2020/21 FPL GW5 Starting XI

Is this the week it really starts to go all wrong for my squad? Out of the break I thought I was fine, but Pep, talking as if KDB won’t be around for some games in the coming weeks and I am reconsidering my position, as I don’t want to fall further behind in some important mini leagues I’m involved in. Rest assured that Son’s ownership skyrockets this week as MANY managers move off the City midfielder and to the Spurs, but is that the right move or a trap for a one or two week punt?

Numbers don’t lie. Okay, that’s not really true, they can lie depending on who is citing them and they are interpreted. Based on his six goals and assists, Son is the top scoring midfielder (and player) in FPL. His price is lower than his counterparts; KDB, Salah, Sterling. He’s scored three goals in the last five games against West Ham, including two in a league cup game back in 2018. Toss that meaningless game out and it’s two goals over five Premier League games. I can’t ignore the ownership numbers, which has seen Son transferred in by over 1.5 million managers, which KDB is down by 838k.

While this is my eighth season playing FPL, I made a rookie mistake when I blew my one and only free transfer Wednesday, knowing fully well I should have held it until Friday and the pressers. Guess that’s what I get when I think I have no problems on my team. Then again, Wednesday it appeared I had none, then KDB decides to come off as a “precaution” and could not miss games. Thanks and go fuck yourself, Pep! Never trust a manager’s tongue!

Base on recent success and the implementation of VAR, with PK being awarded on a rise, I decided to risk this transfer and bring in Jorginho for a spell. Now it’s risky because Chelsea are getting their bigger names healthy, as Christian Pulisic should play this week and Hakim Ziyech next week. Who does that force out in the midfield? Still, the Italian does more than hit from the spot, he’s a “strong passer of the ball” for Chelsea in the transition game and defensively, so he could retain a spot. The Blues host a poor Southampton team, then again it could be Kepa in goal.


Never a fan of giving away points and hits can be worth the point deduction. This week, I do feel it could be justified, as the likelihood of KDB playing is low, but again, I can’t trust anything coming out of Pep’s mouth. Part of me says, take the lumps this week, start KDB and see what Tomas Soucek does coming in from the bench IF the Belgian doesn’t play.

The other part of me saying, bite the bullet, take the -4 point hit and get someone who is healthy, with good fixtures and in form. Again, all signs point to a certain South Korean. However, I am of the mind to give Gareth Bale (9.5) a run out. Will he start? Don’t know, as Jose is just as bad as Pep is when it comes to divulging information. Lucas Moura hasn’t been overly impressive, 14 points on a goal and assist, so Spurs could use a player like Bale back on the flank. Is his fitness up to the task, now back in the Premier League?

The final option would be to bring in the American. Now, I usually don’t back any American in the PL, but he gained a little credibility last season and feel he is the player that Fat Frank is missing to turn this Chelsea team around. Sorry, They getting very little credit scoring 7 goals against WBA and Palace in the last two week. Not that the Saints are any better defensively, but Pulisic will make this team better.

As it stands right now, I have shifted to a 3-5-2 formation with the addition of Jorginho to my squad, as Charlie Taylor drops to the first bench spot, followed by Tyrick Mitchell.  Jorginho joins Phil Foden, James Rodriguez and Mo Salah in the midfield, tentatively with KDB, flagged. UP front is unchanged with Richarlison and Raul Jimenez, both who are overdue to good games.

Taylor as a fourth defender in a 4-4-2 isn’t a bad call. While Burnley hasn’t been good defensively, yet to pick up a CS, they could get their first against the Baggies this weekend. Yet, with clean sheets being down, my confidence isn’t all that high when it comes to clean sheets being recorded when compared to goals being scored.

That all means, I don’t know what the hell I plan on doing. Think I will wait until I get home, relax, toss back a few craft beers and see if my thinking of taking a hit changes. Regardless, I wish you all good luck in GW5.

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