2019/20 Premier League: GW2 Transfers

Now, I saw a Tweet from Neil Murray (@roneildinho) that read, “I’m not in the ‘Save your FT this GW’ camp. I’m in the ‘Do what’s best for your particular team’ camp. While saving a FT looks the best move for many (including myself) it doesn’t necessarily mean it is for everyone. Make your FT decision with your eyes, not others’ voices.” For me, saving a FT is doing the right thing, however as Neil said, it might not be best for your FPL team. We should each play the game that we need to play in order to be success, not carry that herd mentality that has been seen on Twitter in the past.

After posting 84 points to start the season, I have no doubts weekly scores will crash back to reality, as a game week average of 65 points is extremely high. There are some interesting fixtures this weekend: AVL v BOU, MCI v TOT, LIV v SOU, MCI v TOT and CHE v LEI. Bournemouth, after all the talk in the preseason didn’t shine in GW1. Conversely, City and Liverpool posted bangers to start the season, but how will Spurs fair in their visit to the Eithad, a series dominated by the Sky Blues. Liverpool looks to do what Burnley did to the Saints and dominate them, while two teams in question, Chelsea and Leicester City face off, neither were impressive. Monday could be a big game, as Wolves, scoreless in GW1 face an upstart bandwagon in United.

For the moment, I am not taking the games into consideration as I look over my 15-man squad. Coming off a strong start in GW1, I don’t see any areas I need to improve, that’s not to say I didn’t have players who under performed. Look no further then £7.5 midfielder, Ryan Fraser, a 1-point return or defender, Joe Gomez, just a 2-point return. Even Raul Jimenez failed to return an attacking return at Leicester.

To use my FT this week on any of those players would be a hasty decision and could potentially hinder, more then help my team over the first period (4 weeks for me) of play. The impatient manager in me would move Gomez for a United defender, either Maguire or Wan-Bissaka. After just a single game week, I am not sold on the Red Devils, taking a wait and see approach before hoping that bandwagon.

Going in I knew my defense would ultimately live and die by the clean sheet, the van Dijk goal made up for the forfeited clean sheet. The City match up this week isn’t great, so expectations on Zinchenko and Stones are reserved. Based on how I organized my defense, I have many options to look at going forward, if I decided to move off the double defenses of Liverpool and City.

While Dendoncker’s goal was disallowed (thanks to VAR), he was outstanding and a very cost effective £4.5, who will remain as my first bench player. There are two schools of thought when it comes to KDB, at £9.5 many see the City maestro as a “bargain” pick over the likes of Sterling. As I mentioned on Episode 45 on the Pitch & Pint Podcast, “Still 7 points to start is an average I would take all season long with KDB, equating to 266 points on the season.” Consistent returns over the big returns, which carry move value?

That question is asked, as I look to the future, one that could see me drop Jimenez for a second £4.5 forward and shfit £3.0 back into the midfield allowing me to upgrade KDB to Sterling. That transfer would change my formation from a 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1, putting Dendoncker into a starting role at £4.5. Is that any more risky then staying with De Bruyne in a “support” role for City and hoping Jimenez duplicates the success we saw last season.


If you are in dire straights after GW1, first off don’t panic. It’s not time to but that button or do anything rash. Scores of 60 points are a great start to the season. I saw that, but then activated the first wild card after just two games weeks last season. I digress, I back this by saw, 60 PPW is an excellent average to maintain over 38 weeks. If you do this, while posting excellent captain returns and positive results from your chips, you SHOULD end up inside the top 10k, a goal MANY managers cite to start the FPL season.


Adrián (LIV/2.2 TSB%/£4.5)

The unfortunate injury to Alisson Becker saw newly signed Adrián called into action. The former West Ham man, played well, but did give up a goal to Pukki. Moving forward, if Alisson wasn’t replaced with Ederson (before the price rise), then Alisson is am excellent way in to the Liverpool defense. The Reds should bounce back with a clean sheet as they travel to St. Mary’s. Next 5 games: sou/ARS/bur/NEW/che


Lewis Dunk (BHA/9.4 TSB%/£4.5)

The Brighton defender secured a clean sheet while picking up an assist against Watford. Looking ahead, the upstart Seagulls have a good run of schedules with the exception of the City game in GW4. Brighton looked good on the weekend and could pick up another CS or two over that period. Next 5 games: WHU/SOU/mci/BUR/new


John McGinn (AVL/4.4 TSB%/£5.5)

The Villa midfielder surprised many, picking up the early goal for the newly promoted club against Spurs and posted some strong numbers for 90 minutes. While Villa could get relegated, he’s highly involved in the attack. As a fifth or even a fourth midfielder, he looks to be real value after last weekend. Next 5 games:  BOU/EVE/cry/WHU/ars


Teemu Puuki (NOR/4.9 TSB%/£6.0)

While I wanted to promote Neal Maupay, not sure he’s going to be the required minutes, come in for just 26′ in GW1, while Pukki played 82′. Norwich looked aggressive going forward,  which bodes well for Pukki, who posted 29 goals last season in the Championship. Fixtures aren’t as strong as what BHA have, but Pukki looks to be the real deal. Next 5 games: NEW/CHE/whu/MCI/bur

Good luck with your GW2 lineups and your transfers, that you feel, you need to help your team. Understand the inflection? Make YOUR decisions, based on YOUR research, don’t rely on Twitter, Reddit or supporting sites  and podcast do to that work for you. May your GW2 arrow be green!

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