Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 45 Show Notes

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Season 2, Episode 45 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Monday, June 11, Under Review.

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Hello and welcome to Episode 45 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.


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*sigh* So, Slim Shady I am not, but let me say I am probably not long for watching Premier League games like I was last season.

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It didn’t even take a single game and we had VAR issues. Surprised?

Surely not. It’s like Microsoft bringing out a new version of Windows, an incomplete product.

But THAT is our expectation of the product when we decided to deal with Microsoft and their products.

This is the Premier League. “Premier” defined by Webster as “first in position, rank or importance.”

Why bring an incompletely product, VAR, to the world’s premier league?

I’ve got more thoughts on this, but rest assured it’s a topic that will be talked to death, if not by the talking heads on TV, then by other podcasts.

As for first week of games, some very big scores. Let me say, I don’t expect that trend to continue, none of us should.

It just so happens that some big teams with highly owned players did their thing this weekend.

We started on Friday with Liverpool dropped 4 goals on Norwich.

Saturday, it was City going one better and scoring 6..errr…5, thanks VAR. Spurs chipped in for 3 against Villa.

Sunday, we saw United running up 4 goals against Chelsea. Sorry Frank, you’re not in the Championship any longer and this isn’t Derby County.

Got discussions on these topics and more today on The Pitch & Pint Podcast.

Now with business out of the way, let’s get started.


While Watford did some excellent business during the transfer period, it didn’t translate into a good performance at Vicarage Road to open the season.

Like last year, it was Brighton & Hove Albion in town, now under an attack minded, Graham Potter at the helm, replacing Chris Houghton, just days after last season ended.

The Seagulls made some good moves in their own rights, adding to their below average attack from last season that featured just “old man” Murray as the main threat.

However, they should some firepower in their preseason games, that had some FPL manager thinking about their budget attackers.

Ahead of the season, Watford filled a few holes, we brought in Craig Dawson to solidify a defense that was average, at best last season.

He and Ben Foster had played together for years at West Brom. In a surprise move, Watford signed Danny Welbeck on a free transfer.

This, to me was a bit of a head scratcher, as we had Andre Gray and Issac Success.

Truth be told, Welbeck, even now at 28 is still better then Gray or Success. Gray put together a stong preseason, much like he did last year, if memory serves me correct.

Deulofeu didn’t feature in the last few preseason games and ended up managing a muscle issue.

However, asked ahead of GW1, if I were to draft in Deulofeu or Gray, I stuck by the Spaniard, who did start.

Unfortunately, so did Gray, who partnered up front with captain Troy Deeney.

Deulofeu replaced Maxi Pereyra out on the left wing, who wasn’t fit because of his participation in the Copa Americana with Argentina. Welbeck, having signed late, wasn’t fit and not an option.

As with last year, I will say it again this season, Gray is NOT a starter! He is now an impact substitute and gives Watford the combination of power and speed late in the game.

He doesn’t partner as well with Deeney as Deulofeu does.

Honestly, I would have rather seen Ken Sema out on the left with Deulofeu up front and Gray, on the bench.

Things started off badly for the Hornets, who won this fixture last year to open the campaign, 2-0. Just 28 minutes in a miskick by Doucoure sent the ball spinning past a late diving Ben Foster to put the seagulls up 1-0.

In all honest, this was probably the Hornets team we figured to see start last season, not this one.

Described as “dispirited and disjointed” by journalists, their play was nothing short of second best on the pitch.

The second half started much like the first ended, with Brighton the better team and Javi on the back foot, looking to make some changes.

That sent Deulofeu to the bench in favor of Pereyra, yet he felt the need to keep Gray up top, solely because of his preseason. I gotta disagree with that move.

The Seagulls would go on to notch their second goal from Florin Andone in the 65th minutes on a ball that wasn’t cleared by Jose Holebas.

Down 2-0, Watford had their work cut out, but it would be too little, too late, as Gray was subbed off in favor of Issac Success, but just 2 minutes later, the nail in the Watford coffin.

Dunk carried the ball down the pitch and in one pass found Neal Maupay and the former Brentford man put it away to seal the away victory, 3-0.

Overall a very poor performance from the Golden Boys.

The take away from the game can be summed up by Gracia, “I think we need to improve, maybe it’s a good wake-up call for the rest of the season. It’s the first game and we have a lot of games and time to improve. Today there are no excuses. They played better than us and deserved the three points and got the result they deserved.”

