Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 42 Show Notes

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Season 2, Episode 42 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Tuesday, July 02, 2019, Ready for Kickoff

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Hello and welcome to Episode 42 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

On my commute into work, last Thursday morning, there was a considerable amount of traffic in the FPL Beer Club DM. Usually it’s not as active as it was this morning

I was listening to my usually morning podcast and just happened to catch a message from FPL Lens, Gabe, one of my co-hosts at FPL Roundtable saying “Shit, now I can’t get back to sleep” in response to FPL Tornado’s comment, “holy crap! FPL is LIVE!”

So, without hesitation, I pulled over the side of the road, logged in an auto-drafted my team, then continued my commute to work. Weird that commitment in FPL would be that strong.

With a team selected, the mind shifted into high gear as FPL managers get back to the game, what appears to be a week earlier than usual.

Last year, the leaked price sheet gave way to the game earlier then the year before, but now the game is LIVE and we’re in the first day of July.

Now with business out of the way, let’s get started.


Welcome back to FPL on the Pitch & Pint Podcast, this is episode 3 of season 2 or what I am calling episode 42. The two prior episodes are available on 6thGoal.com or on your favorite podcast client.

I recorded both earlier in June, as I talk about a few key metrics and statistic models I plan on relying on this season to help guide my player selection.

One of those key metrics I’ve bought into is ‘value added per million’ or VAPM. It was a piece I found on Reddit last season.

The basis of the metric isn’t mine, but I did like how it broken down a player’s price and score into a figure to use in the FPL game.

I also talked a bit about strategy and planning, which are both key elements in the fantasy game.

Now one aspect that is always talked about, but rarely do follow through with is patience.

It’s very difficult trait to build, not only in our personal life, but in the fantasy game.

We get so caught up in the pressure of the game, most of which are self-induced by each of us, as we spend way too much fucking time on Twitter and the comments of others to guide our way.

Finally, I also talk about setting goals ahead of the season, to stay focused on the direction my season is headed. I feel it’s added to the enjoyment of the game.

Instead of setting a goal of the top 10k, which is a common goal, last season I wanted to average 60 points per week. I also wanted to improve my best points total, 2170 points.

I will talk move about these aspects of the game on a regular basis as we go through the season.

I do suggest you take a listen to episode 40, Keys to the FPL Kingdom and episode 41, Fantasy Football Law of Averages. I will link both episodes in the show notes.

On the agenda today, the release of the FPL game. Much of this episode will mimic what I posted the other day on the 6thGoal.com when I gave my early assessment on release day; players and prices.

Before I get too far into this episode let me introduce myself again. My name is Stephen Toumi and the start of the 2019/20 season will be my 7th year participating. Last year was my best finish at 31k, the only other notable finish, a 75k finish in the 2015/16 season.

I am no stranger to fantasy sports or podcasting. I’ve spent the last 36 years organizing and playing fantasy NFL football, here in Northern California with a group of guys I grew up with.

Now the game is different, but there are aspects which are similar, and I do attempt to work those into the FPL game.

I’ve got nearly 15 years of podcasting under my belt. However, when I started in 2000 we called it shoutcasting, because of the plugin used in conjunction with Winamp.

Do people even use Winamp any longer?

My resume includes an 80s music show called Radio OZ. I spent nearly 10 years writing, producing and hosting Urban Radio, a community show supporting the game Urban Terror, which I helped developed.

I revived my 80s show about 2008 reviewing movies, TV, music, arcade games and more on Just Push Play.

I also have done lots of eSports, covering Urban Terror, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Trackmania and other PC games from the US and Europe.

Many of those episodes, dated but are available at the6thfloor.com under Shoutcasting

Last year “making the list” I was inducted into the FPL Beer Club, a group of about 25 FPL managers who play the game and love good beer. So, when FPL goes to shit, we talk and trade beer.

From this group spawned my #30SecondBeerReview tweets, where I posted short, less than 1-minute videos of beers I drink.

You can find all of them on 6thgoal.com, as I believe they now total over 200.

That’s a bit about me, my background and FPL history.

Again, this is the second season of the Pitch & Pint Podcast as I write, produce, host and edit the podcast.

It’s nothing more than my opinions about the FPL game, players, ownership and strategies over the course of the season.

The show also features beer reviews and beer news, which makes it a bit unique from the other FPL shows.

Now, sit back, crack a beer and let’s get into the Pitch & Pint Podcast.


