Think Different: GW6 5-Man Defense Starting XI

Everything appeared to be going well over the break, taking time away from the FPL game to relax and not worry about who to captain or what transfer to make. Then we got word that KDB came off as “a precautionary change.” Still being assessed he could be a game time decision. On Wednesday, it was Luca Digne coming off during France’s match with Croatia in the 83′ minute. Thankfully I do have two free transfers to use as I look to the best options to resolve some player issues. As it stands now, I don’t plan on shipping KDB, he will make the starting XI, but have an alternative if he doesn’t get any minutes.

What would an international break be without injuries? Okay, it would be great, sorry what was I think. However we rarely see that happen and now FPL managers have some big decisions to make ahead of this game week. Do you bring in KDB who may play if you are on the WC? Do you hold him if you have him? Or even save some millions ITB to get a placeholder for him. All though decisions and only you can make it. That’s why I see KDB as a season keeper, unless this injury is severe and he misses more time, I have no intentions to move off him.

It’s no surprise to see over 406k manager move off KDB and jump on Son Heung-min for a few million less. Yet, for my team Son is one I cannot get into my starting XI because of the budget tied up in the defense. Much like KDB being the top transfer out, Son is the top transfer in, over 1.1 million manager are backing the South Korean.  Spurs have a nice 4-game stretch WHU/bur/BHA/wba. It easy to see why Son is a top target.

Okay, enough of what I am not doing. On the back of three green arrows to start the season, there is a bit of confidence this 5-man defense is working to some degree. I’ve posted two weeks over 60 points, which is great, but languished in the mid-40s the other weeks. Still a green is a green and that is a confidence boost. Slow and steady wins the race, so the saying goes.

Digne is the biggest concern, not that I trust Everton’s defense to finish with more than 8-10 CS this season with Jordan Pickford looking like Kepa in goal, so most of Digne’s points are going to have to come from attacking. That is not a game I like to play with defenders. While there are no assurances in FPL, history tells us Liverpool and City have been dominate defensively the past three seasons. Selecting defenders based on attacking returns isn’t how strategized to build this 5-man defense.

One thing I am not, is ready to double up on City defense just yet. The return of Amyerirc Laporte is grreat news, as they brought in Ruben Dias, so it might take some time for this defense to play as a cohesive unit. These next four weeks aren’t great; ARS/whu/shu/LIV. Out of the next break, rest assured I will be double City defense but not sure Kyle Walker will make the cut out of the next break. Until then, I am turning my attention to Spurs and their newly signed defender, Sergio Reguilon. At £5.5 I save £0.6, which allows me enough flexibility to move Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa to Tomas Soucek.

Now, I am not sold on West Ham, even scoring seven goals in their last two games, posting two clean sheets. In fact, until I started looking deeper into Soucek I had no intentions of adding any attacking assets, but was looking at the back line. Soucek leads all midfielders in total attempts (12), attempts inside the box (9) and headers (7). At £4.9, you are investing much more over a true budget midfielder, who has played all 360 minutes and has been a target inside the box.

As it stands now, this is my starting XI for GW5, as I captain Mo Salah, motto for the season is #AlwaysCaptainSalah, even with one captain failure, it’s one less decision I need to make each week. My new transfer, Soucek is first off the bench, as Reguilon gets his first start and the second Spurs defender I have owned in just five weeks, after moving off Matt Doherty during the wild card.

Expectations this week…keeping them modest, honestly I don’t see any clean sheets with this group. It might be Reguilon with the best chance at home against the Hammers. It could be a tough week as five of my players participate in the Merseyside Derby, as we discussed on the FPL Roundtable, this could be a 3-2 or 3-3 type game. Show us those FPL managers points!. If i can get 22 out of my defense, I will see that as a win. This week I also need to see some production out of Raul Jimenez, who picked a goal up during the break, but has been limited and without returns the last two weeks. I am guessing to see a weekly score of 65-72 points this week from my squad.

*EDIT* Didn’t feel like retyping this, but there could be a late change to move KDB from this experimental squad. If defenses were playing better and CS numbers were up, I might run with it, but I don’t feel all that confident.

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