FPL Season Over

As a Premier League season comes to a close there is always the anticipation for next season. That has been the case the last six years participating in FPL and connecting with many individuals who share a common interest. Over the years, I’ve delved deeper into the fantasy game; articles, spreadsheets, podcasts, interviews and writing articles for a number of websites. This year has been unprecedented with the pandemic sweeping the world, virtual nothing happen, as there have been shelter in place orders to slow the spread.

Now, it appears leagues feel it’s “safe” to start playing again, The Germans started a few weeks ago and now the Premier League and the millions at stake, feel they too, need to finish the season. This after an unnamed Spurs players tests positive just a few days ago. Just goes to prove money trumps the safety of players.

Add to this, the fact there will be temporary rule changes implements to allow up to five substitutions and a bench expanded to nine players? Why? What is the justification? Is this because players aren’t in shape and ready to play? Is this for the potential increase in injuries we will see? Rest assured Pep is drooling at the prospects of screwing even more FPL managers.

While this prospect of football for many is exciting, I just don’t share that sentiment. We’ve got many business still not open, mandatory curfews, mask and social distancing protocols in play but it’s safe to play football. Rest assured there will be MANY professional leagues following suite and restarting or opening their leagues. The AFL (Australian Football League) kicks off June 11, as they played a single week in the new, 2020/2021 season before virus concerns shut the league down.

I understand that a league, like the Premier League is more than the overpaid played “professionals” we see on the pitch. There support staff to make a single game happen supports the livelihood of MANY individuals and families. So from a well being standpoint, it’s great to to see some sort of “normal” returning. However, for me, I’ve lost the passion of the Premier League and the FPL game this season.

I still hold to the opinion that the season should be null and void. With imposed “temporary” rule changes and the potential of “neutral venues” for “high risk” fixtures, it seems the league is going too far to play the remaining 92 games. What’s it going to take for another shut down? How many confirmed cases? Stadiums are already going to be empty and pubs, as far as I know aren’t open.

It’s too bad that revenue seems to be ruling the decisions being made. I refuse to support the decision and have no interest in watching the rest of the season. That goes for the FPL game or any inclusion used to associate with the game. Hopefully next season, if life is back to normal (not a new normal) I will return to the game with a vigor and excitement that I had prior to the season of this season.

Life is still in upheaval, too many rules and regulations in place to govern what we do. The country (US) is burning and many people are pissed off, if not with the pandemic, then with the government and racial tension. It’s an ugly time. Personally, life has been speeding out of control for nearly two years and I don’t know what to expect in the near future. I wish there were more answers than questions, but hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train coming at me.

Best of luck to those looking to finish out the FPL season. Big thanks to the FPL Beer Club for the love and support over the last few months. Cheers!

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