Pitch & Pint Podcast Ep37 Show Notes

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Episode 37 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Sunday, April 28, 2019 Red or Green Arrows

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Hello and welcomes to Episode 37 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

What started out as an excellent FPL weekend, with the 5-0 Liverpool win on Friday slowly fizzled and limped along to the finish.

Hopes were high that a favorable green could see me close in on the top 10k, but the FPL Gods had other plans.

Talk with Casey, Gabe and Garf of the FPL Roundtable saw Casey net an 87 but finish on a red arrow. Gabe on the other hand hit the century mark, solid show for a green back into the top 15k. Garf, like Casey, lost out with 80 points, which was 11 better then the weekly average, but not good enough to go green.

Let’s head to Vicarage Road and take a look back on the 2-1 Watford loss to Wolves.


This was a highly anticipated game, after their 3-2 thriller in the FA Cup semifinals, which saw Watford come from 2 goals down to win the game in extra time.

This week’s game was anything but a replay of that game. In all honesty, the game started quite flat, neither team impressing.

Early on, it did appear the Wolves were the hungrier of the two teams as that attack. Neves started an attack that saw a pass out to Dendoncker, who centered the ball towards a sliding Jota.

It would be Etienne Capoue to the rescue with an acrobatic kick saving a sure goal for Wolves.

Watford responded from a corner that was played long to Pereyra, popping the back back into the 6 yard box, where Mariappa got a head to it sending it back towards Hughes, who put the ball on target but just over the net.

Just before halftime, Watford would get caught ball watching on a move started by Jonny and a deep cross, finding Dendoncker who snubbed the shot. Neves from the ground, controlled the ball, sent it wide to Jota, across the box and to the head of Ji-menez and like that Wolves took the lead into the break.

Watford looked the better of the two clubs in the second half and started off positive, as Andre Gray found the equalizer just 4 minutes in.

A defensive mistake on the part of Wolves saw a back pass played directly to Deulofeu inside the 18 yard box, as a rushing Patricio made the initial save, but the ball popped to Gray who buried it.

The second goal, while a fine pass was completely misplayed by Ben Foster. I’ve been a huge supporter of his all season, but even I have to ask, what the fuck was he thinking?

It appeared his starting position was incorrect and maybe a moment of indecision caused him to hesitate, but Jota was left unmarked by the Hornets defense as he got in between Mariappa and Femenia.

Foster, had he stayed at home, might of have a save opportunity.

It’s a big loss, probably the biggest on the season, as it drops the Hornets 4 points behind Wolves, on 54 points.

Leicester City defeated Arsenal, 3-0, as they move into 8th on 51 points, while Watford is level on points with Everton with 50 points, but in 10th due to goal difference.

Before we get into some of the GW36 discussion, it’s time to pour myself the GW37 Beer of the Week.


This week, with temperatures rising here in the bay area, it might be time to push those dark and delightful beers aside and go with something lighter and refreshing.

Now, usually I would be quick to jump to some of my go to IPAs, such as Mike Hess and his Grapefruit Solis or Swami’s from Pizza Port, just two that usually grace my mini fridge.

Recently I’ve been on a sour kick, usually listed as a American Wild Ale, Leipzig Gose or Berliner Weisse, the kettled sour has suddenly become a go to favorite.

Now on the head, it doesn’t sound like a very appealing beer. Soured things usually mean it’s bad and something you don’t want to consume, but in this case this style of beer is something quite unique.

The magic ingredient that turns an ordinary mash into a sour mash? Lactobacillus.

Also called “lacto,” this bacteria is a probiotic that converts sugars to lactic acid. It’s the same live culture you’ll find in unsweetened yogurt and sauerkraut.

They’re infinitely drinkable,” Jason Ebel, owner of Two Brothers Artisan Brewing, told the Chicago Tribune. “They’re just misunderstood.”

Instead of a traditional mash, kettle sours undergo a “sour mash.” Basically, instead of boiling the beer-to-be and then cooling it to ready it for yeast, the liquid is boiled, cooled, and lacto-dosed.