Like many FPL managers, June is usually a month we take off from the game, reunite with loved ones and the real world, while the summer transfer period hits full stride.

For the Premier League, there hasn’t been much in the way of big-name movement, aside from Eden Hazard moving to Real Madrid, but we knew this before the season ended.

When I saw the message come across on the commute to work, I was very surprised the game was released, as the day prior FPL Towers started releasing some player prices.

Outside of one player, Andrew Robertson, I didn’t agree with any of them, thought they were all 0.5 too expensive.

So, to start the season, FPL is already pricing me out of player options.

I posted my FPL 2019/20 Initial Thoughts on 6thGoal.com but there seemed to be an angry tone in my writing, as was mentioned to me on Twitter.

Maybe it’s external factors that are seeping into my FPL opinions.

Maybe it’s the fact the game was released early without any consideration to fix problems with the game.

Possibly even the addition of VAR to the Premier League, which will potentially ruin the enjoyment of the game for me this season.

Fuck for all know, it could have just been a bad day at work.

It won’t be surprising to see the game exceed more them 6 million managers this season. Now as many of us know there won’t be that many active managers, which will reduce that number over the course of the season.

Still some big numbers, but the pricing could potentially cause some managers more of a challenge this season, as opposed to last.

We continue to see players reclassified, to that I say fuck you FPL Towers. Not at all pleased with players moving to and from when it comes to their positions.

The best example, Wil Zaha, 3 years ago, he’s a midfielder. Last year, he’s a forward. This year, he’s back to a midfielder. Stop this fucking madness!

I’m sorry did he not feature as the main point of attack last season for Palace? If you answered yes, then why isn’t he retaining his forward status?

It’s a fucking head scratcher.

Don’t want to get ahead of myself, I will touch more on reclassifying players a bit later in the show.

On a positive note, I am excited to see the game launch, as honestly, I had no material to write or pod about.

I don’t have correspondents, rarely invite guests onto the pod, nor to I feature a co-host, so I was lacking a bit of material and honestly, it was having a nice, but unwanted break from FPL.

However, the damn has broke and let the flood waters rise, FPL is back, and managers can’t wait to RMT their first teams.

Is there anything worse then seeing the same managers retweet their fucking teams every time they make a change?

Stop! Please, we are still more then a month away from the start of the season when Liverpool hosts some new creampuff on the Friday night opener.

I think they play Norwich. A real exciting 4 or 5 nil thriller, I am sure.

Maybe it’s a pet peeve, maybe its just the anger leaking into the pod from my initial thoughts article.

You know what will remedy that?

Beer. Good. Fucking. Beer. With that, let’s crack open out first beer of the show.


FPL is nothing without beer. That is why no Pitch & Pint Podcast is complete without at least one beer review.

Before I get into the review, I did have the pleasure of my first FPL Beer Club meet up, last month.

Richard, RTY9A, visited San Francisco a few weeks ago and we were able to schedule some time together between his conference and my work.

We met down town at Mikkeller SF. He brought me 4 beers; Robot Squirrel from Benchtop Brewing, Nuclear Nugget from Lickinghole Creek, Interlopers and Chubby Unicorns from Aslin Beer Company.

So far, I’ve cracked and reviewed the two IPAs, but I think he’s trying to kill me with those 15% stouts.

Today I go big out of the box, with a collaboration from Cloudwater Brew Company out of Manchester, England and The Veiling Brewing out of Richmond, VA.

Let’s welcome Chubbles to the Pitch & Pint Podcast.

Now, I was fortunate enough to get some beer from The Veil, thanks in part to FPL Sauce, who sent me Yellow Bugatti and Head Less last year. Both excellent!

Yet, I haven’t been as fortunate getting beer from the UK, as shipping costs are exorbitant. However, the beer club lucked into a mule that flies across the Pond to Ireland and the UK.

Last week the mule returned home with a Neapolitan from Northern Monk and Chubbles. Can’t thank the UK lads enough for this and am looking forward to it.

Chubbles is a 10.9% triple NEIPA with 100% English malt, a ton of flaked oats to get it a bit of New England haze and fermented with a specific English yeast and hopped with Galaxy, Citra, El Dorado and Citra BBC.

Let’s pop the top on this 16 oz can…

Chubbles pours an opaque and hazy golden orange with a full and thick, one finger white head and minimal lacing.

The smell…very juice with mango and passion fruit and an abundance of stone fruit with a sweet melon and pineapple.

