Playing My Own Game

I’m not Apple, but since the restart have been thinking differently setting my GW30+ starting XI. Found it odd that FPL decided to allow managers unlimited transfers prior to the game week. About 12 days prior to the restart I cited “life speeding out of control,” in an article, Game Over and wasn’t going to play out the season. However, reneged on that thought and decided to spend some time (at work) on my FPL team. In hindsight I am glad I did, as the restart saw a strong 121 points, a successful captain and bench boost, as well as cutting my OR in half on the back of 8 out of 10 green arrows.

So what’s different with the restart? I return to the game, not following any FPL news, reading any articles and honestly not really paying attention to the pundits who make the FPL community what it is. One of the big changes, I am not watching the top 1000 managers, using Fantasy Football Fix. Over the last few years I have been a big supporter of these  figures, in an attempt to maintain a higher than weekly average score (usually). While this might not see me climb the table as quickly as others, I do feel there was validation in these figures.

Prior to 30+, I dusted off my “beautiful mind” spreadsheet and started to formulate a plan for the remainder of the season. Two features were key to GW30+, the fact four teams (MCI, ARS, AVL, SHU) had the only double game weeks the rest of the way and I was activating the Bench Boost chip.  The unlimited transfers allowed me to set up a strong, one week DGW starting XV.


For GW31+, I’ve activated the Free Hit chip to take advantage of the good fixtures (on paper). There have been a combined 13 clean sheets since the restart and 28 goals, City (8), Spurs, Newcastle and Southampton (3). Maybe I was incorrect to think it would be more free scoring and not the number of clean sheets we have seen. Does this mean we start to favor defensive minded starting XI lineups over the big money spent on attackers?

With Liverpool on the verge of winning the league, I’ve no intentions of adding any of their players. That goes against what the numbers say; Salah, 49.9% ownership, Alexander-Arnold, 84.4% ownership. I’ve been paying more attention to those teams in the fight for the top four spots; City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Wolves and Spurs. Leicester and Sheffield United don’t give me much reassurance, even though both are having good season. It’s no wonder I will move forward with treble Spurs, Manchester United and Wolves this weekend. Risky? Of course, but with risk comes the chance of big reward, hopefully these decisions pay off this week.


No reason to hold chips, as all previous strategies have are out the door. The Wild Card has been activated for GW32+ in order to set myself up for the remainder of the season. Based on my plan, I’ve got a very competitive team when looking at their remaining fixtures. Is it any surprise that I am watching Manchester United, Manchester City, Wolves for some attacking options and Manchester United, Spurs and West Ham on the defensive end. The only treble planned is United (de Gea, Fernandes and Rashford) but that could change depending on how teams like Chelsea and Everton play this weekend.


Through a week and one game, it’s been somewhat unexpected in terms of results. Didn’t expect the number of clean sheets we have seen and the inability of some teams, like Arsenal to actually put in some good performances. Not really sure what to expect from here on out, but it’s been a strong start to both weeks. Good luck the rest of the way!

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