This wort mixture then chills (literally) for a few days in the “kettle” while the liquid sours. Once the desired level of tartness is achieved, the normal brewing process is resumed. Boil; add hops; cool wort; add yeast and let ferment.

Today from Prarie Artisan Ales out of Krebs, Oklahoma comes Lil Nap, a 6% sour ale aged on cedar spirals with blackberry and lime, coming in at just 10 IBU.

Now let’s crack the top on this 12 oz can.

Lil Nap pours a murky reddish purple with a small, pink 1 finger soapy head that holds it’s form leaving spotty lacing.

The smell is juicy and tart as expected with blackberries and a red grape or wine complexity. Some zest, from lemon, as well as lime with a light fuck and earthiness.

Let’s see how it goes down.

First off this is very refreshing, then again it’s been rather warm out here in NoCal. The flavor has a nice complexity and balance as it starts tart and tangy with the red grapes and blackberry. There’s quite bit of lime and citrus zest with some notes of cedar, funk and yeast. Lil nap does finish with a hint of sweetness and dry.

Still this sour goes down very nice. Can’t feel the 6% at all. This is one of those beers that falls under crushable!

Now with our beer our poured, let’s get into the FPL opinions.


Triple Liverpool, was there ever any doubt? It seems if you a combination of Mane, Salah, Robertson, TAA and van Dijk, you had a great start to the FPL weekend.

FPL managers were split when it came to captaincy. Across all of FPL, 22.7% favored the in form Mane, over the 19% that kept the faith with Salah. Mane finished the day on 13 points, while Salah picked up 19.

However, the triple captain was played by 7.2% across FPL and 36.9% in the top 1000. Many possibly on Salah or Mane.

Newcastle away and Wolves home for the Reds, don’t see them giving away any points the rest of the way, but will stay tripled up on them.

The bad news for Liverpool, City won. While all hope isn’t lost…yet, it’ looked bleak.

A lone Sergio Aguero goal was enough for City to walk away with 3 points from Turf Moor.

Burnley was looking for nothing more then a draw, as City controlled the ball for near 70% of the game with 25 shots!

For Sterling owners, he started on the non-preferred right side as Leroy Sane got a spot start on the left.

He was anything but impressive and was pulled for Jesus on 64 minutes.

So the Clarets did nothing more then frustrate Pep and City owners this week. The big winners those with Aguero, as he netted his 20th on the season, 5th time he’s done so in the Premier League.

Defensively, Ederson didn’t have much to do, as Burnley had zero shots on goal, but he and the rest of the defenders picked up clean sheet #19 on the season, as City trails Pool by a single CS.

Home to Leicester City and away to Brighton. Don’t see much standing in the way of this juggernaut.

It was Spurs with their first defeat at the new White Hart Lane? Guess I need to ask Jame of the Planet #FPL Podcast if they will continue referring to it as such?

New? Yes. But this is home. How many years before it becomes just White Hart Lane…again.

Spurs looked like shit, 1 through 11. Thought it might be a good call for those like Eriksen and Son, but we were mistaken.

Son did record 9 penalty touches, second to only Salah (11) and 5 shots, but walked away with nothing.

Gonna keep the S. Korean, but won’t look at any other options from this team. Llorente will finally fall by the wayside this week as my free transfer.

More on that later in the show.

Not sure why any FPL managers thought Fernando Llorente was a good option ahead of the double game week. He’s been terrible, so bad in fact that Vincent Janssen actually played this week.

Two good fixtures to end the season, away to Bournemouth and home to Everton. Both game vital to Spurs to secure third place, as Chelsea are just 2 points back.

Arsenal…hahahah…still terrible away from the Emerates and no desire to own any of their assets. I know the duo of Aubameyang and Lacazette are the second best in the league after Wolves, but it was a big fat ZERO from them.

Leicester City, still don’t think they are a great defensive team but did control possession against the Gooners.

It was Jamie Vardy scoring #100 and hitting for a brace. It was also Kasper Schmeichel’s first assist on the season, as the keeper played a beautiful long goal kick that Vardy got under and calming put away.