Let’s see how it goes down…

WOW! This beer is full bodied, very soft across the palette. Big mango and and passion fruit assorted juicy and sweet tropical fruits with a yeasty note and a hint of light grass.


My first craft beer from the UK and Chubbles is nothing short of amazing! On par with some of the best I drink, as I

compare this to what Tree House and other New England breweries offer.

Cheers to the lads in the FPL Beer Club and for FPL_Fly for he legwork to get this beer and another to my mule in London.

Now with Chubbles poured, let’s dig right into the FPL shit and open with changes and unchanges in the FPL game.


I know, unchanges isn’t really a word, but it’s my podcast, I just made that word up.

First topic up. VAR.

  1. VAR

The 2018 World Cup was a preview of things to come for the Premier League when VAR was rolled out.

Not that I am going into the details or the numbers, but for me, it completely ruined the World Cup. It got to a point, I didn’t care any longer for the competition.

The replays and the call reversals, along with a record setting number of penalty kicks isn’t how this game is supposed to be played.

I understand fans want the proper calls, on the pitch. Last thing I want is an official being overturned or having to get it sorted out via replay

VAR in the Premier League will lead to increased penalty opportunities and decreased “watchability” and enjoyment of the beautiful game for me.

We saw the “agony of defeat” at the hands of VAR again in the Champions League, when Manchester City lost a 90″+4 winner over Spurs, only to have it reversed minutes later.

Does the technology work? In some cases, but controversy and disagreement will move from the on-pitch official to the replay booth.

Is it ready for the best league in the world? No, not in my opinion, but someone is getting a shit load of money for bringing this to the game and unfortunately, in the end it seems that is all that matters, not the game itself.

Next topic, bonus points.

  1. BPS Bullshit

Let’s start with what hasn’t changed.

Many FPL managers, who’ve played the game for a few seasons know the Bonus Points System (BPS) is broken, yet FPL won’t acknowledge this fact and review it, potentially fixing how these points are calculated, based on performance.

The word itself “bonus” implies “reward for good performance” yet players are penalized in this “bonus” system.

Conceding a penalty, missing a penalty, yellow cards, red cards and own goals.

Now some of these I can accept. But again, it’s a BONUS POINT SYSTEM. These negative points, except for conceding a penalty are already accounted for in the scoring.

Okay, so FPL Towers doesn’t want to fuck with BPS, but this is the kicker.

Missing a big chance, combined with a shot off target will cost your minus four points in BPS. No wonder Mo Salah never got bonus points, he’s being penalized for being attack minded.

This isn’t new, we as FPL managers have seen it for a few years. Errors leading to goals or attempted goals, being tackled, conceding a foul and offsides all go against what a bonus point system is used for.

So, either scrap the whole fucking lot or fix it.

Next up, chips. How do you take yours?

  1. Chips Unchanged

There was no off-season discussion of chips either, so we are stuck with the same tired chips in the FPL game for the upcoming season.

FPL managers claim there will be strategies to use them. However, based off last year, it really didn’t play out that way.

All the planning and strategizing we do as managers, as well as podcasts and articles on chip theory didn’t really equate to much.

That could just be my very small sample sized, backed by a solid strategy with players who failed, even if they were considered by many to be “template” players.

Not sure I will follow the herd mentality this season, as any accepted strategy late in the season for the doubles and blank game weeks failed, resulting in 4 out of 5 red arrows to round out the game.

Much like the BPS, I could do without chips. The bench boost is a crapshoot, the triple captain is much like betting on the roulette wheel and the free hit.

Well, the free hit is arguably worthwhile in the game

Still feel the wild cards are most useful, thankfully we still get one each half of the season.

Now with the back end sorted, let’s talk take a break and talk beer before getting into position reclassification.

Another topic that could drive an FPL to drink.


It’s time to celebrate! As a beer connoisseur…okay beer drinker, as July 3rd is upon us.

For those in the US, its what we get before the Independence Day fireworks and cookouts.

You must stock up on your favorite beers, right?

That’s why The Brewers Associate is deeming July 3rd National Independent Beer Run Day.

July 4 is Independence Day in the US, and since craft breweries are all about independence, the BA, the not-for-profit membership group for craft brewers and publishers of CraftBeer.com is sending a message to all beer lovers.

“Think independent and drink independent,” says Julia Herz, craft beer program director, Brewers Association.

“Craft beer serves as the anchor for so many Independence Day celebrations. Our libations and the liberation we’re celebrating should go hand in hand.”

