Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 52 Show Notes

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Season 2, Episode 52 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Fixing the Break

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Hello and welcome to Episode 52 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

It was my expectation to record a show after GW8, which for all intents and purposes wasn’t terrible, as I finished on a small green arrow, just above the weekly average.

However, I just didn’t have the drive or desire, as the show notes were nothing more then a jumbled mess of thoughts and tidbits that didn’t sound all too exciting to me.

So instead of recording the episode, I decided to take the week off, download FIFA20 and spend some time away from the FPL game, hoping to get a different outlook when I returned.

Now, we know FIFA20 is broken, when I play as Watford and they win 5 games, concede just one goal, Deulofeu is the top scorer with 6 goals and take home the European Cup in the preseason.

I’ve been entertained over the last 10 days or so by a few podcasts I’ve listened to, others I’ve deleted, not interested by the drivel I heard.

Aside from that I’ve just spent time relaxing, not caring too much about the previous 8 weeks we’ve experienced.

I’ve looked at the league table and still see Watford languishing in last place with no wins in sight and a -16 differential.

Even the FPL Beer Club has taken some time away from Twitter, but there’s always someone around to banter about football or beer.

Now with business out of the way, let’s get started.


So, raise your hand if GW8 was a completely and utter clusterfuck?

I’ll include myself in that group, even though I came through the week with a small green arrow, just my third on the season.

It’s been that sort of season, up one week, down the next, mired around the 1 million mark in the overall rankings.

Not where I or any of us expected to be, but I do know there are those worse off than I have been to start the season.

As for today’s show, I will look back on the Watford draw at the Vic

It’s really a game the Hornets should have won with 3 big chances, but they came up empty. Again.

There was an interesting article written by Lou Orns and I will share some of that, as he talks about how it might not be a bad thing to go back to the Championship.

Not sure I completely agree with that, but he puts forth a compelling argument.

I will look back at my squad and score from GW8 and reflect on the season entering the second international break.

While there have probably been a few personnel mistakes, the biggest problem I’ve faced all season, the lack of captaincy points, as I’ve hit just 2 out of 8.

It’s no wonder my total score is in the shitter.

Speaking of shitter, let’s look at that boring nil nil draw between Watford and Sheffield United.


I listened to FTRE, a Watford podcast a few days ago and regardless of the angle I break down the Hornets season, there is nothing positive to take away.

First off, I am not in the Quique Sanchez Flores camp, I feel it was a poor hire bringing his boring style of football back to a struggling Watford side.

I will tell you this, if they play like they did on Saturday against Sheffield United, we won’t ANY games this season.

Why do I say that? I don’t think a team, like the Hornets can sit back in a 5-2-3 formation and allow the opposition 60-70% possession time, looking to hit them quickly on the counter attack.

Maybe if we had forwards who were high on confidence and could put the ball in the back of the net, I would be okay with this. However, Watford doesn’t have that.

It could be 8-10, maybe 12 games before we see which Danny Welbeck we are going to get, not that he was ever a prolific scorer at Manchester United or Arsenal, never striking for double digits.

At this point and time, he’s the best we have up front.

Don’t make me mention Andre Gray.

Had opposition been any other non-promoted side we would have walked away with another loss on the season.

Now maybe I am looking at this all wrong, as the Hornets did secure their first clean sheet since February.

Honestly, it was more failure that the Blades didn’t create many opportunities and only had 3 shots on target, rather than the fact we rolled out a 5-man defense.

This strategy we saw on Saturday isn’t going to win us many games, but we will find that out when we play a team who can finish and is a bit more prolific than Sheffield United.

Depending on how you viewed the game, there could be some positive takeaways. I’ve been a big critic of Christian Kabasele since he returned after a Boxing Day injury.

This was arguably his best game since returning, played well, communicated with his teammates and posted some strong defensive numbers.

Still feel Jose Holebas is short for starts under QSF.

He was far from what Watford fans have seen for such a long time on the left side of the defense.

There was quite a bit of finger pointing and slacking off his responsibilities.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he were benched.

Still don’t like lining up with a midfield 3 that doesn’t include a midfielder that can play in transition and create.

A player like Will Hughes, who didn’t feature…again.

Tom Cleverley worked hard in this game, but just not fond of him on the right flank. He doesn’t have the speed to stretch or widen the pitch.