That’s 10 goals in his last 10 games, as he’s found form since GW26.

Youri Tielemens is looking more an more like the real thing, as he picked up his 3rd goal this season to go with 5 assists.

Bournemouth. Fucking Bournemouth, which team is going to show up to finish the season?

Not sure it matters, their defense is still shit but Callum Wilson has hit stride again, picking up 2 goals and an assist against So’ton in the 3-3 draw.

It’s home to a toothless Spurs next week, followed by a trip to Selhurst to finish the season.

The United vs Chelsea game fell under, unwatchable. Caught the Alonso goal, but no interest in either of these clubs in turmoil.

United probably more so then Chelsea. Then again, that could hinge on what Eden Hazard decides to do during the off season.

United is a shade of their former self, as Old Gunner doesn’t appear to the answer. Still not sure why they rushed him from interim to full time manager after such a small sampling of games.

Not that I really care, as I can’t stand United. So seeing them struggle is a beautiful thing. They have a shit load to sort out over the summer. Dead weight that needs to be cut. Big contracts that aren’t cutting it on the pitch and no leadership on this once great club.

Enough on them.

Other games, don’t care about them…really. Everton picked up another CS, then again so did their opponent, Palace.

Fulham and Cardiff, it had to be played. Great looking goal by Babel. Bright and Newcastle, draw, 1-1.

Time for a bit of big beer news from a once great brewery


Over the last few years we’ve seen big beer, like AB InBev, MillerCoors and Constellation Brands, going in and buying craft breweries, turning them from craft beer to a “crafty brand”. Now this piece from VinePair.

Constellation Brands closed two Ballast Point Brewing locations on Tuesday and canceled a planned San Francisco branch. On the same day, it announced the acquisition of a minority stake in Mezcal El Silencio, a Los Angeles-based mezcal label.

A Constellation spokesperson told Brewbound the closures reflect the global alcohol producer’s efforts to “[right-size its] cost structure based on recent craft trends.”

Translation? Constellation kinda regrets dropping $1 billion on Ballast Point in 2015, and is more interested in investing in emerging categories like mezcal and cannabis.

A part of me feels bad for Ballast Point. From here, it looks like they did everything right: Ballast Point pioneered one of the country’s best beer cities; produced a world-famous line of IPAs; sold to a global alcohol conglomerate; and built new facilities in tourism-friendly places (even Disneyland!).

It’s kept up with craft beer’s fast-paced trends, too, releasing a brut IPA, hazy IPA, and low-calorie lager in recent months — that were all actually good.

But sometimes, dollars, delicious beers, and even Disneyland can’t save a craft-beer pioneer.

Two weeks ago, Constellation reported a $108 million impairment charge on the Ballast Point brand, “essentially admitting it overpaid” for the brewery, Brewbound reports. Constellation also dropped a cool $4 billion into Canopy Growth Corporation last year, investing quadruple the amount in the Canadian cannabis company it did in Ballast Point. (Constellation also acquired Florida’s Funky Buddha brewery in 2017, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed.)

Craft beer consumers want what’s fresh. We want local, we want new, and when we’re traveling, we want to drink beers we can’t get back home. In San Diego’s behemoth brewery scene, Ballast Point is sadly losing its hop-dusted sparkle.

Now let’s get back to the FPL opinions

FPL OPINIONS (continued)

Just 2 weeks left in the season and I am not really speculating on how to see out the season or players to specualte on. All my lists and spreadsheets are done.

Just 2 transfers left in what has been a great FPL season, no matter how it ends for me.

Its too bad that Arsenal and United have the best fixtures, but do I really want anything to do with either club?

Let’s not forget United travel to Huddersfield.

We saw what they gave Liverpool this week in 5 goals. Moura hit for a hat trick 2 weeks ago.

Vardy hit for a brace, as did Chicharito. So does that mean we need to have a flat track bully in our starting XI?

Rashford left the United game and is now flagged with a shoulder injury.