It’s a simple notion. As you celebrate the holiday devoted to independence, buy beer from independently-owned breweries on your beer run.

Going back to the 39 episodes I recorded last season, one complaint remains.

It’s the fact that beer review and much of the craft beer related news is centers around the US craft beer scene.

This is something I am working on but not having much success. It feels good to start off this episode with a Cloudwater beer and I will have another UK craft beer in the coming weeks.

As for this week’s news.

It comes from Craftbeer.com and the list of the 2019 best beers in America.

Two things are very clear: all hail Michigan beer and long live the IPA beer style.

Each year, readers of “Zymurgy” magazine, a publication from the American Homebrewers Association, vote for the Best Beer in America.

For the third year in a row, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, an India Pale Ale beer, has claimed the title of “Best Beer in America.”

“We are truly humbled to be recognized by the finest palates in homebrewing,” says John Mallett, director of operations at Bell’s Brewery.

“Only the best Centennial hops, a commitment to quality by the entire Bell’s team, and the splendor of our home state are all part of the beauty of Two Hearted Ale.”

The Michigan beer has held onto the top slot since 2017 when it made a big splash unseating Pliny the Elder’s long reign as “best beer.”

Now before I get to the list, let me say, Pliny is still an excellent beer. Always has been since my first bottle and even now, as Russian River has expanded with a second brewing facility in Windsor, CA.

Unfortunately, in NoCal, Bell’s doesn’t have the strongest distribution and I have never seen their offerings at my local beer joints.

Nowadays, with increased capacity, I can walk into a few beer establishments and see Pliny on the shelf.

This year, IPAs dominated the list with 6 out of 10 being IPAs. Also, 6 of the top 10 were also brewed in Michigan.

  • 1: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale*
  • 2: Russian River Pliny the Elder*
  • 3: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale*
  • 4: Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)
  • 5: The Alchemist Heady Topper*
  • 6: Founders CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
  • 7 (Tie): Founders All Day IPA
  • 7 (Tie): Bell’s Hopslam*
  • 9 (Tie): Founders Breakfast Stout
  • 9 (Tie): WeldWerks Juicy Bits*

However, it’s questionable to put Founders on the list since they don’t meet the independent craft brewers seal definition and certification.

For me, Sierra brews TOO MUCH beer to be considered “craft” any longer. That is just my opinion.

Okay, enough beer news. Let my anger continue as throw back some Chubbles and discuss position reclassification.


It seems when there are other areas to review and possibly change, FPL decides to reclassify players based on where they played last season.

That said, there is NO consistency when it comes to players who were reclassified.

The biggest name leading the way last year was Mo Salah.

Managers were split when it came to the Egyptian with his position for the upcoming season.

Was he a forward or a midfielder? The Liverpool website calls him a forward, like Sadio Mane.

However, neither player was reclassified.

Let’s start with my team, Watford. Gerard Deulofeu is not a forward. Never has been a forward at Everton or Barcelona, but Javi Gracia played him out of position as a forward last season.

Based on the Watford website, he’s a forward.

If you look at his touch heatmap from last season, it is very similar to that of Salah.

FPL in their infinite wisdom suddenly make Deulofeu a forward, while Salah remained a midfielder.

Seem would make sense if Deulofeu was reclassified, then Mo Salah should have been too. Yet, he comes in as £12.5 midfielder. Why?

The same can be said for Diogo Jota, played as a midfielder last season, but up top with Ji-menez much of the season

When you compare him to Wil Zaha, Jota gets reclassified, but so does Zaha, the other way.

Based on their club websites Jota is listed as a forward, as is Zaha, their touch heatmaps, like that comparison of Salah and Deulofeu are nearly identical.

Who the fuck played forward for Palace last season? Sure, the hell wasn’t Benteke or Connor Wickham or Alexander Sorloth, who was shipped out on loan.

Wilfried Zaha, who was the ONLY forward for much of the season at Crystal Palace, but magically drops back to a midfield position?

WTF? Why? Where is the justification for this?

We don’t know since FPL won’t give us any reasons for this reclassification.

He was a budget forward last season, now is on par in price at £7.0 with Luca Milivojevic.

Chances are FPL managers won’t draft both Palace players into their squads, even with VAR active this season.

Unlike Milivojevic, Zaha could potentially score more points then last season (143) and best his high of 149 back in the 2016/17 season.

