Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 53 Show Notes

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Season 2, Episode 53 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Wednesday, October 23, 2019, VAR Reaching Consequences

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Hello and welcome to Episode 53 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

Nordin Amrabat summed it up best during the 2018 World Cup. VAR is bullshit!

Watford was just one of the team’s done wrong with this imperfect system that doesn’t improve the decision-making process.

No doubt those behind the system and the league will continue to promote is as being successful.

Just too many problems that I don’t see ever being corrected but I am not going to spend an entire segment on this shit, since all it’s going to do is upset me further.

I will never support this system and feel it continues to ruin the beautiful game in England.

Let’s the lads play!

Now with business out of the way, let’s get started.


On second thought, maybe I should talk VAR for 30 minutes, it can’t be any worse that what we saw coming out of the second international break.

When you think it CAN’T get any worse…it does.

GW9 had a weekly average of just 37.


I can’t remember a season in which average weekly scores have been so low.

To date we’ve had weekly averages of 37, 36, 41 and 44.

I’ll look back on another Watford game, which was really just more of the same.

Okay, being honest, there was some improvement, but maybe the problems were more glaring with Spurs which equated to some Watford success.

I will review my GW9 tea, which like GW8 was dismal.

However, looking ahead I have already started some holiday shopping for the hectic winter period.

That and more today on the Pitch & Pint Podcast.


Any game, and another 1-point draw against, what appeared to be a hapless Spurs team.

Did I hear rumors that Harry Kane is moving to Man United?

I’ve read a few positive reports and takeaways from the game, but I am still not happy.

Individually, there were some above average performances but to concede a game because of miscommunication is something that shouldn’t be happening at this level.

Improvement was key in this game, but not to the level it will save our season.

The first goal Watford scored came at a cost, that of an injured Danny Welbeck.

Appears to be a recurrence of an ankle injury, currently ruled out with no return date.

Deulofeu came in for Welbeck and played with very high energy, much like Roberto Pereyra, up front.

It was an uncharacteristic goal for Watford, as Craig Dawson sent a long diagonal ball to Daryl Janmaat down the right flank with a snap pass across the 6-yard box, as Abdoulaye Doucoure ran onto it for his first goal.

Text book!

However, VAR would get its revenge disallowing two, what appeared to be chances for the Hornets.

The first just prior to the half, as Deulofeu was taken down by Vertonghen in the box.

Now, this isn’t a “we are in last place complaint” because there also seems to be a bad luck streak with teams like Watford when calls continually go against them.

This was another case.

What’s poor about VAR, the on-pitch07 officials RARELY go look at the play on the monitor.

Own up to your fucking call!

Move your ass over to the monitor and watch a replay.

Instead they rely on VAR official to make the call.

Still it’s a poor fucking system that I refuse to get behind, regardless of what side of the decision I end up on when it comes to a call on the pitch.

Nordin Amrabat was right. VAR is bullshit!

Spurs looked the better of the two teams in the second half and had the better chances.

Watford with the back 5 and the bend but don’t break philosophy saw that compromised in the 86th minute.

Now I’ve heard it called as a Ben Foster error by some, but Kiko Femenia isn’t without some responsibility.

Now Foster had been strong in the first 45 mintues coming out to clear balls with his head, boot them away or punch them.

Yet Foster came out to challenge the ball, but Femenia didn’t hear or get out of the way and Foster progress was impeded, missing the ball that allowed Dele Alli a free head to the ball to draw level.

This goal was also reviewed and depending on what you consider the “arm” this ball that Alli scored could have been a hand ball.

So final score Spurs 1, Watford 1, VAR 2.

No one wins.

One way we all win, to pour a cold, refreshing beer.

It’s time for the Pint & Pint Beer Review


Mother Earth Brew Company located in Vista, California is a stone’s throw from where I grew up in Poway.

Of their year around offerings, Cali Creaming, their vanilla cream ale has been a regular in my mini-fridge.

The only other offering I see listed on Untappd is Sin-Tax, their imperial peanut butter stout.

Mother Earth Brew Co. was born of the passion and vision of two baby boomers and a millennial.

