GW31+ Retrospect: Disappointment

Now maybe I come across as an asshole when I say I only scored 121 points on the restart this last week for GW30+. It was a week in which 66 points was the average score and the highest points was 165. I honestly was hoping for 150-160, as FPL decided to give all managers unlimited transfers. Couple that with the Bench Boost chip with four teams on a double game week and the pieces were there.

No surprise I decided to captain Kevin De Bruyne out of this virus break and he responded great, posting 30 points as my captain selection. Couple that with a late assist from Aguero and a clean sheet from Laporte. Triple Sheffield United defense came into play early, holding out Aston Villa, as Henderson (13), Baldock (7) and Lundstram combined for 25 points! I was on 62 points after just two games, so I was quite confident I could achieve a minimum score of 150 points.

While things didn’t get bad, rotation ended up taking a chunk out of my ass, as Aguero came on late, KDB didn’t play and Laporte was substituted ahead of 30 minutes. Lundstram was also rotated for the Blades, leaving me a bit short when it came to the 12 double game players I had selected. Ended up taking a zero from Pepe Reina, as I failed to read or hear news on him not stating. Grealish limped home with a double, no return, while Targett picked up 7 points. Combined with Saka (7) and Azpilicueta (11), my bench boost finished with 25 points! I will consider that a success, given the zero from Villa’s backup keeper.

As expected Arsenal failed to do much, thankfully Pepe picked up a goal, finishing on 8 points, while Aubameyang was right option, but failed to return. Jimenez picked up his 14th goal of the season and finished with 8 points.

Overall, 121 points was my best on the season, but I did walk away a bit frustrated. That extended by run of green arrows to 10, jumping up to 168k, while cutting my OR in half (from 336k). This is also my best rank on the season, as I look to burn through the remaining chips in the next 3-5 weeks.


For GW31+ I have activation my Free Hit chip. I built the GW30+ team just for that one week. Quite a few (11) changes from the GW30+ team, banking on Wolves, Manchester United and….Spurs. That doesn’t feel right but with so much uncertainty, my team selections were based solely on match up for the gameweek.

Amazing how quickly we get back into the swing of this after being away for months. As I told the Cheaters in a DM on Twitter, FPL, “Do you know the bad thing about this fantasy game? It’s like that car wreck you can’t take your eyes off it.” Good luck in GW31+!

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