Abdoulaye Doucoure has been his own worst critic saying, “My own form is not too good, like the team. Of course, like the team, I want to improve and to be better. I need to do more for the team, take more responsibility.”

Gerard Deulofeu was also benched in favor of Roberto Pereyra on the left, while Andre fucking Gray started up top with Danny Welbeck.

Gray missed, probably the best chance of the day on a quick counter attack, as the ball was picked up by Pereyra on the right, in a 3 on 1 with a great delivery just inside the 6-yard box that was put over the goal.

I’ll say it again, Gray is NOT a starter!

Maybe in the Championship, but he’s unproven and a super sub off the bench.

Yet QSF continues to start Gray, why?

His missed big chance epitomized the day. It’s no wonder Welbeck attempted to go at it alone just 3 minutes into the second half rather than dish it off the Gray, who would have had an open goal to shoot at.

Gray left standing, arms spread in a “WTF?” sort of look.

Hopefully we will get to see Deulofeu and Welbeck up top next game, no idea if this partnership will pan out, but it’s the two I want to see.

As I have mentioned before, we sorely miss the leadership of Troy Deeney.

There are no other players on the team who can keep the Hornets pumped up and wanting to play.

He’s got cajones like no other, like him or hate him, Watford miss his presence on the pitch.

No one has ever said professional athletes are smart, after the 0-0 draw, Kabasele said, “With all the respect for the other teams, I think we have too much quality up front to be involved in a relegation battle.”

Quality up front? It’s yet to be seen.

Deulofeu still struggling to find that final ball.

Gray, much the same. Inconsistent and lacking confidence.

Welbeck has looked the best of the group but will take time to see which Welbeck we get.

Maybe Christian should be more concerned about how poor the defense has looked.

I don’t see one 0-0 draw, against a poor offensive team kick stating our defense to brighter days.

Maybe I’m a bit pessimist when it comes to what we’ve seen the since last February.

There is A LOT of work that needs to be done and I do feel we saw a better performance against the Blades but it still falls well short of where Watford need to be to climb out of the relegation zone.

Watford are half way to the worst start in Premier League history.

When it comes to the most consecutive games without a win from the start of the season that was set by QPR in 2012.

A total of 16, but looking over the next 8 games, I have some concerns.

We play away to Norwich in GW12, home to Burnley in GW13 and away to Southampton in GW14.

Those are probably the best three chances we have at picking up a win.

Looking at the table last season, 20 losses for Brighton and they remained in the Premier League, so there is still hope, but QSF needs to turn this team around and scoring goals is required.

That’s something we won’t see with 5 at the back.

Okay, I’ve had more than enough Hornets talk for now, I will visit an article by Lou Orns later in the show.

It’s time to get into a topic that makes me happy, more so then watching Watford football…that’s beer.


Now, here’s a very interesting collaboration that had me doing some research.

Now, I know I should just say “fuck it!” Pop open the can and enjoy, right?

That’s not me, I need to pour, look, smell and review all those beers that are new to my palette.

Thanks to the lads in the #FPLBeerClub, especially The Dude Abides, as I am one lucky son of a bitch.

Then again, getting TreeHouse and Russian River beer in Scotland, Ireland and England is also fucking ace.

Lervig is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger Norway.

They produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours.

Their goal is to brew the best beers in the world.

To do that they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing for everyone, both everyday folks and craft beer lovers alike.

They’ve combined the experience and creativity of their brewers to bring accessible, easy drinking and trending beers to market, but we the love to work outside their comfort zone and test the limits of the team.

Today we’re focused on growth.

We’re constantly brewing new beers while making sure we have a healthy supply of refreshing beers to ship throughout Norway and beyond.

The people are what makes this brewery even more special.

You’ll find an international team bringing a global perspective to their brewing process and working hard to make sure that they keep producing the beers that people are looking for.

Way Beer located in Curitiba, the capital of Parana state in Brazil midway between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

Way Beer is here to transform, cooperate and innovate.

Creating, producing and selling beer is our business.

As the consumer base becomes more demanding every day and the history of the coldest beer no longer sticks, there is an opportunity to transform the market and opinion of the beer drinking audience.

Transforming beer is their passion.

Nothing builds itself. Collaborating is tattooed in Way Beer’s DNA since starting operations in 2010.

There is a relentless pursuit of new ideas, new recipes and new ways to make beer.

This drives Way Beer, as they question methods, contest and challenge traditional production techniques.

Innovation is in everything they do, until they deliver the best beer possible.