It started in a garage in San Diego County in 2008, while the craft brewing culture was ramping up, and by 2010, a homebrew hobby became a family business.

One in which husbands, wives, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and cousins collected their talents and worked to establish a brand of high quality, great tasting ales that brought locals to the watering hole (aka tasting room).

Word spread and the seed sprouted into a fast-growing young tree.

By 2012, employees joined the family, distribution had begun, and Mother Earth added a second Tap House in old downtown Vista.

Great beer and a great atmosphere brought the dormant area back to life.

Soon Mother Earth’s bottles and cans were all over San Diego.

Demand for core and seasonal brews soared.

The brew system had to be replaced several times to increase capacity, and the dream expanded to include distribution to all of California and way beyond.

In 2016 Mother Earth opened an additional production facility and tasting room in Nampa, Idaho, just outside Boise.

In time, the new “All-American” made brew house will turn out 100,000 more barrels of the finest, tastiest beers on the planet to add to the original Vista brewery’s output.

More craft beer fans will be able to enjoy it across the west, as well as the east and beyond.

The American Dream is alive.

Today’s it’s the Cali Creamin Creamsicle, based using their flagship base, Cali Creamin putting a nostalgic twist on their style defining brew, simulating a favorite, childhood classic.

Cali Creamsicle features hints of vanilla and a distinct citrus cream flavor that finishes slightly sweet than its cream ale counterpart.

So, let’s pop the top on this 12-ounce can.

Cali Creamsicle pours a crystal clear, deep golden color with a nice soapy and fluffy, 2-finger head that deposits very little spotty lacing.

The smell…it’s vanilla. It’s orange. It’s a damned orange creamsicle! Crisp and clean across the nose, it’s smell, very refreshing.

Let’s see how it goes down…oooh, now this…this is tasty, maybe just a bit too artificial, but it definitely works!

It’s got that nice cream ale base from the Cali Creamin with a shot of orange that is smooth and refreshing over the palette that leaves no after taste.

However, I think I need another sip.

Wow! I like this.

I’ve had orange flavored beers before and vanilla flavored beers, but this iconic classic combination is wonderful.

Now with my winning beer poured, let’s check in on something that isn’t winning, my FPL team.

GW9 REVIEW (07:34)

I think I need to ask for a VAR replay on my GW9.

It was THAT bad. Then again, as I say every week, there are those who are worse off than I am.

Another week. Another red arrow and I continue to linger around the 850k mark after a very poor 36-point performance.

I’m sure many FPL managers will agree; this year is not going according to plan.

Many premiums have continually failed with or without the armband.

Saving grace on the weekend, the 6 points off the bench from John Lundstram, as Mo Salah missed the game due to injury.

Oh, also Jurgen Klopp is a lying piece of shit! Then again, that’s EVERY manager in world football.

Even IF it were known before the weekend, I would not have dropped Salah, so it’s really a moot point.

I brought in Ryan Fredericks and reintroduced Raul Jimenez that combined for 8 points, 7 of which came from a Jimenez PK.

On the week I tussled with captain choice, Abraham or Jimenez but stuck with Abraham.

That makes 6 failed captains in a row!

One area of FPL that has absolutely killed my season.

Returns of 6, 2, 4, 4, 2, 4 over that stretch. I am ready to throw darts at my starting XI to select my captain, it can’t get any worse, can it?

Sterling picked up an assist for 5 points. So, one goal, one assist and one clean sheet.

That sums up my 36 points this week.

I’ll talk more about strategy headed forward later in the show.


Last Saturday, I spent 8 hours in the city of San Ramon, California, about 45 minutes south of where I live.

I volunteered on behalf of the Boy Scouts to act as a docent at Pacificon, one of the largest amateur radio shows on the west coast.

The event was awesome, met a lot of scouts, who had the opportunity to get on the air and talk to another scout by the magic of radio.

While the event was the primary reason to be there, I had beer on the mind…all day long.

I was just 2 minutes away from Fieldwork Brewing Company.

This craft brewery was founded in Berkeley with a focus on exceptional, honest beer-making with 6 taprooms around Northern California.

