do. I’ve been a big proponent of premium defenders all season and it’s paid big dividends. Since GW12, I’ve been doubled up on Andrew Robertson and Virgil van Dijk, a move that left me with a bit less budget but as has reaped many rewards, as these defenders are first and second (192 & 188) in defender scoring. While they didn’t have two games, it was clean sheet number 19 on the season, scoring 13 points. Aymeric Laporte was the big winner this year recording four clean sheets over two double game weeks, as the City defender picked up 12 points this week.

I held over Mat Ryan and Shane Duffy was was nearly rewarded with a double CS in DGW34, but a late Christian Eriksen goal ruined that double. However, after a dismal DGW34, they scored 20 points and 8 points respective, as the bench boost was activated. The only other notable players, who weren’t all that notable, Raheem Sterling, who I thought I couldn’t live without scoring 16, but that’s only because he was given the captain’s armband. Mo Salah also picked up an assist for 6 points.

Looking over my 15-man squad, there just isn’t anything positive at the attacking end of the pitch. Lots of potential but none which materialized this last week. Then again, I feel it’s been an odd couple of weeks on how teams have played and scores have finished.

While my second red arrow in a row stings, I have nothing to be ashamed of, as this will end up being my best FPL season based on total score. Currently, I am only 18 points off my best score of 2170 points in the 2015/16 season. More importantly, I want to finish the season strong and maintain that 61/PPG average. So overage, will important, isn’t as important. Still keeping an eye on the top 10k but that could be a big ask.

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