Could be the right time to see a Lukaku sized return, as he loves playing these smaller clubs. Interesting punt opportunity. Maybe it’s the unimpressive Paul Pogba, attempting to showcase his worldy talents on this relegated team.

I continue to look at Palace, after bringing in Milivojevic last week I will probably add a second attacking asset this week, in the name of Wilfried Zaha. Palace are away to Cardiff and home to Bouremouth to finish the season.

It’s unfortunately I brought in the wrong So’ton forward, as I opted for the more expensive, Danny Ings ahead of DGW34, when the budget friendly Shane Long was the right answer.

That’s 4 goals in the last 5 games and the Saints travel to London Stadium next week, finishing up at home against Huddersfield.

JWP is another options, the budget midfielder got on the board after 5 scoreless weeks.

As I mentioned at the outside, “would the real Bouremouth please stand up?”

Not quite sure what to make of this offense that excelled early in the season, but haven’t been the same in the second part of the season.

Maybe Callum Wilson is the shout with 6 returns in the last 3 games, he’s back in form and will face Spurs at the Vitality and Palace awa`y. Still think there is value in the likes of Fraser and Brooks as well.

Wolves are howling! Another win and they should lock up 7th spot in the table, pending the outcome of the FA Cup final. Diogo Jota and Raul Ji-menez are the highest scoring forward combination in the game, totaling 24 goals!

This week it’s home to a resurgent Fulham team that have won 3 games on the bounce, yet their fate is already sealed.

No reason to thing Wolves wont get it done with 2-3 goals again this week. I like Jota, he’s looked very good the past few weeks, as he’s picked up 20 points the last 2 games.

Everton could be a sneaky play, as Luca Digne continues to shine. It’s his 12 CS of the season.

I still don’t give any credit to Marco Silva. I give it to the defenders on the pitch, as that group is solid and could be even better next season. They host Burnley before a trip to White Hart Lane.

Arsenal at home, they SHOULD and I emphasis should have enough to get past Brighton, who needs points to remain clear of the relegation zone.

Ask if I bring in any Gooners this week? Nope. No interest in any of them. It’s a team without a real identity who’s putting more emphasis on the Europa League, which could see them play Chelsea in the final.

Watford, I know many don’t agree with my take on Andre Gray and I’ve already admitted I was wrong on Deulofeu ahead of the DGW.

Neither player really gives me much confidence. I still feel Gray is better off the bench, that said he’s scored 2 in the last 2 games.

Deulofeu while not lost on the pitch seems to spending more time carrying the ball forward then in the attacking third. Maybe that has something to do with Deeney still suspended the last few weeks.

Still an exciting player, but I am going to pass the rest of the year on Watford assets.

Finally, Man City. Pep isn’t going to let this league championship slip through his fingers. On Sunday it was Aguero getting it done, but who’s to say one of the Silva’s or Sterling don’t step the the next few weeks.

Tricky fixture hosting Leicester? I don’t think so, this has straight forward win all over it. City plays too much of the possession to get caught on the Vardy counter attack and give up a cheap goal.

It was 2-1 the last time they played at the KP, but on the road, all Liverpool fans will be pull for Leicester.

Still on Laporte and Sterling, not sure I’ll come off either and sadly I can’t afford Aguero.

At this point, you should be tripled up on City.

As we get ready to finish up Episode 37, I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has listened to at least one episode of the Pitch & Pint Podcast.

It’s been great fun getting back into the podcast game after nearly 10 years away. Honestly, I never thought I would return.

Never thought I would put together 37 episodes to be listened to. It means a lot to see good numbers and while I don’t do this for the numbers, thank you for the support through out the season.

This opportunity has lead to a few doors that have been opened and bigger plans next season. I’ve enjoyed talking football and beer. Hopefully that won’t stop for next season.

Now, let’s take a look back at GW36 and see just how I did.


As I said in my GW36 Starting XI article on 6thgoal.com, “anything less then 90 points will be seen as a failure.”

Good to know I did fail this week, as I finished on 90 points.

Third highest score this season, as I posted 94 last week to the tune of a red arrow and 90 this week, with a green.