I’ve only been the San Ramon location and it’s excellent!

An indoor, outdoor facility with tables, chairs and a few gas fireplaces, created in a rustic wood and industrial metal montage.

On tap usually no less than 12-15 taps that run the gamut from lagers to IPAs to sours and stouts.

Rarely have I ever had a bad Fieldwork beer.

So, after I left this event I drove to Fieldwork and met up with my work wife and her husband.

They popped for the beer and I popped for dinner from the Mexican restaurant next door called, Casa.

The beer, amazing! Started with a Rainbow Parfait, a kettled sour with a big creamy base of oats and milk sugar.

The beer is bright, nearly opaque berry color with a small hint of vanilla in the profile and a mouthfeel that is big but complements the fruit without overpowering it.

One of the stars in their kettled sour series!

I then went big hitting back to back DIPAs, weighing in at about 8.8% ABV.

The first, King Citra with a towering aroma of fresh squeeze orange juice and tangerines, there was no comparison for this beer.

It was a thick and full mouthfeel giving an orange whip like profile that gave way to a soft bite and smooth over the palette.

If that DIPA wasn’t enough I doubled down with Tropic Glow that was brewed with Engima and Idaho7 hops.

Not a big Idaho7 fan, maybe it’s the stone fruit, but I’ve not had a good experience with this hop.

This DIPA was one of the better ones I’ve had with this hop including, but it was much more piney and resinous than the King Citra.

I found it a bit more bite than pillowy mouthfeel with hints of citrus and floral over the nose.

Over the palette with passion fruit, orange, fresh berries and peach with a hint of sauvignon blanc.

Maybe it was just too much after the King Citra.

However, I felt I had not had enough to drink and dropped another Rainbow Parfait.

Not sure I remember much after that point, in fact I know I didn’t finish the parfait.

Still a great time! Great taproom. Great beer. You can’t ask for anything more.

Now back to FPL, which is anything, but great.



With nothing going to plan this season, why plan?

Last week, ahead of GW9 I spent about 90 minutes scouring the schedule and FDR to look for potential players to bring into my squad.

On my “beautiful mind spread sheet” I’ve tagged GW14 through GW21 as the hectic holiday period.

I’ve put an eye on this 8-week period to find viable players with lucrative fixtures.

That alone won’t guarantee a damn thing, but it will allow me to get players who appear to have a good chance to return.

Yet these good runs will help dictate players I am bringing in the next few weeks to try and change my season.

There are no guarantees to this endless spiral.

Before I delve into some of the details, I am looking at a few teams:
Wolves from 9-18, only have ARS in 11 and TOT in 17.

Leicester from 9-17, just ARS in 12

Crystal Palace 14-21, all favorable

Aston Villa 17-21

Sheffield United 15-19

Liverpool 10-21 even with City in 12

Newcastle 11-21, with City in 14 and United in 19

So, these are some of the runs I am looking at from now until GW21.

Most could end up being long term additions, but there are some good runs that are shorter, Southampton for example, GW14-18 or West Ham from 10-12

And yes, I am not considering any Man United assets, even though they top the FDR between 10-21.

The only caveat, if Anthony Martial comes back into the starting XI up top, I would give that a second look.

I did however, start with my planning on a positive note by bringing in Jimenez.

Now it could be a bit premature, he picked up 2 assists against City and scored a PK last week.

Also considering the likes of Wily Boly or Matt Doherty, both big differentials, but think many are scared off by Europe.

I like Wolves run through GW18.

Ahead of the season, I was of the mind that buy and hold all premium players.

That didn’t last long as I dropped Robertson after 2 weeks and Kane after 5 weeks.

Now Sterling looks like he could be short for my starting XI.

A huge chunk of change that would free up MANY options in my team.

Just 2 returns in his last 6 games, you gotta feel his luck is going to turn around.

With all intentions of holding KDB, Sterling could already be on borrowed time, as I look to move him ahead of GW12.

I didn’t mention them, but they, like Liverpool are the class of the league, so you can go either way. Not sure I will stick with the attacking double and defensively, I like their next 2 games, AVL and SOU but won’t be buying in.

