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Just prior to starting this post I had to go back an look at the last time I brought some updated content, outside of a #30SecondBeerReview to this site. November 11 was the last update with a retrospect of GW12. To be honest I have no idea how that week ended. How some 14 weeks later, I really don’t care and that is the basis of this piece today.

I didn’t want to drop a post on Twitter as we have seen FPL managers in the past, stepping back, moving on or even “quitting the game.” I started playing fantasy sports in 1983, at age 13, with a group of guys I grew up and played sports with. Believe it or not as of August 2019, we just surpassed our 36th year together, with six of the original members! If you followed any of the Pitch & Pint Podcast in the past, the friendships we make are what create lasting memories, not the game. If I can recall one thing from this past NFL fantasy season, it was the draft in Truckee, California. Don’t have a fucking clue about the NFL season.

That is how I approach the FPL game now. Over the course of the last few years I’ve made some acquaintances, either because of podcasts or Twitter. The FPLBeerClub has been second to none! These are some good lads, especially when you get to know people more than an alias behind a team name. Not to mention the trading and swapping of beer!

I’ve had a few FPL managers inquire as to the podcast, it’s been put on hiatus…for now. Will it return? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on how much time and effort I want to invest into FPL. Right now, energy is being directed elsewhere and FPL hasn’t been a priority. You know how I know? My team has turned their shit around. Since GW12 I have put together 12 out of 15 green arrows, which includes six in a row, as we are in the middle of GW26!

Life has taken a priority and while I might not be up on the hottest Twitter news or who the strongest passer is in FPL, I am having a great deal of fun and really starting to enjoy the year more than when I was so invested in the game. This season has been a strange one for MANY managers. Not that I am a top 10k manager, but we all have aspirations, right? Current rank is just 279k, which over this green patch has seen my rise from 1.3m! Team Value (TV) continues to climb, as I’ve been very lucky to see it crest at £105.9.

While the holiday congestion wasn’t as lucrative as I would have liked it to been, the middle of GW26 has me at 22 points (14 point weekly average) with six players to go, including my captain, Mo Salah. Looking forward, like many I am watching the cup fixtures, attempting to play out my chip strategy. Currently I have ALL chips available, with an eye on GW31 to wild card. More concerning, GW28, which will see five players blank between Sheffield United (Henderson, Lundstram, Baldock) and Manchester United (KDB, Aguero).

I’ve still got my “Beautiful Mind” spreadsheet, in it’s full glory with a about five weeks completely blacked out, when I was indisposed and stepped back from the game to work on a few personal deficiencies. I do feel quite confident moving forward with the hope of putting in a strong push and maximizing the chips to truly bump me up the rankings. Using FPL Analytics and total points of 1428, I am 94 points out of the top 10k and 54 points from teh top 50k. Lots of work ahead of me, if I intend to turn this season around. As we all know the chips will be a vital piece of the puzzle that will gauge my success the rest of the way.

While I am disappointed not to have the time to produce The Pitch & Pint Podcast or write articles and Watford news for 90 MAAT or Planet FPL, I am still tightly connected to the community. While I don’t expect circumstances to change the remainder of this FPL season, hopefully I will be able to get back involved next season, getting back to producing fun and free content. I feel I’ve let people down, stepping down mid-season at 90 MAAT and not giving the Planet any Watford content since they starting winning under Nigel Pearson.

Best of luck the rest of this FPL season. One thing you can be guaranteed. Beer reviews! I’ve been producing “amateur” quality content, but many have passed on kind words about the reviews on Twitter and Instragram. Even had a local liquor shop ask to use the reviews on their website. My answer, “go for it!” I am not in for the money or the glory, but just like many others I enjoy good beer. Special thanks to those who continue to interact with me on Twitter, especially the guys in the FPL Beer Club, wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for them.

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