This COULD be the best beer I’ve ever had, as I am fortunate enough to have a Lervig 3 Bean Stout, brewed in collaboration with Way Beer.

This beer came courtesy of Mr WP, through The Dude Abides, when the FPL Beer Mule was in Ireland.

Let’s pop the top on this 330ml can.

3 Bean Stout pours a motor oil and viscous black color with a finger’s worth of khaki, rocky head that dissipates quickly leaving some spotty lacing on the glass.

The smell, a big whiff of vanilla, cherry, almond, spicy cinnamon and cloves from the Tonka bean.

Interesting to note that the Tonka bean has been banned in the US since 1954 because it can cause liver problems in high concentrations.

It can also cause unsafe side effects such as nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, sleeplessness and, the aforementioned, liver problems.

Thankfully, none of those problems will be found in this review.

Let’s see how it goes down…

There’s a mild chocolate and raisin-like quality as well. The taste is all Tonka bean with a bit cinnamon, clove and spice characteristic, but oddly enough it works.

Underlying coffee and chocolate help to hide the 12% ABV found in this stout. Still feel this is a complex stout, but drinks smooth and silky over the palette.

An excellent imperial stout! I would rate this near the top when it comes to quality.

It’s up there with Impermanence and All That Is And All That Will Ever Be, both from TreeHouse, as well as Interlopers, thanks to Richard, from Aslin Beer Co.

So cheers to the lads in the FPL Beer Club, now a quick look back at my GW8.

GW8 REVIEW (12:39)

It was my worst total since GW4, scoring just 43 points, in a week that saw an average score of just 36.

Painful. No other way to explain the week, it makes me wonder if we all got it wrong this week?

Let’s keep this podcast in a tailspin and look at what is wrong with my squad.

First, Man City defense. Just not the same defense with the likes of John Stones and Aymeric Laporte.

Currently, on Zinchenko but looking ahead, out of the break I don’t think he makes the cut, even with City cry/AVL/SOU before they travel to Anfield.

Defense as a whole has been shit, due to the fact we aren’t seeing teams like Liverpool, City and Chelsea posting consistent clean sheets.

At this point I am still on TAA, but just 3 points on the week isn’t enough for a 7.1 defender.

I just bought back into the Liverpool defense and I would have a sense of failure, if I moved him out of the break to free up budget.

Pool may have their toughest run of the season out of the break, mun/TOT/avl/MCI.

Not that any of those teams have been impressive this season.

I could see buying back into the defense out of the third international break, GW13.

Lundstram got the start against a poor Watford club and even though he picked up a yellow, still finished with 5 points.

No plans to move the Blade defender, as I might even go into a rotation with him out of the break.

Kelly and Soyuncu started on the bench.

Kelly has started the last 2 weeks since returning from injury, as Mamadou Sakho is struggling with a muscle injury and could be fit out of the break, which means Kelly could find himself out of a starting position.

Saw some interesting numbers from Peter Blake, who’s FPL work I really enjoy reading.

You can find him @mathsafe_fpl on Twitter.

He posted a thread on player rankings after 8 games and my GK, Nick Pope comes in at #5 behind Ryan, Lloris (now injured), Schmeichel and Leno.

Still pleased with Pope, but change could be in the wind come early December.

A combined 24.6 million in Sterling and Salah with a combined goal and assist in the last three games for this pair.

On the weekend neither returned…again!

I’ve been a staunch supporter of standing by my premiums this season, so I thought.

I offloaded VVD after just 3 games, Harry Kane made it through 5 games, and I am not sure which side of the fence I will land on Sterling and Salah.

Sterling’s scored, 234, 229 points the last 2 years

Salah’s scored 259, 303 points over that same period.

No doubt both will be in the top 5 after 38 weeks, most likely chasing KDB.

Still feel I would look at moving TAA to a budget defender to free up budget to make changes.

The forward line features Tammy, Haller and Pukki.

Haller did pick up a goal, his second attacking return in two weeks, as Abraham also found form, picking up his 8th goal on the season.

Based on Peter’s numbers, Pukki and Haller are sliding down the ranks, based on their lack of returns.

I could be inclined to hold Haller, as the Hammers have a nice 4-game stretch.

So, 43 on the weekend, which bumps me up to 820k in the OR, not really where I had expected to be.

Compared to last season, I am 28 points off where I was last season, a difference of nearly 300k in the OR.