Leicester City is one of those teams, we all like the look of.

Highly talent up front with Vardy and the midfield looks to be a plethora of points.

However, I am considering looking past Maddison, for Tielemans.

Tielemans comes in at 0.8 cheaper, but the stats do favor the higher priced Maddison, but on paper they are separated by just 1 point, 37-36, in favor of Tielemans

That said, it’s Maddison on set pieces.

I think both could be options, but the Foxes with strong fixtures through GW17.

At this point, I do plan on staying invested in their defense with Soyuncu, but the higher priced Ricardo Pereira is owned by more FPL managers.

Another team under the radar, so to speak is Crystal Palace.

Starting GW14, phenomenal run to GW21!

They avoid all the top teams and I am looking at a double, maybe even a treble.

One player I am seriously considering, thanks to Gabe, FPL Lens, Jordan Ayew.

Just 5.1 currently with 3 goals, owned by 7.5 across FPL, he could be a great enabler!

Their midfield has been underperforming this season, Zaha, one assist, Milivojevic, one goal.

Defensively, I will be bringing in van Aanholt and will look for a second asset, which could be Guaita in goal, but most likely a second defender unless we see more out of Zaha or Milivojevic.

Not much for the promoted sides, but I am giving Villa a look.

Midfielder, John McGinn owned by 13% across FPL with 41 points!

Been watching Jack Grealish, owned by just 3.6% across FPL and has been playing a different role recently, while McGinn’s performances have turned.

Last 4 weeks Grealish has outplayed McGinn, both are 5.9 and separated by 1 point, 42-41 in favor of Grealish.

Sheffield United, I am already in on John Lundstram, perennial #1 bench player for me.

Not looking any deeper for more Blades support.

Newcastle is interesting. Another name tossed out last week by Gabe was Jetro Willems, 4.5 defender from the magpies owned by just 0.6% across FPL.

I was giving Southampton a look, but every time I seem to buy in on Ings, the fucker gets hurt!

Nice run from 14-18, IF he stays healthy. 42 points on the season and a price of 5.9.

Had thought of Angus Gunn as well at 4.5, 29 points on the season, but just 2 CS on the season.

West Ham is the final team, for just a 3-game run from 10-12.

Already doubled up with Haller and Fredericks, pretty sure the forward will be the first fall as I look to change strategy up front.

Fredericks probably won’t make it past 12.

So, there is lots to consider and it’s not too early to look forward to that holiday period.

Call it premature, I don’t care but it feels right.

And if it feels right, but I am going to do it.


Enough of the advanced planning, what do we look for this week?

Like Salah last week, TAA is currently flagged for an alleged illness and Kelly for a groin injury.

Unless the illness turns into something worse, I am planning on rolling my transfer again this week.

Even though my team continues to struggle scoring points, I like how it’s set up.

Pope in goal, Soyuncu, TAA and Fredericks in defense.

A midfield 4 of Salah, Sterling, KDB and Mount.

Up front Jimenez, Haller and Abraham.

No pressing issues, which leaves one big decision.

Who do I captain?

Based solely on fixture, the armband is sitting with KDB, as City host Villa this weekend.

The VC is on Jimenez, but Wolves play away to Newcastle this weekend and travel to Slovakia for Europa League against Slovan Bratislava.

Not as high on Salah, maybe I should be, as Liverpool host Spurs and if they play as poorly as they did against Watford, Salah could post some good numbers.


<queue Spanish Flea>

That’s it for Episode 53, thanks for listening.

A bit of a short pod this week, as I haven’t spent much time looking past my team.

I do feel there is some value in the early holiday planning I have started to look at.

As we all know plans can and usually change, so nothing posted is set in stone, but I feel it helps to identify viable fixtures we could take advantage of.

That can’t be stress more now, after such a poor start to the season, the holiday period and chip usage could result in huge swings in the OR.

All episodes of Pitch & Pint are available at 6thgoal.com. You can also find them on your favorite podcast client include Apple iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

With all the other quality podcasts out there, hopefully you will continue to support the show.

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Thanks for listening to The Pitch & Pint Podcast, FPL from inside the six.

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