GW32+ Retrospect: Bleeding Red

For the second week in a row, I’ve finished above the weekly average (50 points) with 55 points, but failed to pick up a green, resulting in a second red arrow in a row. Frustrated with the results, I gambled on a few players for my wild card that failed to pay off. Guess I should have known better than to put my trust in Nigel Pearson to actually field a starting Xi that might have competed against So’ton. Now that I’ve used my Bench Boost, Free Hit and Wild Card, I look to run the remainder of the season with just one chip remaining and a few good paper options.


I’ve been livid with Nigel Pearson since before the Premier League shutdown. His failure to partner someone with Troy Deeney has cost us. Now, he got that “new manager bump” upon taking over in early December, losing just one of his first eight games.. Since that time, it’s been just one win in the last nine, as the Hornets continue to flounder at both ends of the pitch.

So why did I feel Watford differentials were important? On paper, Foster and Femenia were cheap and felt the fixture at the Vic against So’ton offered us a great chance at redemption, after a tough lose the week prior at Turf Moor, 1-0. As as been the case the last three weeks, Watford was outplayed recording ZERO shots on target. Why some FPL managers still think Sarr is a good idea, I haven’t got a clue.


The clean sheet took just 16 minutes to ruin my strategy, which set the tone for the remainder of the week.  To make matters worse, Azpilicueta and the Blues faltered at the London Stadium and conceded three goals to West Ham! Just a total of 5 points. To make matters worse, I kept the captain’s armband on Jimenez, against a poor Villa squad, who conceded just a single goal, but it was my bench fodder, Dendoncker picking up those 10 points, with a no return from the Mexican.

Coming off a goal in the previous week, Nketiah was slotted as my third forward along with Rashford to complete my 3-4-4 formation. It was a 14 minute cameo for Eddie, while Rashford failed to find points over 77 minutes, but I am still high on Man United for goals over the remaining six weeks of the season.


Over half my points were from De Bruyne (14) and Fernandes (15), while Son picked up a late assist to finish on 6 points. Martial, much like Rashford went missing and recorded only three points, thanks to the United clean sheet. Not much madness in decided to run with this group of four starers the rest of the season. All have good fixtures and all should continue to see plenty of minutes.

Missing from my midfield, much like their game against City, any representation from Liverpool. Made the decision a few weeks earlier not to include any of their starters in my midfield, as I feel my budget is stretched further not relying on the previous strength of Salah to carry my team.


This week really fucked my OR, as I jumped from 336k to 168k, before dropping the last two weeks because of the red arrows settling at 213. Still, after this fucked up season, I am pleased with where I am at. It’s time to take some risks with players as we near the end of the season. Unfortunately, those risks didn’t pay off this week, but still feel I was done wrong after a 72 point red arrow in GW31+.

I’ve already made my FT for the week, dropping my one week punt, in PvA, who I forgot to play, not that it mattered and brought in Laporte. I didn’t want him for Liverpool and I actually benched Ederson and TAA last week, losing the City CS. Again, a risk, but I felt it was worth taking.

Barring injury, I will continue to roll with my “beautiful mind” spreadsheet that is planned to the end of the season. The only decision to make this week, do I triple captain Fernandes or Martial at home against Bournemouth? KDB is another option in GW36+ when City is home against the Cherries.

There are no plans to make transfers for GW34+ or GW35+, which could allow me to shake my squad up or look at lesser owned options that have  put in some good shifts the last three weeks.

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