Having watched the rest of the game, Watford had NO stand out players. Ask me now what to do with Deulofeu, I would say give him another week.

He was short on match fitness, which was one reason he was pulled early from the game in favor of Pereyra, but the Hornets don’t get any returns from Gray in the next few games, rest assured, it will be Deulofeu returning to top the formation with Deeney.

Defensively, Cathcart and Dawson were terrible. They did not communicate or play well together in front of Foster, who found himself struggling.

Obviously, it will take time for these center backs to gel, but not to a relegation candidate in Brighton.

Right now, there are NO Watford options to consider for your FPL team. If you have Deulofeu, hold. If you have any defenders, they are purely bench fodder.

Watford take on the snake, Marco Silva and Everton next weekend.

With that disaster out of the way, let’s look at the next.

VAR (06:06)

Let’s tackle the white elephant in the room first, VAR. Hopefully the tackle won’t be reviewed before I am done.

Back in 2018, VAR was used for the World Cup in Russia, for me, it ruined the tournament, to the point I lost interest and didn’t care to watch it or who won it.

Not that I watch women’s soccer, but all I heard was negative comments about the use of the technology during their World Cup.

Now we have this behemoth in the Premier League. Yet, it got off to 5-minute delay in the second half of the Liverpool, Norwich game when a static issue was detected requiring attention.

Of course the Premier League was quick to defend VAR, issuing the statement, “There was a slight delay to the restart as the officials’ headsets were repaired – this issue was unrelated to VAR.”

Sorry, I disagree. Had this problem occurred DURING the game, that’s an unnecessary 5-minute that will be added to the end of the game.

And why is it called injury or extra time, should it not be called VAR Time? Because we saw some lengthy extra time in a few games.

Do I sound like a manager playing 5-men at the back? Trying to hold on to those last 2 clean sheets knowing my defenders need to hold on for another 5-7 minutes?

Sorry, unless it’s an injury that causes the removal of an individual due to the severity of the injury, we should NOT be seeing 5-7 minutes of added time after the full 90 minutes.

That alone tells me, they need to work on shortening reviews, making it less intrusive to the game.

Now, I am not sure who discussed VAR on the telly in the UK, but Premier League Mornings, who aren’t good to begin with, but the only access we, in the US have when it comes to watching games were homers in support of the technology.

I could give a fuck less what Kyle Martino thinks of it, along with Robbie Mustoe and Rebecca Lowe.

All I seemed to hear on Sunday, watching the games was how VAR was good and why wasn’t the American, Pulisic starting.

It took just parts of 2 games before VAR came into play and disallowed a game.

Now I’ll be honest, I caught West Ham vs City early Saturday morning, the first half of the Watford game and all the games on Sunday.

Regardless of the decision, I don’t like the fact the on-pitch officials have to wait for the “official” decision from VAR on every goal.

There is no consistency in VAR. Let’s jump forward to Sunday and with no intent, a headed ball hits Wily Boly’s arm before Leander Dendoncker volley’s home for the go-ahead goal.

Now, I respect Martin Atkinson, but he didn’t see the unintentional “hand ball” but Statler and Waldorf did in the replay booth. That’s a Muppets reset, if you don’t know who they are.

After delaying the game, with the ball in the center circle for kickoff, Atkinson disallowed the goal and it was a free kick.

However, later in the second half another hand ball occurred, but Atkinson didn’t stop play, as they let the Leicester attack (I believe) continue to run its course.

The attack didn’t result in a goal, so it was a no call by the officials and VAR.

Why? Maybe I should ask why not? Rules are in place for a reason, so I thought. But where is the consistency?

Why do they change rules and replay when it happens inside the 18-yard box or the middle of the pitch?

Had the attack been successful, after the Leicester goal, would replay gone back that far, to the opposite end of the pitch to nullify the goal?

Can’t say, but the way the commentators were talking about it, rest assured it would have been called back.

One thing VAR is going to do is decrease my enjoyment of watch the Premier League.

Last year, I was dedicated, renewed the TV package and would attempt to have every game playing.

However, after GW1, I don’t really give a shit about watching them any longer.

It’s going the way of the NFL, where replay is king and everything is going to be “under review”, which takes away from what the beautiful game is.

I feel they should have spent more time working out problems, testing it in the EFL or FA Cup in order to work out the problems.

