All About Beer, When There Is No Football

With no end in sight for the “shelter in place” order or ANY sporting activities to watch, it was time to look elsewhere for enjoyment. Not surprisingly, I turned to beer. As a member of the FPL Beer Club, as we are now 3 years on  as a group, I’ve learned much about beer, especially craft abroad in the UK and Ireland. Been excited to drink and discuss craft beer, as well as get the infamous “FPL Beer Mule” to transport some great US craft beer to some of the lads in the UK. Talk about a treat, I feel I made out, as I received some excellent beer I would not have a chance of sampling. Yet, I yearned for more out of beer hobby, not that drinking isn’t enough, but who knows where future plans will take me, so I decided to explore a new avenue.

Johnny, a co-worker I’ve known for nearly 10 years would joke about opening a cash only, beer bar that serves salty pretzels. Now I don’t know that is a dream or just conjecture on our part but there could be life after retirement. For the last few years I’d been considering enrolling in the Cicerone Certification Program, which “certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.” The first step in the process is a 60-questions multiple choice exam. Upon passing that exam you become a Certified Beer Server. This provides individuals the fundamentals; beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling.

In my pursuit this week, I’ve downloaded pages of information about beer; styles, characteristics, pairings, hop profiles, as well as a study guide for the Certified Cicerone Exam. Based on what I’ve learned this week, I already had a strong foundation and should be able to pass the Level 1 Certified Beer Server exam, which requires a 75% to pass. Staying indoors and “self isolating” while at work, I’ve seem to have a lot of time to study and prepare. So, we will see how this program goes in my pursuit for the perfect pint!

You can pass some time by watching nearly 300 beer review videos! Check out the #30SecondBeerReview page! Reviews are also on Twitter and Instagram (@30secondbeerreview).

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