The failure this season hasn’t been with the players I’ve selected or the formation I set up in.

It’s been the captain’s armband that has me coming up short.

I scored a combined 40 points between GW1 (24-Kane) and GW3 (16-Sterling).

The other 6 weeks just 18 points with no captain returns in the last 5 games.

The armband decisions haven’t been bad: Sterling in GW4, KDB in GW5, Sterling in GW6, Abraham in GW7 and Pukki in GW8.

Okay, maybe Pukki was a stretch last week but based on all the other failures, I didn’t lose much.

Just bumping those poor captain returns up to 10 points a week would increase my overall score by 28 points and put me inside the top 200k.

A difference of some 600k spots. That’s one wrong decision a week.

Honestly, FPL has been making my head spin, so time for some beer news.

BEER NEWS – TBD (17:09)

I’ve touted the mobile app, Untappd on previous podcasts.

It’s a beer app that allows you to track the beers you drink, allowing you to check into venues and prove that you are a beer fanatic. Notice I didn’t say alcoholic?

I downloaded the app probably a year or so after I delved into the craft scene, so I missed out on many quality craft beers, especially my trip to the Midwest when I visited 3 Floyds, Burn’em Brewing and Evil Czech Brewing.

I recorded my first beer, Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet on January 13, 2018 since that time I’ve racked up a tidy little total.

Then again, it might define my craft beer infatuation as a “hobby” or possibly an alcoholic as I exceed #1000 last week! Currently, I sit on 1011 beers, 442 which are unique.

I do like the options the app has, to record notes on each, the serving style and where I drank it at.

To date, The Patsy is my top beer, as I’ve drank it 61 times, but just once on tap.

It’s interesting to see the Mike Hess Grapefruit Solis as my second most drank beer with 34 and then the totals really drop off.

While many in the FPL Beer Club believe I run on JUST TreeHouse beer that isn’t true

Julius, the flagship beer from TreeHouse is tied for 4th with Russian River’s Pliny the Elder, while Haze is in 7th.

You can track your beer consumption over the last year, to the last 7 days and the numbers can get quite staggering when you start reviewing them.

If you want to check out any of the 30 Second Beer Reviews I post, head over to 6thGoal.com, it’s listed under #FPLBeerClub.


Now let’s look ahead to the next 4-week block of games and my take how to move forward.

THE NEXT 4 WEEKS (19:44)

The next 4 weeks could be “season defining moment,” for this year.

The last few years, I’ve written several articles on 6thgoal.com as it relates to what I call an SDM or season defining moment.

This is a point in a season where, a decision made or not has adverse effect going forward.

Now, if time spent on FPL equaled success, we could be called “experts.”

Oh wait, I forgot there are no experts in this game unless you end up on official Premier League site and are a strong passer of the ball.

Holly, I am not.

I am still waiting for a good run of results to impact my season, to date it’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride through 8 weeks.

I’ve been ineffective as selecting captains that have contributed, compared to those who’ve failed me, some on multiple opportunities.

It’s those failures, as I spoke about previously in the show that have seen me post 4 out of 7 red arrows to start the season.

How much longer do I keep telling myself, “It’s early, we still have time.?

December fixtures are just around the corner, so if you don’t get your shit sorted soon, you could end up fucked!

On a positive note my scores have been rather consistent, as I continue to aim for that 60 PPG, a goal I wanted to have at the end of the season.

The Cheaters posed a question about your goal come GW10, where do I want to be?

It’s not a question of OR, but of average points. I’ve got 2 game weeks to turn this team around and I am 43 points off that 60 PPG average.

I need to score 143 points over the next 2 weeks, that’s a 71.5 average, not unachievable but not easy.

Coming out of the break I’ve got 2 FTs in my pocket.

Looking at the FDR for the next 4 weeks there are a few teams I am looking to move to for attack.

Defensively, I am continuing to move money out, shifting it to the midfield and forward lines.

Ahead of GW7 I joined the TAA bandwagon, owned by 44.9% in the top 1k and 32.5% across FPL.

While he ties up 7.1 million, he’s created had 78 crosses, creating 28 chances, including 7 big chances, all leading the league.

At this point, Liverpool hit a ragged stretch away mun/TOT/avl/MCI, based on FDR it’s the second worst next to Crystal Palace.

United and Spurs aren’t playing well, as both have lost 2 out of the last 3 games, Villa near the bottom of the table, even though they did score 5 goals in GW8.