A midfielder who lost his position was Newcastle’s, Matt Ritchie, now listed as a defender. The Newcastle site not unsurprisingly has his listed as a midfielder, not defender. He did play 18 games last season as left back, but the rest at left or right midfielder.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s now over priced at £5.5.

Way to go FPL! Another gem to start the season. No Rafa, no bueno for Ritchie or Newcastle.

Another head scratcher at Newcastle, who put together an excellent season, Ayoze Perez. Listed as a forward on the Newcastle site but his heat map is dominated in the attacking half of the pitch.

He goes from the forward line, much like Zaha back to a midfield position. Again, who the hell is making these decisions? His season was on par with his strike partner, Salomon Rondon, but a midfielder?

Nope, got another one wrong FPL.

One player I feel FPL did reclassify correctly, Oleksandr Zinchenko, who is listed as a midfielder on mancity.com, but drops back to defender.

Before coming to City, he did play as a midfielder, but hasn’t featured in that position for the Sky Blues.

However, based on last season’s performance is overpriced at £5.5 after just 1100 minutes, 3 assists and 9 CS.

Could he possibly beat out Ben Mendy, if he remains at Man City, for the left back position?

It’s possible, but at £0.5 less there are other full-time playing options out there without the same inherent City rotation risk.

There were a few others, who don’t hold much FPL value in my eyes.

Jeffrey Schlupp is now a midfielder, compared to defender last season, while a few West Ham boys, Declan Rice is now a midfielder and Arthur Masuaku, a defender.

I am sure there will be more jerking FPL managers around next season when it comes to shifting selected players and their positions.

So now I’ve bitched about VAR, BPS, chips and reclassified players. Wanna guess what’s next?


If the reclassification wasn’t enough for FPL managers, the price points for many players have come in too high this season. Not saying ALL players. Just most.

Prior to the release of the new game, Andrew Robertson came in at what I expected, 7 million. A fair price and on par with Marcos Alonso to start the 2017/18 season.

At what point does FPL start pricing managers out?

How many years can we continue to see prices rise without ruining the game or really turning it upside down?

Maybe they consider the game “too easy” and increasing prices will make the game more competitive and possibly avoiding those “templates” that ALWAYS form over the course of the season.

ALWAYS. Did you hear that FPL Towers??? ALWAYS!

It’s trying to level the playing field, something that won’t work. I’ve tried to do it in another fantasy game for 36 years and the playing field is NEVER level.

My thinking is, there will be many managers who will own either Salah or his teammate, Sadio Mane, but not both, now separated by just £1.0.

I am sure this debate will continue to rage through much of the season as well as over the pre-season.

Many players I’ve looked at seem to be £0.5 too expensive, some I mentioned in the players section above.

There was lots of talk about the Liverpool defenders and where they would come in.

Somewhat surprised, but pleased to see Andrew Robertson at £7.0, while Virgil van Dijk is £0.5 less.

However, after just a single good season, Trent Alexander-Arnold is also £7.0. Too much, based on a single season.

Maybe the same could have been said for Robertson, who before last season topped out at 5 assists, but finished last year with 12.

Think it would have been more accepted to make VVD £7 million and Alexander-Arnold, £6.5.

Then MANY managers would have gone with the cheaper option. Remember FPL is trying to make this harder for managers.

Guess FPL is banking on his assist threat again this season.

My thoughts, I will go with VVD and Robertson again, like I did last season.

The real winner could be whoever partners with van Dijk, I am betting on Joe Gomez (£5.5).

That said, Joel Matip (£5.5) also finished the season strong but are “budget” defensive options at Liverpool.

Goalkeepers are probably the worst priced players in the game. All those £4.5 keepers each increased by £0.5.

Sorry Ben Foster on the back of 7 CS is a £5.0 keeper? I call bullshit! Fabianksi, just 7 CS but a league high 148 saves. Bullshit again.

Martin Dubravka and Rui Patricio? Where is the logic in why these players mysteriously increased in price?

Maybe they were all “strong catchers of the ball.”

Guess we can all take solace in knowing So’ton has the cheap £4.5 starters. Just no assurance on who starts.

Jordan Pickford is now £5.5! Really?

Everton isn’t a top six club and somewhat surprising, Marco Silva figured out how to play defense.

Even after a good run to end the season for the Toffees, I can’t see giving the Englishman a look at that price.

A look at my stats does show Pickford as the top GK using VAPM, 0.45 compared to Alisson and Lloris at 0.44 and Ederson at 0.42.

Looking ahead, I feel more comfortable with Ederson or Alisson.