Why bring an incomplete review system to the “premier” league in the world?

I won’t support it, just like the NFL it takes the enjoyment of the game away as a spectator and places the attention of the game on the officials.

I head more about the officials this week then I did about the game. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but I am sure all of you know what I mean.

Officials aren’t meant to be the center of attention, the players and game itself are.

So Statler and Waldorf can sum up VAR by saying:

Statler: They aren’t half bad.
Waldorf: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

All that VAR talk has made me thirsty, I need no assistance in selecting craft beer.


Last week it was Reno As Fuck, an imperial NEIPA from Revision Brewing, this week move to the northeast and Portland, Maine.

This area has become a real hot bed for craft beer in the past few years. Some excellent breweries in a very small area that include

Bissell Brothers

Maine Beer Co

Austin Street

Battery Steele

Allagash Brewing



Mast Landing

Lone Pine

Liquid Riot and today’s brewery, Definitive Brewing Company.

Definitive Brewing was formed in 2017, when they came across lightning in a beer bottle.

After months of planning, they were introduced to their, now, Director of Brewing Operations and found an ideal location, this in the span of a single week.

The investment group behind this brewery is made up of friends and family with ties to Cobbosseecontee in Manchester, Maine.

After 6 months of tireless efforts to transform an old scaffolding company into a production brewery and tasting room, Definitive opened May 19, 2018 on the legendary Industrial Way.

This street is home to Foundation and Allegash Brewing as well.

Definitive Brewing strives to provide a memorable tasting room experience for all of their customers.

This is culminated by a wide variety of beers, including our Kolsch (Contee), Session Ales, IPAs, Stouts and Sours!

Like many small craft breweries, distribution is limited as Definitive self-dis-stributes to Maine and to Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire through the Craft Collective, an independent craft exclusive wholesaler.

Before today’s offering, this is one of those breweries I purchase off eBay. Not cheap, but I rarely put a price on quality craft beer.

Distant Gardens, Vanilla Dome Strawberry and Industrial Crossbreeze are just a few others I’ve had before coming across Everything But the 90’s, a collaboration with RAR out of Cambridge, Maryland.

RAR is a tough one. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, the FPL Beer Mule is about 2 hours away, not an easy trek. We also have a FPL Beer Club member who lives out that way, making RAR commonplace.

As of now, I can’t comment on any of RARs beers as I have never had any.

Everything But the 90’s is an 8.4% imperial IPA described on their website as “brewed with citra hop oil and then double dry hopped with a blend of cryo pellets and a touch of sabro.

It tastes and smells like Pineapple Capri Sun, tropical Gushers, and sipping Slush Puppies on a hot summer day!”

Let’s pop the top on this 16-ounce can.

This retro banger pours a “definitive” hazy yellow orange with a 1-finger, white and sticky head with little retention but provides a thin veil along with some spider web lacing.

The smell…is big juicy pineapple up front, smells like teen spirit! It’s s a bit more bitter then sweet, carrying a dry, grassy note with hints of citrus, including mandarin orange some stone fruits and touch of grapefruit.

Let’s see how it goes down…much like the aroma on the nose there’s some tropical notes up front with the pineapple, as the bitterness comes through with a hint of berry, melon and pineapple with the light booze note creeping in at the end.

Overall, like many of the Portland beers I’ve taste, this is a banger! Mouthfeel is a bit bigger then some of the other Definitive beers I’ve had, a bit stickier, but these guys know how to brew!

With our beer poured let’s get into the FPL discussion.

TOP 1000 (13:49)

Much like last season, using Fantasy Football Fix, I track the top 1000 managers when it comes to player ownership.

Why? Because if you want to be the best, you need to know who the best has in their starting XI.

One goal I set ahead of the season was to “start strong” and while my OR of 669k says otherwise, 84 points is an excellent start to the 2019/20 season.

Especially when my second goal was to average 60 points or more over 38 weeks of the season.

I share just four players in common with the top 1k; van Dijk, Salah, Jimenez and Dendoncker.

In a late tinker session, I moved off Sterling and Silva in order to put more emphasis on the forward position.

Something I will discuss when I get to my team.

The rational for the move, that KDB would be better value at 9.5 over Sterling at 12.0.

Obviously, after just one-week KDB was the 4th highest scorer on the team behind Sterling with his hat trick and 20 points, Mahrez on 14 with three assists and Walker with 8 points with an assist and clean sheet.