That stat is even bogus, as it was against Norwich, who’ve conceded more than Watford this season, now 21 on the year.

So they only real competitive team they face, Pep and Man City in GW12, ahead of the international break.

Could that game be season defining as to who wins the Premier League?

Last year it was GW7 when the two teams played to a nil nil draw at Anfield, but GW21 would define the season for both sqauds, as Liverpool would lose their only game of the season, to City.

So, stick or twist on TAA? I am willing to give him 3 games and reevaluate ahead of GW12.

Looking at the FDR, Chelsea, West Ham and Leicester excite me, but just can’t really accept Arsenal holding the second-best schedule over the next 4 games.

At this time, I can’t afford Aubameyang at 11.1 with the combination of Pukki, Haller and Abraham.

If I decided a 2-man front is possible, then I could see the possibility of Aubameyang, but he’s just not in my plans.

No other Arsenal players are even under consideration.

I am currently doubled up on Chelsea with Mount and Abraham and have given some thought to buying in on Tomori at 4.7.

Again, CS being somewhat elusive this season, I’ve been downgrading to budget priced options on the back line.

I do think two attackers are the way to go with Chelsea, some FPL managers might consider Hudon-Odoi (5.9) as an alternative to Mount at 6.8.

Ahead of the break it was Soyuncu coming in and now moving Zinchenko out for Tomori would give me 0.8 ITB.

Zinchenko concerns me, especially with Ben Mendy back in the squad.

However, their defending has been bad this season, as witnessed by Otamendi against Wolves.

At West Ham, I continue to watch a favorite from a few years back, Aaron Cresswell, currently 5.0 after back to back goals in GW6 and 7.

My concern, just like that of many defenses, the Hammers have just 3 CS on the season.
Yes, that leads the league, but can we trust them to string a few CS together in this next 4-game run?

5.0 might be too much, which means the 4.5 Ryan Fredericks could be a stronger option or even Issa Diop.

I am still on Haller but not giving Yarmolenko any thought at 6.0.

Maybe if I move off Haller, but right now I am willing to give him this 4-game stretch to prove he is the forward we thought he was when he braced against Watford in GW3.

I’ve been giving more thought to Wolves moving forward and not just because of their 2-0 win at City in GW8.

Wolves still involved in Europe seem to have hit their stride a bit in the Premier League, as they’ve won their last two games, which were their first two of the season, picking up 5 points in their last 3 games.

On 10 points, they sit 11th in the league table another win this week and they could be as high as 7th.

Wolves are home to SOU/new/ars/AVL.

Defensively, Matt Doherty (6.0) and Wily Boly(5.0) are on my list.

Boly has picked up bonus points in 4 of 7 games he’s started, so there’s a high probability Boly picks up points, especially if Wolves keep it clean.

Doherty’s numbers haven’t been impressive especially when you see Jamaat, Holebas and Femenia ahead of him over the last 4 weeks.

So, the stats don’t back him as a viable play, owned by just 2.2% across FPL.

FPL managers are aware of just how dangerous he can be down that right flank and this could be the run Wolves need to string some wins together.

While I started with Jimenez on the season, I moved him ahead of GW3, when he picked up 2 goals in consecutive weeks.

Against City, it was 2 assists, give him 4 attacking returns on the season, 34 points and a price that’s dropped to 7.1.

Unlike last season, his struggles see him owned by just 5.6% of managers across FPL.

His inclusion could be contingent on what to do with Pukki?

The Finn has fallen off in terms of attacking returns, with no goals or assists in the last 3 games and has lost over 312k managers over the break.

He’s still got the numbers to back his play with 33 touches, 10 attempts, 8 inside the box and 3 big chances taken over the last 4 weeks.

His numbers continue to hold up when looking at him on the season, but the Canaries continue be plagued with no goals away from Carrow Road, 2 out of the next 3 are at home with separated with a trip to Old Trafford.

Then there is Brighton, their next 4 games; avl/EVE/NOR/mun, this coming off a 3-0 Seagulls win against Spurs. Wow!

Lewis Dunk is another budget defender I am considering for this next block of games.

At 4.6, he’s on 33 points for the season and has picked up 2 assists on the season.

He’s also 3rd in the league for defenders when it comes to BPS, 171 trailing TAA and Robertson.

Haven’t talked much about Leicester City, I did buy in Soyuncu ahead of GW8 but can’t justify the additional 1.5 outlay for Pereira.