Pickford isn’t on par with Hugo Lloris Kepa or David de Gea.

Guess its time to pick up either Alisson or Ederson for the long haul and not worry about this overpriced group at £5.0.

The midfield is a muddled mess, as Heung-min Son sees a £1.0 increase to £9.5!

Wow, just priced me out of the South Korean. Looking at Man City, I feel it’s a mixed bag, as I am willing to give Kevin De Bruyne a look at £9.5, but feel Bernardo Silva is too expensive at £8.0.

Leroy Sane, £9.5? Really, the same at KDB? Based off what?

Richarlison pulled his milk carton routine last season, but finished stronger, which was surprising. At £8.0, I just don’t see him on the same level at Bernardo Silva or teammate, Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Ryan Fraser got a crazy bump of £2.0 after one good season for Bournemouth, not sure that’s justified.

Surprised FPL didn’t reclassify him too! Okay that’s said as more tongue in cheek, then anything else.

He was to be one of the first players in my team, but not at £7.5, which led me to his teammate, David Brooks.

A part time player last season, his first with the club and he increases £1.5 million, now £6.5! Overpriced!

This when players like James Maddison, Milivojevic and Zaha are priced at £7.0. No justice this season for overpriced Cherries this season.

Another midfielder jumping up in price, the youngster, Dwight McNeill. Just £4.5 last season, limited minutes, 3 goals and 4 assists, but sees a £1.5 increased to £6.0! Crazy! Insane!

Going the other direction, not that many will draft Alexis Sanchez, but he fell from £10.5 to £7.0!

I fell for this United trap last year and won’t be bitten twice by this throw away.

At £8.5, Dele Alli could be the midfielder to own at Spurs, depending on what happens with Christian Eriksen.

Alli dropped by £0.5, starting at £8.5, coming off his worst season at Spurs.

His midfielder partner, who potentially should have been reclassified, Lucas Moura bumped up £0.5 to £7.5.

Again, looking at heat map data, Moura is identical to Deulofeu.

Price is justified, but should he not be a forward?

He’s no different than a few other midfielders now up top.

Kun Aguero highest priced forward £12.0, where he finished last season, but his highest price in 3 seasons.

The biggest loser, no surprise, he currently wears a United jersey, Romelu Lukaku, drops £2.5.

The flat track bully is pushing for a move, so he could be irrelevant when the season starters.

Hell, he’s on United and already irrelevant!

Callum Wilson was Jerykl and Hyde last season. Had a good first half of the season, got injured, as he usually does and returned in GW30, but was only a shade of his former self.

Yet his 14 goals and 12 assists meant a £2.0 increase to £8.0, now borderline premium.

Even Jamie Vardy, who’s stats were down from last season maintained his £9.0 price tag. Should he not have been £0.5 cheaper?

It just doesn’t make sense to warrant a £1.5 or £2.0 increase, but don’t see it often work the other way.

Going back to Wilson for a moment, his strike partner, Josh King is only £6.5 and he’s on pens! He scored 2 fewer goals last season.

Speaking of price decreases, if Chelsea doesn’t recall a youngster up top, Olivier Giroud is an interesting option at £7.0. I’d pay that for 14-16 goals this season.

Many FPL managers are jumping on Jimmy, Raul Ji-menez at £7.5. No real surprise here, is there?

After the struggle Burnley had last season, especially defensively competing in Europe, I am not bullish on Wolves or the Mexican to start the year

It could be a big ask for Ji-menez to hit for 13 and 10 this season, but his now strike partner, Diogo Jota is just £6.5, which is where he started in their promoted season, as he finished with 9 and 8.

Another forward I am watching, Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Another £0.5 mover, as the Toffee is now £6.0 and could be a 12 and 10 man, IF he gets the minutes.

There really are NO cheap options at the forward position. Many FPL managers appear to be going with budget forwards, while bypassing the premiums.

Just answer this, how the fuck did Austin and Ings increase in price. Logical can’t explain what FPL Towers does.


<queue Spanish Flea>

That’s it for Episode 42, thanks for listening.

Please, don’t fucking retweet your RMTs. No one wants to see all 13904 versions of your team when you change a single fucking player.

It’s still real early as we are over a month away from the start of the season. There will be some moves coming, in the form of transfers or loans.

FPL still has some players to add, who knows maybe they are done fucking around and will reclassify more players.

I know, that won’t happen. Next show, I will leave Mr. Angry at the door and be more positive.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.

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Thanks for listening to The Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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