Still 7 points to start is an average I would take all season long with KDB, equating to 266 points on the season.

It’s interesting that Alisson had a top 1k ownership of 32.7%! Pretty high, given there are more potential points in the defenders and midfielder.

Now with the Brazilian sidelined 4-8 weeks, Adrian, the 4.5% back up could become a real value option for those FPL managers looking to buy into the Liverpool defense at a cut rate.

No surprise Alison has been transferred out by 500k managers, making the move to Ederson, who’s gained nearly 230k new managers.

It’s just a 3% gain in ownership for Adrian with managers also looking at De Gea, after United’s 4-0 victory.

A big mover in the opposite direction, Bernardo Silva, left out of the game by Pep, as his counterpart, David started, along with Mahrez, who’s owned by just 1% across FPL.

Bernado has lost over 160k managers as many make a easy transfer to Martial, at 7.5 who picked up a late goal, playing OOP as a forward for the Red Devils.

The other options, Sigurdsson or Sterling, which will cost you a hit, unless you started the season with 4 million ITB.

While my starting XI doesn’t reflect that of the top 1k, I feel I have some quality players for the first few weeks of the season that should see me keep pace.

Sterling is the only player I didn’t want to lose, but feel it was the right move to get a premium forward in the mix for future transfers at the position if so desired.

Time to check out of FPL and into beer!


The FPL Beer Club League is back for its second season.

Last year, it was close at the top, but @PadFul, Paddy Fulton came out on top as champion.

Overall 2411 points were scored with a weekly average of 86.1. Nice work by the FPL Beer Club managers.

The top five managers this week starting at #5 is Walt S with Beastie FC finishing with 93 points.

In 4th place we have a tie between Professor Boogie with FC Boogax and Jay S. with Lawyers Guns & Mane, both on 95 points.

Also saw a tie for 3rd place as Tyler Kelly with Ole Can’t Drive and Chris Klein, Obi Wan-Bissaka finished on 97 points.

Second place, now quite sure what got into Richard Young, but RTY9A finished on 98 points. Excellent job Richard!

At the top of the FPL Beer Club League after a game week is Stu Lord and Gylfi Pleasures, breaking the century mark with 109 points.

It’s a box of beer up for grabs in the FPL Beer Club League, as I look forward to tracking the head rise and fall, much like a pouring a craft beer.

Now back to some highs and lows after this first game week.

HIGHS & LOWS (17:39)

Who overachieved and underperformed this week?

Let’s start with last year’s champions, Man City.

I think all FPL managers were very surprised not to see Bernardo Silva not starting.

Pep said, “The only problem Riyad had last season is the manager didn’t select him often because he had one of the best players of the season, Bernardo [in his position]. Bernardo now knows ‘wow, Riyad is an incredible player’ and has to make a step forward.”

It’s no surprise Mahrez is good, we saw that in Leicester City’s championship season, in which he scored 240 points on 17 goals, 11 assists and 18 clean sheets or even his 2012/13 season with 12 goals, 13 assists and 9 clean sheets.

Give him 3000 minutes this season and he could post similar stats, but will he be able to get the minutes?

Owned by just 2.9% of managers across FPL, he was a huge GW1 differential.

No Leroy Sane will push the case for Mahrez, but where does that leave Bernardo?

At one point I had both Slabhead and Wan-Bissaka in my starting XI but moved off because I did not want to rely on United early in the season, based off how poorly they finished last season.

Maguire and AWB both come into the game at 5.5 finishing on 8 and 6 points respectively with De Gea grabbing 10 points with 7 saves and 2 bonus points.

However, one game does not make a season, nor does it change my outlook on the United defense.

I am going to give them a few more games before I realistically consider their defensive assets.

They do have great fixtures through GW14, facing ARS at home in GW7 and Liverpool in GW9.

However, if you have Alisson and don’t want to buy in on Adrian at 4.5, you could get into DDG and save 0.5.

I was pleased with the play of Anthony Martial, the new number 9, did what he needed to and scored in the 4-0 win against Chelsea.

At 7.5, you could quickly see him and teammate, Marcus Rashford (8.5) pick up a price rise.

Both players are some of the most highly transferred in this week.

I have no problem buying in the attackers but going to hold and wait on their defense.