He’s posted 2 goals on the season, but those will be the exception, not the norm.

Not sure where I fall on Jamie Vardy, he looks great, has 5 goals and an assist on the season, but his stats never back it up.

Just 7 attempts on goal in the last 4 games, all from inside the box.

Their fixtures are good; home to BUR/sou/cry/ARS, at 9.0 he’s comparable to Firmino (9.6) and Lacazette (9.3), still injured but due back later this month.

The Foxes lucrative FDR run will continue to GW17, bha/EVE/WAT/avl/NOR.

So, no Vardy for me at this point, but I reconsider after Arsenal, not that the Gunners worry me but I just can’t make it happen right now and I am not sure I want to with my forward line.

That also means I am banking on Pukki finding his scoring touch, as his stats still best Vardy.

Never been a Maddison guy, at 7.1, he seems to be the best option in the midfield.

He’s still got solid numbers the last 4 weeks including 24 crosses but the more worrying stat, just 2 chances created.

He’s got 2 goals in the last 4 just from 8 chances.

Think I am more inclined not to buy into their midfield, opting for a defender or Vardy. Right now, I will settle on Soyunco.

Man City ALWAYS dangerous, but they have also been the cause of much frustration.

Sterling and KDB have each bite me once as captain, GW4 for Sterling with a 90-minute, no return and missed out in the 8-0 thumping at Watford.

KDB in GW5 didn’t start at Norwich but came off the bench for 33 minutes.

Currently I plan on holding both players, as FPL manager know where Sterling will end up at the end of the season.

Currently, he’s second in penalty touches behind Salah, first in goals with 6 and second in attempts, 25, just one behind Salah.

Finally, a word on Salah. He isn’t going anywhere, regardless of what Sadio Mane does.

For the same reason I am not dropping Sterling, I will continue to start Salah.

Over the same 4-week period, Mane has two more goals, but it’s Salah with the stronger numbers.


As for my GW9 transfers, rest assured Zinchenko is being moved and right now I am leaning towards Boly, Dunk, Fredericks or Tomori, all three free up budget to upgrade the forward line.

I am torn on Pukki, I know over 321k managers have jumped off moving to Callum Wilson, Abraham, Vardy or Aubameyang.

BOU is the 4th worst team at home, conceding 7 goals in 4 games.

NOR however, has scored just 1 goal away from home.

Something needs to give this week, if I don’t have cajones the size of Deeney’s to hold Pukki, then I drop him and Zinchenko for Wilson and Fredericks leaving me nothing ITB.

As for my captain selection, it won’t fucking be Pukki, who’s failed me twice in the last 3 weeks.

The numbers say either Mount or Abraham, as Newcastle have conceded 11 goals away from St. James’.

City and Liverpool are both away and honestly, I really don’t like either match up.

The other captain option would be Wilson, IF that transfer for him goes through.

Before I get out of here for the week, let’s check the Pitch & Pint Mailbag.

MAILBAG (30:11)

This week we start with Gabe from the FPL Roundtable, “We are seeing a lot of value in the forward line. Does that necessarily mean we should load up with 3 FOR?

Not necessarily. Listened to a few pods and seeing a lot of hype being built up for premiums; Aguero, Vardy and Aubameyang, which means you probably couldn’t field a 3-man forward line.

Based on game week stats from last week, the 3-4-3 has been the most popular formation in the top 1k since GW4 and overall most popular across FPL since GW5.

We know why with players like Wilson, Haller, Pukki and Tammy posts solid returns and defenses sucking ass, it’s really no surprise.

I think the answer isn’t clear cut and really depends on what you, as a manager are doing with your strategy.

I am going to stick on 3 forwards, currently with Pukki, Haller and Abraham for one more week.

All continue to post strong numbers, so I will continue to ride them.


<queue Spanish Flea>

That’s it for Episode 52, thanks for listening.

Had a great beer this episode…

So I raise my glass, here’s to hoping this next 4 game stretch is the start of something positive this FPL season.

It won’t take much to kick start my season, but more importantly I want to bump that weekly average of mine up to 60 PPG.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends, if you don’t, tell me.

Follow me on Twitter @6thGoal providing FPL opinions, as well as craft beer content, posted using the hashtag 30SecondBeerReview.

For all my weekly FPL content head over to 6thgoal.com, as I always have something to say.

Thanks for listening to The Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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