I’ve said it all season long, gotta keep pace with the top 1k and based on Fantasy Football Fix, the top 1k actually scored 91 points, so I am a bit surprised to have picked up a green.

I am not complaining as I will take the green and stop the red arrows, as I make one final push to better my score the last 2 weeks of the season.

I moved up all of 69 spots, so I continue to hold steady in the top 20k, which is awesome.

This week, like many of you, it was Liverpool getting it done. Salah had the armband for 38 points, while Robertson and van Dijk combined for 20 points. My lone forward, Raul Ji-menez picked up 7, while Laporte finished on 9 and Brooks chipped in with an assist for 5 points.

On the season I am now at 2242 points, which is my best ever, eclipsing the 2170 I posted in 2015/16.

Interestingly, I am averaging 62.2 PPG and still 10,000 spots from the top 10k. Maybe those numbers are skewed a bit with bigger points in the last few weeks, but 62 a week is a big accomplishment. Hopefully I can average this next season.

From Casey, FPL_Tornado “yeah, its a crazy year. I’m averaging over 63 points per game week now and am not in the top 10k. That’s usually good enough of an average to be top 5k. High scoring year. “


Just 2 transfers remaining this season and I am up in the air how I will use them. As I mentioned earlier, I might consider Lukaku, but not sure I can get the big man in.

I’ve got 3.6 ITB and most likely I will move Llorente for Zaha this week. I like Palace’s last 2 fixtures.

The other option is bring in “sure thing” and introduce another City defender, most likely Kompany, who’s been playing well in the the middle.

I’ve been a big supporter of premium defenders all season for a reason. That’s why I am where I am after 36 weeks.


The armband will be interesting this week. It could go on a United player at Huddersfield. Could look at Mane or Salah again, as they travel to St James. Spurs face a poor Bournemouth at the Vitality.

There is always City to fall back on.

For me, I am keeping it on Salah for now. I need to see how my transfer shakes out, but I don’t think you can go wrong with the Egyptian, who’s looking to win the Golden Boot again.

It’s time to dig into the Pitch & Pint mailbag


Today from FPL shotgun NUFC, “those who unsuccessfully transferred in Firmino, or have Laca and are underwhelmed, who do you think are the best forward targets for the last 2 games? Can vardy keep it up? “

Firmino flagged, I want no part of that, I would ship him without a second thought. That said, give it all week and see what Klopp says in the presser. Maybe he’ll have a good week of training and make the starting XI at Newcastle. Still not one of the two attackers I would want to own right now.

As for Lacazette, if you have him, stick with him. Arsenal have two great fixtures and I feel he’ll pick up points to finish the season. At that price point if you don’t go with him, who do you go with?

You mention Vardy, 10 in his last 10 games and quietly on 18 goals for the season. Away to City and home to Chelsea. Don’t like the City game as I don’t think Pep will let his defense get caught on the counter attack.

It’s hard to move off him, but I wouldn’t stay on him, even though he does thrive on playing the top 6 teams.

As I mentioned earlier, watch the Rashford injury, if it doesn’t look like he will play, Lukaku could be an intersting shout.

If not on Ji-menez, then get on him. The same goes for Aguero.

His second question, “What is your go-to, bad day at work, grab a beer out of the fridge style beer.”

Wow, that’s a tough question, since my mini-fridge is ALWAYS full. Sadly with all the excellent craft beer we have in California, my go to beer comes out of Charton, Massachusetts and Tree House.

I always have Tree House on hand, as I have a regular supplier shipping me beer.

More recently, it’s been kettled sours. I have really enjoyed a beer called Raspberry Funhouse out of Davis, California, about 45 minutes north of me. To be honest, ANY beer after a bad day at work is a good beer. I won’t be picky.

Thanks for the questions


<queue outro music>

That’s it for Episode 36, thanks for listening.

The last 2 rounds of just ahead. It’s been a great season and I feel good coming off a 90 point week to make up a bit more ground. I feel I’ve got the correct personnel and am ready to make some good strides in GW37!

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.

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Good luck this weekend, may your arrows be green!

Thanks for listening to The Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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