While Sterling impressed with his hat trick, his price was a bit too restrictive for me at 12.0 and feel I made the right decision to move off him for Harry Kane.

That 1.0 million savings allowed something other than a 6.5 forward.

Kane appears to be in good form, even if his brace came late in their 3-1 win against Villa.

While he didn’t match Sterling, he does appear to have shaken that August curse, gaining confidence with 13-point performance, as he grabbed all 3 bonus points.

Ashley Barnes was another that overperformed in GW1 on the back of a brace and 3 bonus to match that of Kane, the Clarets front man looked more than his 6.5 price tag, as So’ton looked battered defensively.

He was the right 6.5 option to own as King, Ings, Deeney, Jota and Wood each finished on 2 points, while Deulofeu played on the left flank playing just 45 minutes for a 1-point performance.

Along with Barnes, Divock Origi with a goal and assist in the Liverpool opener, but his minutes will be short lived with Sadio Mane back in the fold for GW2

New boys Billy Sharp at Shef United played just 8 minutes, but picked up a key goal grabbing all 3 bonus points

Teemu Pukki ruined the clean sheet bid for Liverpool, who looked out of favor defensively much of the game, grabbing the goal for Norwich.

A disappointing performance for all the Leicester City assists at the attacking end of the pitch.

Maddison, Perez, Tielemans and Vardy all failed to impress against Wolves, who’s defense looked much improved over last season.

That said, the play of Jota and Jimenez up front didn’t have that “killer instinct” we saw last year.

Quite a few of weak shots or off target that potentially could have been put away last season.

Maybe there is something to truly consider early on with Wolves participating in Thursday Europa League that will take a toll on their players as FPL assets.

Looking at the midfielder, one that sticks out because of his failure, Ross Barkley. Guess FPL managers didn’t learn last season, just wanted the cock tease again this season.

Not sold on the Chelsea offense, didn’t think they looked at that good, even when the American made his way into the game.

Mason Mount did turn my head, but he’s still got a lot to learn, but might be a worthwhile shout at 6.0 to get into.

Both Richarlison and Sigurdsson failed to impress, as each finished with 3 points. Their goal drought continues, much as it did during preseason. If Watford is a leaky as they were in GW1, I could see Everton coming back to prove a point to Silva’s former employer.

I will give a thumbs up to Villa’s, John McGinn, picked up a goal in the 3-1 loss at Spurs but got the full 90 minutes and could prove a viable option at 5.5.

Not going to get too excited about Erik Pieters or Ainsley Maitland-Niles, 14 and 12 points respectively. Pieters picked up 2 assists, that won’t happen often especially for Burnley defenders, as for Arsenal, need to see more of them for any of their defenders become assets.

I did like Wily Boly, at 5.0, I felt he looked very strong and commanding in the back for Wolves, which is good. He provides threat and picked up 3 bonus points.

Going to reserve judgment on defensive assets from Leicester City and Everton until we see more from both teams. Yerry Mina, now fit picked up 9 points, as did Ricardo Pereira, but want to see if both defenses are for real.

Interesting to note that Paul Pogba did not take the PK awarded in the game, it was left to Marcus Rashford, who won the penalty. That said, Pogba finished on 2 assists and could be good value at 8.5.

I think we also have to give West Ham a pass, as they got roughed up by City, 5-0 but there were a few things to be optimist about.

First, I liked the play of Aaron Cresswell, back in the mix for the Hammers, a few seasons removed from triple digit returns.

I also thank Manuel Lanzini played well in the #10 role, at 6.5 he could be one to keep an eye on as the Hammers fixtures are excellent through GW5.


As for my starting XI this week, I scored 84 points, my best ever game week 1 performance, regardless of my OR at 669k. For many weeks I left my starting XI unchanged with treble Liverpool on defense; Robertson, Alexander-Arnold and van Dijk with Man City on attack; Sterling, KDB and Bernardo.

However, after shifting players and moving budget, I was able to put out, what I felt was a stronger starting XI, even with Sterling bagging 3 goals last Saturday. In fact, I moved out Sterling and Bernardo in favor of Fraser and Martial, both at 7.5 but was able to bring in Kane and Jimenez up front. My thinking was if Kane and Jimenez can duplicate last year’s results, it would potentially outperform that with Sterling and a 6.0 or 6.5 forward.

