2020/21 Premier League: GW4 Retrospect

What the hell is going on with the early part of this season? It feels as if the shortened offseason has caused more trouble than three months during last season. This is like living on Bizzaro World, where you can throw logical, form and FDR out, opting to throw darts are your weekly starting players. I reckon I would of had a better score had I done that. The final week before two weeks off and the international break, which could provide more problems with virus related issues that worth. It was a weekend that could have been so much more but maybe creativity got the best of me.

Final score on the weekend was 58 points, ten points over the weekly average of 48 points, but a small red arrow, dropping 13k in the OR to 502k. On the year, it’s 245 points, still above the 60 PPW average (61.25). That’s a small victory as it’s been a slog in these first four weeks. The international break arrives at a good time. After a few articles and the podcast this week, a well deserved break is what I need in order to come back with a plan.

The biggest concern isn’t the fact Liverpool shipped seven goals, but the fact Richarlison went off just 24 minutes into the game with an ankle. That was a WC decision bringing him and not Dominic Calvert Lewin, who continues to top the FPL in points. It will be a wait and watch for the Brazilian, who will undoubtedly miss out on county action this break. Raul Jimenez was just as ineffective as Richarlison, but he got the home game to remind of that. Now two games without a goal and some are beginning to doubt Wolves.

It was the midfield that carried me this week as James Rodriguez and Mo Salah (captain) combined for 44 of my 58 points!  Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden had no returns in their 1-1 draw with Leeds United. The biggest disappointment of the week, the fact I moved Jack Grealish (24 points vs LIV) in favor of Foden, it was a two week move as I honestly thought Liverpool would go right through the Villains. Of course that is one of those wins you never see coming, especially scoring seven goals.

Defensively, it was a nightmare! A total of minus three points between Virgil van Dijk and Andrew Robertson. Wow! The Reds, still in a purple patch have the Merseyside Derby out of the break and Man City in early November. Rest assured there will be many managers moving off double Reds or any Reds defense if Adrian continues in goal. That could become a serious problem. I’ve already told myself I am going to hold double Reds all season long. While they look a shade of their former self, I am confident things will turn around and “normalcy” will prevail in the league.

Burnley has shipped eight goals in three games and their defense is also looking suspect. Charlie Taylor still on a single assist for the season, but at 4.5 TSB% he is still worth keeping…for now. Finally, the only bright spot in the defense this week, Nelson Semedo, as Wolves kept a clean sheet. I brought Emiliano Martinez in on WC and while Villa conceded for the first time this season, I feel he will be a sold 4.5 million GK going forward, he also picked up a few save points this weekend.

While there have been some small victories this season, it’s been a very challenging four weeks in FPL. At some point I expect the game to change. DCL will go cold. Liverpool and Man City will starting keeping clean sheets and winning. Fulham, well they will still be the relegation candidate we know they are. But this has been one of the most annoying starts to a season I’ve experienced in eight years of playing FPL. The only way I can think we can account for this is the effects the virus has had on the league. We saw a three month stoppage, a shortened off season and now some teams seemingly are getting on better than others. Why? That’s an question I can’t answer. It does make for an interesting season, where the premium players aren’t those making headlines…yet. So enjoy your two week break. We all deserve it.

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