Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW2

So the 5-man defensive strategy didn’t get off to the best start, stumbling in GW1, while backing treble Liverpool. Yet, their attacking returns helped to offset their lost CS points to some degree. Even more disappointing was the fact I missed out on all clean sheets for my defenders and came up short on the GW1 average points, by just three points (47 vs. 50). I’ve had a flurry of thoughts ahead of GW2. I can’t say I have ruled out a hasty wild card to shuffle players around, but that would be me failing to practice patience. If I ask myself, “do I really need to WC?” The answer is “no” however there is always a but. As in, “but I don’t own Salah.”

This week I do get a bit of a reprieve, as I played with Bruno Fernandes on the bench last week, opting not to use that 10.5  million on another player in order to bring Fernandes in this week to save a transfer and use it elsewhere, if needed. The decision to buy in on Caesar Azpilicueta backfired, as the Spainard didn’t start GW1, picking up just a single point. I can’t say if he were playing that Trossand goal wouldn’t of happened but who knows.  Looking over Premier Injuires, Azpi isn’t listed, so I can only expect him to start, as Chelsea host Liverpool. Expectations are dialed back, as I don’t feel Chelsea have enough defensively to slow down Liverpool. Yes, I know it was a 2-0 Chelsea win in the FA Cup, but this is a new season and it’s a full strength Liverpool sqaud.

That leaves Matt Doherty’s inclusion up in the air for GW2, but Spurs travel to St. Marys and a poorly performing Saints team. I head into GW2 with the Spurs wing back confident Spurs get business done. Add to that, the fact I am doubled up on Spurs defense, as Hugo Lloris picked up a save point in GW1 during their 1-0 loss to Everton. This is a key game to help right this 5-man defense in GW2.

On paper, I like the look of the midfield with Fernandes, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and “HAM-ez” (don’t call me James) Rodriguez. The Columbian didn’t return any points in GW1, but looked good in the Everton offense and feel it could be pay dirt this week hosting WBA. Aubs faces a bad defense, as the Gunners host West Ham and another 7-point showing would be fantastic! Yet, I do think he’s got more points in this this week against WHU, who struggled in GW1 losing 2-0 to Newcastle.

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about Manchester United, as they come off a GW1 bye, which is odd to begin with. First time in 8 years of playing have I seen four teams not be included in GW1. That said, their FDR is excellent, opening up at Old Trafford against Crystal Palace, who with their makeshift defense posted a clean sheet against So’ton last week. I don’t see that happening this week. Feel the Red Devils have too much going forward and Fernandes will undoubtedly be at the center of the attacking. Let’s see if he can start where he left off last season.


The success of this team will go the way the defense goes. I felt more confident last week and it didn’t turn out well. This week it’s a mixed bag, feel confident in Spurs and Everton, but might need some help from Chelsea to bag that 18 points from the Liverpool treble.  We know how attacking all three of those defenders can be and with Kepa in goal for Chelsea, anything is possible.

Great matchups in the midfield, which could all potentially have double digit returns. While Aubameyang grabs the captain’s armband, I do have some thought to play the Triple Captain chip on him. I love the home match up, after seeing how bad that Hammers were last week against a very mediocre offense in Newcastle. Up front there is just a bit of concern for Mitro, but if he starts, he bags a goal. Looking to rebound this week with a green arrow. Good luck!

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