Defensively, the only change ahead of GW1 I considered, moving Maguire and AWB in for Zinchenko and Stones. I wasn’t completely sold on United, as I mentioned a bit earlier, I’m still not. I think Wolves will prove a tougher task then Chelsea did. Both City and United have excellent fixtures going forward, so it’s quite possible if the Red Devils post another CS against Wolves I would give their defenders a sniff.

So, 84 points to start the season, behind Nick Pope and 8 points as Burnley go big and clean So’ton, 3-0. Pope, a 4.5 option could be an excellent selection this season, as I don’t look to move off him unless he picks up an injury.

I started in a 4-4-2 with van Dijk and Joe Gomez, two central defenders combined with Zinchenko and Stones. City picked up a CS, giving me 12 points for my defenders, while Liverpool conceded, van Dijk did net his first of the season for 8 points, Gomez a no return, but still 10 points between the two, it was 30 points to build on for the week, which is 6 points per player.

Looking ahead, depending on how well Pool plays defensively, I might move on either Maguire or AWB, budget permitting.

In the midfielder I broke down and didn’t want to be “that manager” otherwise known as a “fucking idiot” to be the one without Mo Salah. I brought the Egyptian in and captained him this week for 24 points on a goal, assist and 2 bonus points.

KDB and Martial each scored 7 points, Martial on a late goal for United, while KDB added an assist, clean sheet and 1 bonus point.

It was Ryan Fraser who fizzled in GW1, as did the Cherries for that fact, after all the talk about them in the preseason.

However, I am not going to lose faith in Weeman. I still like their fixtures away to Villa next week, home to City, which isn’t favorable but a strong run after that GW3 match up to GW10.

Up front, I feel justified as Harry Kane seemed to break duck early this season on the back of a late brace at the New Lane scoring 13 points!

Adding Kane for Sterling allows me flexibility up front, if I need to move him for any other forward, except Aguero.

After never owning Jimenez last season, I felt he was better value this season than any of the 6.5 options, none of which I felt comfortable owning.

I was on the likes of King, Jota and Deulofeu, at different points of the preseason, but none of them felt right, nor did any of options less than that price point.

My bench, it doesn’t really matter as NONE of them will ever see the pitch. I do own Dendoncker, but it’s doubtful he will see any time if I decided to shift from a 4-4-2 to a 3-5-2.

The Wolves player was also the recepient of that VAR call, disallowing his goal. At 4.5, he did look good going forward for Wolves.

Ahead of GW2, I’ve already planned on rolling my FT. Why? There are no pressing issues or players I feel I need to move.

Gomez on 2 points and Fraser on 1 point, I am willing to run with both players for a few more weeks before considering moving either or both.

I did mention the fact Gomez at 5.5 could be make weight for a United defender IF they continue to show promise defensively.

I could even look at downgrading Gomez to a 4.5, gaining 1.0 million and looking at another midfielder, Pogba and Mahrez would head that shortlist after just one week.

GW2 could prove challenging for Jimenez and Wolves as they host an upstart United team, fresh off the 4-0 thrashing of toothless, Chelsea.

Spurs travel to the Eithad to in a replay of the Champions League semifinal last season, decided by VAR. Could be a tough call for Harry Kane.

It could be another BIG game week for Salah, who will be highly captained as the Reds travel to St. Mary’s and a Saints team that took it on the chin against Burnley, 3-0.

MAILBAG (28:11)

It’s time to dive into the Pitch & Pint Mailbag today and some questions.

First up Marco at The Art of the Dive FPL Podcast, “So we covered your questions on ManU. Now I want your opinion on the ManU D.”

From Kenny McDowell, “Took a week 1 punt on Wood that failed given his pre season form – would it be worth replacing him with Jota at the same price albeit he is facing MU at home?

Finally from FPLKing of The Fantasy King Podcast, “Stephen, Lucas Moura do we keep him for the City game or cash him in? And if we cash him in what replacements? Maybe Richarlison?


<queue Spanish Flea>

That’s it for Episode 45, thanks for listening.

Big scores across the FPL community, at least on Twitter to get this 2019/20 FPL season started.

Keep your head, don’t make any rash decisions at this point.

Even if your team didn’t fair well, but you were above the weekly average, don’t consider drastic change, let alone a wild card to grab those hot players from GW1.

It’s a long season and we just starting, lots off football to be played with lots of bitching and complaining about VAR from me.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

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Good luck this weekend, may your arrows be green!

Thanks for listening to The Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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